Nothing is Too Hard


Nothing is too hard for God! Everything is possible with God! Believe it and receive it!

This month of May has been the strangest I have ever experienced. The enemy tried to take me out, but what was meant for evil, God takes and turns around for good! I went to a healing conference in La Jolla May 2-3 and an amazing man of God, extremely humble and unassuming, uncovered a trauma from my childhood and brought the healing Presence of God to the heart of the matter. I experienced a profound divine encounter of God’s grace. When the head of the North American Order of St. Luke came into the room he walked over to me and told me I was shining with the Glory of God. We celebrated communion and again he came over to me and said I was shining with the Light of God and that people were going to come to me to find out how they could receive what I have been given.

The next week I went to a kingdom school; a very intense, involved school learning how to pray for people and set them free and bring the kingdom of God to people through the Holy Spirit. I had daily divine encounters that were so profound that I don’t have words for them. I ended up at the altar twice weeping profusely as God touched me deeply. I was called out twice by different pastors as they saw the Holy Spirit ministering to me, praying over me. Then I took the specialized training to minister to PTSD sufferers, where I had many moments of God tears as I recognized a calling to this area. After the workshop the Pastor anointed my hands and prayed over me,  and commissioned me.

I immediately heard a word of knowledge and when I went back to my seat for the next session God highlighted who the word was spoken for. As soon as I told her the word and started to pray for her my hands got hot like fire and when I laid hands on her she started to get hot and sweat and she felt fire go into her area of illness. It was powerful and God’s Spirit was powerfully working through me to minister and heal her.

Elizabeth Hope!

Elizabeth Hope!

The next day I flew to Phoenix for my first grandchild’s dedication at church and I had rather severe left jaw pain going up to my ear and down my neck. I took aspirin and tried to forget about it but I was not myself. The pain came and went while I was in Phoenix and had a late night delay for the flight coming home. I got home at 12:30am. The next day the fires started in San Diego and when the smoke got to my home, I shut up all the doors, windows and sliding doors even though we were having an extreme heat wave and there is no air-conditioning. I started coughing and it kept getting worse and by Saturday I felt a strange foreboding that I was going to die. My sisters prayed for me and I went to church the next day and had prayer but I continued to get worse and by Monday I was coughing up foul smelling and tasting secretions. I started to take antibiotics.

By Tuesday I couldn’t breathe so I went to urgent care and they sent me to the ER. I was hypertensive and tachycardic and I had breathing treatments and steroids and tests. I finally was sent home but they called and told me that they read my EKG and it was abnormal with ST depression indicating ischemia. I had to come back for more tests. I saw a cardiologist on Thursday and have lots of tests coming up. Friday night I felt like I was dying again. I couldn’t breathe and had chest pain and episodes of my heart racing. Saturday I got some new medication and I listened Saturday night to Todd White minister and then he prayed for healing and I was touched and received much.

Last night I slept finally and only had one period of sinus tachycardia and discomfort and this morning I listed to Glory Mountain’s church service and when they prayed I received so much healing again that I decided to go to a 12 noon service where I knew I could receive prayer with hands laid on me. I made it through the service and when I went up for prayer I was ministered to by an amazing light, an african american man who was able to hear from God and get to the root of this issue. I felt the Presence of God and had God tears and felt the river of Living Water come as he prayed over me. Thank God! I came home and went out in the sun and let myself “sweat it out.” “The sun of righteousness rises with healing in its wings”

I know that what the enemy meant for evil, God meant for good. I know that we are to never judge by physical appearances, but trust that all things work together for our good. I know that all things work together for good for those who love God. I know that nothing is too hard for God. I know that everything is possible with God. I know that I know that I know and I receive it all God!!!! I am free because God set me free. I am already healed by Jesus’ stripes. I do not walk by sight, but by faith! I have been commissioned by God and this is just a distraction that cannot move me from being anchored in Love, in Christ, and walking out my calling.


