Multnomah Falls near the Columbus River, Oregon, USA

Come across! Across = a cross. Do you have a cross to bear? Every human being has something in their life that seems to bring them down. Every one has a thorn in their side: an addiction, bad habit, bad relationship, difficult circumstances, disease, anxiety, depression, stress, worry, etc. Even the song “Happy” has a chorus that I refuse to sing, repeating the phrase “bring me down” over and over.

Stop listening to external sources and judging by outward appearances! See through the subtle and not-so-subtle manipulation of the world’s agenda.

You were NEVER meant to bear the cross! You are invited to cast your burdens on the Living One! The tree at Golgotha, the cross, was transformed into a Tree of Life! The Tree of Life has always-in-season fruit for all to partake of! When you eat the fruit, the seeds of the fruit begin to grow in your being until you become the tree!

Your body, a temple of the Holy Spirit is to transform into a tree of life in the new Jerusalem! You were created to be a likeness of Christ; be an image of the Highest Divine Love! You were created to move past an external locus of control. You were created to not judge by outward appearances. You were meant to deny the self the world has created, molded and shaped. You are called to pick up the FINISHED WORK of the cross: resurrection, ascension, eating of the tree of life, and living in the new heavens on earth seated in heavenly places and praying FROM heaven on earth!

Praying from oneness with our Father means your words carry wisdom and power. Living from Victory, you take your given created value, and speak Life into the world as the image and likeness of God! You become the hands and feet of God! Your heart beats with the heart of God! Your mind thinks the Higher Thoughts of God! Your body raises as a temple for the Spirit of God! You begin to shine with the glory Presence of God!

Get down off the cross human beings! Nail your burdens to the cross and step out as a tree of life: a conqueror, overcomer and victorious!!!

Raise your hands skyward with palms uplifted! You are the branches of God’s Vine! Wave your palm branches: your hands on your tree of life body!!! To God be the Glory!!!!!


About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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