Only You Can Prevent God


Do not judge by physical appearances!

Do not judge by physical appearances!

During my three-week retreat I fell going up steep concrete steps that were edged with metal. I hit with full force on the bridge of my nose. I heard a sickening crunch and crack and knew I had broken my nose. Blood poured to the ground and on my white capri pants. I was dazed and when people came to help me they started to call 911 saying my nose was crooked, swollen and “looked bad”. I was shaken and my head and nose were excruciatingly painful. Something inside of me said out loud “don’t call 911, Jesus will heal me; will you all pray with me?”

The group of about six or seven circled and we held hands as I prayed. I don’t know what I said, but another woman in the circle also prayed for my healing. I went to my room and put on a healing CD called “Alone With God” by Jenny Howard that was used for years in the healing rooms of the Christian Healing Center in Jacksonville, Florida. I purchased the CD after attending an Emerging Leaders in Healing conference in Jacksonville and experiencing Jenny’s worship music in person. I was transported and absorbed into God during worship and the same thing happened when I listened to her CD. I could even hear the angels singing with her on the CD.

The CD was recorded in a church when Jenny was to lead worship for a gathering but was sick and didn’t know how she could sing, play her guitar and lead worship in her own strength. She prayed and got up in front of the group and started to sing and play when she found herself at the feet of Jesus. She sang and played from heaven to earth.

Back in my room at the retreat, I started the CD, propped myself up on the bed with pillows, opened my bible and started proclaiming the truth that I am in the image and likeness of God, therefore perfect, whole and complete, including my nose and head. I asked Jesus for complete restoration of my nose stating that he is the Great Physician and nothing is too hard for God and God was able! I read healing verses out loud including Jesus’ Words that if I believed I could lay hands and the sick would recover. I declared that I was healed and made whole.

The pain was excruciating so I said out loud, “Pain be gone in Jesus’ name” The pain was instantly gone! My faith skyrocketed! I started to declare that the swelling go down, inflammation be gone, the cartilage restored and the bone be realigned and healed. I started to feel changes in my body. After the CD stopped I got up and looked in the mirror; the swelling had decreased! I lay back down and pressed play again and declared the soft tissue was repaired, the mucus membranes restored and the nose was perfect, whole and complete. I felt the angels touching me and my nose straighten. I felt the healing angels working in my brain! I felt movement and tingles and heat. I was in awe and wonder! I just kept declaring God’s truth over my nose and thanking God! After the next hour, I got up and looking in the mirror again; still more improvement!

I got back into the bed and started the third hour of declaring God’s truth over my situation, thanking and praising God. I just sang with the music and worshiped and thanked, honored and praised God for his great Goodness! I closed my eyes and just received the river of light flowing into me from above! When the CD stopped again, I looked in the mirror and my nose looked nearly normal!

I was ecstatic! What the enemy meant for evil, God used for Good! The physical appearance was a broken nose, severe pain and swelling; the Truth of God was that I was perfect, whole and complete. I did not judge by the physical appearance, but trusted God and his Word! Jesus said, “What do you want me to do for you?” “Be healed and made whole” “If you only believe you can lay hands and the sick will recover and nothing will harm you” “And all that came to Jesus were healed” etc!

I gave my testimony the next morning and many were amazed and wanted to know more about this Jesus, this Living One who has the power to make physical flesh bow down to him! All praise, honor, glory, dominion and majesty to our King of kings, the Great Physician who lives and reigns in his people!

Only you can prevent God by your unbelief! The Truth of God is that Jesus restored human beings to the image and likeness of God; whole, complete, perfect, one with our Father, and free! A middle-man is no longer necessary; go direct to our Father and receive all that Jesus restored: our inheritance in and of the kingdom of God. We were given the free gift of total restoration, reconciliation, renewal, regeneration and rebuilding of our body temple. The new heavens on earth is where only righteousness/right relationship to God dwells! Right relationship with God (and therefore all things) equals wholeness, oneness, freedom, love, peace, joy, goodness, gentleness, kindness, patience, faithfulness and self-control! If my  nose could be restored in three hours, what else is possible? Jesus said the temple [the human body] would be restored in three days. Jesus said we could do all he did and even greater things! What else is possible????

Only you can prevent God! Only you can turn, return to God, know the Truth and let the Truth set you free! Do not judge by physical appearances!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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5 Responses to Only You Can Prevent God

  1. james says:

    That is the power of the Mind of Christ, thank you for your awesome display! I remember once while I was in the middle of an awesome vision that Jesus Himself grabbed me by a lock of my hair and booted me in the face/mouth area. Talk about hitting the pavement, I didn’t feel what you felt but the emotional shock was immense! I truly was reeling in my soul! I started to think about what was going on in the vision afterwards. And then with the Mind of Christ I remembered that I had been given instructions on how to move forward, but I just wanted to stay at the point I was at in the vision and wouldn’t move. After, I realized that this powerful one known as Jesus Christ will do anything to guide us into the right direction. What He did with you is open the eyes of the blind at that retreat! You just used your Mind of Christ and moved in the right direction to receive the graces and fruit of it all! I will remember this for a future time to come!


    • Thanks james 🙂 So much of our experience comes from the past and fallen human wisdom instead of the Truth and Wisdom from above. We believe our past human experiences determine our lives when the Truth is Jesus’ experience of resurrection and ascension can be our direct experience if we only will turn to his past experience instead of fallen human experiences! We are the image of God; we are the likeness of God, with dominion when Christ lives in us consciously and awakened!


