Coming Together

Heart Nebula

Heart Nebula

There is only one thing to do: Love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and Love one another as yourself! One thing! The two become one!!!!

One word fulfills the law of God: Love!!!

The Father and Son became One. The one Spirit of Father and Son became one with human beings. The two become one new creation: one Spirit. The two become one new human being: one body. The two, one Spirit and one body, become one new kingdom of heaven on earth. God was reconciled with human beings! Heaven was reconciled with earth! Spirit was reconciled with physical matter! The two became one!!!!

Now I speak the Truth in Love: human beings, come together with our Heavenly Father! Abba! Our one Father is above all and in all and through all! All can come together in Love, the Perfect Love that casts out all fear. Come together as the one new creation, remade in the image and likeness of God. Come together in new Life! We are the church; our physical body is the temple of the Holy Spirit! Join together to celebrate the finished work of the cross!

Stop being pillars of salt by looking back; move forward in salty, creative, innovative, Spirit-filled, joyful, eager expectation of better and best, moving from glory to glory, grace to grace, and transforming more and more into the likeness of Christ! We can do nothing of our own authority; we can do nothing separated from our Father above the highest heavens! With God, all things are possible! With unveiled faces, behold the transformation into the likeness of Christ from grace to grace. Recognize the seeds of Christ in others and watch them grow. Conscious observation transforms energy waves to physical matter/particles. Speak Life into others and the world. Speak blessings to others and the world!!! Words have the power of life and death; speak Life! Yes and amen!!!!

Photo by David Ison

Photo by David Ison

Call into being the finished work of Christ. It is finished! Behold, all things were made new! Speak them into manifestation FROM being seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus! Christ’s testimony is our prophesy. Speak the Word (remember Jesus was the Word made flesh, the logos) and see it manifest. The Word is spirit and life! There are three witnesses: the blood, the water and the Spirit; all three agree! You can be born anew from Above as a son of the Living God!!!!

Be grafted on the wild olive tree (Jesus) and the Tree of Life, washing your robes in the blood of the Lamb, eat the fruit that is always in season (eat no more of the tree of good and evil), and use the leaves of the Tree of Life for healing. Receive the Water of Life without price! Ask the Spirit of God to teach you all that Jesus taught. Ask the Holy Spirit to interpret spiritual truths for you. Ask the one Spirit to renew and regenerate you. Ask the Spirit of Truth to guide, lead, and direct your path.

Be comforted with the Comforter! Do not be desolate! Receive the free Gift of Most High God: their Spirit! The Spirit of God will wash, purify, refine, renew, regenerate, and make you white as snow to look like Christ! Rejoice! Rise! Rest! Renew! Regenerate! Be made new!!! “Behold, I make all things new!” The kingdom of heaven on earth is NOW and yet to come!!! It was finished before the beginning! It is now finished! It will still be finished in the future! Now is the time! Today is the day! The past, present and future are one NOW in the Spirit of God. It is finished now! Allow the finished work of the cross to manifest in your physical body, heart, mind, soul and spirit now! Receive the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. Receive the righteousness of God. Receive the keys to the kingdom to bind and loose on earth; it will be accomplished in heaven and returned to earth to manifest! The kingdom is Word (Spirit and Life) and Power!


The evening, sun rise and full day sun is one day. All was fulfilled 2000 years ago. One day is a thousand years, a thousand years like one day. It has only been a couple of days! Today, now, you can step into your birth right, destiny, and the finished work of Christ! Today you can choose Life and Blessings! Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free! For freedom Christ has set us free! When the Son sets you free, you are free indeed!!!!

The Way to the Father, the Way to reconcile with God, the Way to reconcile heaven with earth is Jesus the Christ of God, the Lamb of God, the Bride of the Bridegroom! The Truth is the finished work of Christ; it is finished!!! The Life of God is Christ in you, the hope of glory! The Life of God is the Spirit of the Father and Son whom they send to live in your physical body making it a temple of God. Our body is the church! The Life of the church is Christ’s Spirit in us! The Truth of the church is the finished work! Come together with the other churches (human beings filled with the Presence and Glory of God) and REJOICE in the finished work of the cross! There is no death; there is only Life and Life more abundantly in God is us!!!

The mystery of the ages was revealed with the finished work of Christ: the two shall become one on every level: physical, mind, heart, soul and spirit! Christ is in us! Christ is all and in all! All are one in Christ Jesus! The two have become one! Come together!!!!


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