My body is a temple for the Holy Spirit! My life is consecrated to God! I cannot be moved! I am in the palm of Jesus’ hand and I rest in his Love! What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! I am healthy and strong in Christ Jesus and I will soon see the Glory of God shining in and through me again! The kingdom of God is in me, it cannot be taken! The Holy Spirit lives in me, so God’s Presence goes wherever I go! Christ Jesus lives in me, so his God and Father lives in me! I live, move and have my being in Christ so I cannot be moved from the commission and calling on my life! The River of Living Water is flowing into and through  me continuously! Let all I encounter get soaking wet with God’s Love! Let there be light!

The spiritual gifts are for everyone! Jesus said we could all do the things he did, and even greater things if we believe. Christ Jesus said that if we believe signs would follow us! Jesus said he would never leave us and he would confirm with signs and show up when we pray in his name! Nothing is too hard for God! All things are possible with God! Be set free and rest in the palm of God’s hand! Trust in God! Call into existence the things that don’t appear to yet exist in Jesus’ name! Live out the kingdom of God! Thank God I have been set free! I am free and free indeed! For freedom I have been set free!


Don’t believe what the world says or what the enemy/accuser tries to say; believe what God says: we are made in the image and likeness of God and have dominion over all created things on earth. We are loved beyond measure and God will never leave or forsake us. We are healed and made whole body, soul and spirit. The Holy Spirit will come in power to live in us, bringing the kingdom of God to us and form Christ Jesus in us. Christ in us is the hope of Glory!

I am a new creation again today and I am looking forward to seeing the amazing things God has in store! Let Christ live in your heart and mind and let the Holy Spirit make your body a temple of God. Then everywhere you go you bring the kingdom of God, his Presence and Glory, and the atmosphere will change! Bring God’s Presence and Holy Spirit to all who are hungry and thirsty for real divine encounters, healing and wholeness! Nothing is too hard for God!!!!


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4 Responses to Nothing is Too Hard

  1. 19maude56 says:

    My dear sister, I thank God for your testimony/praise report. It has truly blessed me and I read and reread it, because as I’m reading what you’ve went through the Holy Spirit is ministering to me concerning God’s call on my life. Your words came at the right time to confirm everything that I’d just ministered to a friend that needed encouragement. God is doing a great work today that can only be seen and understood in the spirit. The power of God and His kingdom is being manifested in our earthen vessel as we continue to yield ourselves to Him for His Glory alone (2Cor.4:7). I must share a truth with you. I had been checking my email for more of your encouraging words, and became concerned that it had been over two weeks since the last one. Out of concern I silently asked God, what has happened to my sister? So many thoughts raced through my mind, I began to ask others that I forward your messages to if I had missed out on any recently post. The response was no, they too became concerned. I begin to see you as a messenger sent to me as John had the messenger sent to him while on Patmos island. I spoke truthfully to God and asked for forgiveness if I was depending too much on your insight, thinking that I may never hear from you again. That was okay with me because I knew for a certain that somewhere in all eternity I would have opportunity to listen to and chat with you again. So I thanked God for the times I’d had with you and thought words of blessings towards you. Afterward doors of opportunities began to open for me to minister to more of ones that are hungering and thirsting after righteousness. Your post yesterday was truly at God’s appointed time. God is amazing and awesome, your testimony brought consolation and confirmation. I’m grateful that God faithfully brought you through your wilderness test, it’s encouraging to me to know that you know as I know that there is NOTHING too hard for God. Be blessed my sister, I’m praying for you and with you that God’s Will, will be done in and through us all!!! My faith in God has truly gone to another level. As always, To God BeThe Glory!!! Much love to you my sister!!!


    • Thank you so much for sharing! Thank you for your concern and prayers. I thank God that we are all one in Christ. I love our God appointments! Yes, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven, for us all! May God bless and increase everything he is doing in you and through you! “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst fro righteousness, for they will be filled and satisfied!” Be satisfied in the finished work of the cross and Christ in you AND be hungry and thirsty for the “yet more to come”! O taste and see that God is Good! God is able! May more and more doors open to you to minister God’s Love. It is so awesome that all we need to do is love God and one another and God does the work through us! So simple and so Powerful! To God be the Glory! Much Love to you sister!


  2. mgert123 says:

    Thanks so much. Great post. Shared the last sentiment on my site – it is so true. We work very hard to try to control our own lives, and God has a plan. Give Him the chance, and He will provide the answer.


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