    • me says:

      I’m not sure I get your vision. Why would Jesus kick you? Jesus is forceful when need be, remember the scourge of cords in the Temple. But those buying and selling in the Temple were not His. Why would He use force or violence on those that are His?

      A gentle push from behind by Him perhaps, I would understand. But Jesus kicking you in the teeth? I would question “what” Jesus was in your vision. The tree is known by its fruit.


      • james says:

        Some times a fool needs a rod on his back! We are like animals in a way, you maybe haven’t thought about how much suffering He went through, did He deserve it? Nobody gave him a gentle push from behind to go to His brutal death. Nobody gave him a ibuprofen or pain pill to deal with it all, it was brutal! He sweat great drops of blood knowing He was doing this and billions of people would mock and scoff Him and loose their souls rejecting His sacrifice! Sometimes we need our ass kicked to get back in line, He has spent much on me, i’ll take the kick in the teeth and thank you for asking, God bless.


  2. Thank you for your comments and discussion “me” and james! Phil 1:9-11 came to mind immediately, “It is my prayer that our love abounds more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so we may approve what is excellent, and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruits of righteousness (right relationship) which comes through Jesus the Christ, to the glory and praise of God.” On our respective journeys we have all at one time or another ascribed to God what was of men. We have all projected things of human wisdom onto God, coming from our egoic minds that mistakenly think we are separate from God, that judge according to what the false mind sees, instead of what is True, Right, Good and Beautiful, that is seen with our spiritual eyes and sensed by our spiritual senses: eyes, ears and hearts that have opened to perceive God in all that has been created. Justification came once for all by what Jesus did for us; sanctification is a process and a journey that we all must choose to walk.

    We have all projected and ascribed to God things that were of our own psyche, human attributes; but there is always a more excellent way: Love! We grow from grace to grace as we become more and more like Christ when we have chosen life, chosen blessings, and seek to know God and his resurrection power more and more! God is always asking us to come up higher, to see from a higher perspective, to expand and grow in grace and love and knowledge of God! We move from faith to faith or as Romans 1 says, “For in it [the power of the gospel] the righteousness of God is revealed through faith for faith” It is revealed through the evidence of the Unseen for evidence of the Unseen!!!

    Water will eventual wear away the rock; we do not need to use a hammer now that Love has manifested on earth in the form of Christ; love that has NO opposite; Light that has NO darkness! The lion became a Lamb and we can rest in the “lambness” in the powerful watery, liquid Love of God and Trust that all things work together for good in those who love God. When something weird happens we can stay awake and say, “I don’t know why or what is going on, but I trust you God to make it right and good and for the glory of God” We can rest in Truth and abide in Love!

    Love fulfilled the law completely; it is Christ’s ascended Love that we rest in and allow to flow through us to a hungry, thirsty world where judgment and condemnation is still the norm. We can know if God has transformed our mind, heart and soul by what comes up when we are poked, squeezed, offended, hurt, wounded or misunderstood. If Christ comes out, our fruit (words or behavior) is kind, gentle, patient, good, self-controlled, full of faith, peace, joy and love. If fear, doubt, worry, criticism, anger, judgment, resentment, desire for vengeance or retribution comes out, we are not yet transformed by and in Love! Jesus was this Higher Love of God made manifest on earth; the Word made manifest; the Truth of God made manifest; the Way of God made manifest so we could see what Love would do and follow Love’s example!

    Love doesn’t use a hammer because it doesn’t see nails when it looks at human beings, Love sees our potential, our created value, our identity as sons of God/brides of the Lamb: perfect, whole, one with God, free and transformed into Love itself! God does not see our past experiences; God sees Jesus’ experience and gives the same resurrection and ascension gifts to us. All we need to do is acknowledge the gift that Jesus sacrificed for, open and receive the finished gift!!!!

    It is the kindness of God that leads to repentance! If it is of Christ, it builds us up, encourages, inspires, edifies, reconnects us with God, is loving, respecting, honoring and gentle. If it is of the enemy or accuser it tears us down, discourages, criticizes, condemns, separates, causes fear, doubt, anxiety, unbelief, or is harsh, destructive and violent. In the old covenant there was separation so there was duality: dark/light, good/evil, etc. After Christ ascended there is only One: Good, True, Right, Love without an opposite, Light without any darkness at all!!!!

    Jesus is like a mother hen gathering her chicks to her self, or like a breast-feeding mother who comforts, warms, and completely satisfies our every need for love, protection, security, belonging, acceptance, well-being, etc. Discernment is necessary. Growing in grace and knowledge of God is important. Relying on other’s ideas about God rather than going directly to God and asking to increase in knowledge, wisdom and understanding of God and his resurrection power is misleading. Like Paul, I always pray to know God more and more and to know his resurrection and ascension power directly. Like Jesus, I pray to “be perfectly one with our Father”, to “know Thee the only true God”, to “have Jesus’ Joy fulfilled in myself”, to “keep me from the evil one”, to be “sanctified and consecrated in the Truth”, to receive the “glory which God gave Jesus that he gave to us”, “to be with Jesus where he is in consciousness: living in heaven, yet alive and present on earth”, to “know the name/nature of God” and to “know the Love which God loves Jesus and have this Love be in me and let Jesus live in me” (John 17: 1-26). So Good and Very Good!!!! All I need to know is Christ resurrected, ascended and living in us as us!!!! “Christ is all and in all” Colo 3:11. I believe! I know it is true!!!! I do not doubt or waver!!!!


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