You Are His Favorite!


You are God’s favorite! Really! You are God’s favorite and so is every human being on the planet regardless of religion or ignorance or the mistakes you have made. The brain says that this is impossible. God must take sides. NO, God is beyond sides or opposites or duality. The heart can understand this non-dual truth; the finite brain can’t wrap itself around infinity or Love without an opposite.

The old covenant with God was with human beings who were still ignorant and at a lower level of consciousness where they were outer focused and driven by an external locus of control. They needed laws and rules and religions and mediators to tell them what to do; to teach them right from wrong.


But then Jesus was sent from heaven to change EVERYTHING and to upgrade the human being back to the image and likeness of God; to restore the pre-fall relationship with God: perfect oneness and the image and likeness of God with dominion over all created things. It is NOT dominion over other human beings because all are God’s favorite. All those who turn and return to God are given the keys to the kingdom and made heirs. It is kindness that leads to repentance, metanoia, transformation from Sauls to Pauls and Jacobs to Israels. All have equal ability to wake up and shed the external locus of control of religion and begin an intimate relationship with the God of heaven and earth. The Love that pours from God into your heart through the Holy Spirit will allow you to begin to Love God, Love human beings, and Love all created things. Love does no harm. Love doesn’t have a religion. Love has a relationship with ALL. Love has a heart of peace and compassion towards all, especially the least of these, the vulnerable and innocent.

Love does not send rockets that kill innocent children. Love sees beyond religion and borders to the Truth that all are creations of One God, who is OUR Father, above all and though all and in all.

Vatican Peace Doves

Religion separates; Love unites. Duality has opposites that fight. God is beyond opposites and is Peace without an opposite, Love without an opposite and Light without any darkness at all. Turning from the wisdom of the world that says there are enemies, we return to oneness with God and the Wisdom from above that says Love your enemies and there will be no more enemies. The only enemy is satan who subtly uses religion and people to kill, destroy and steal peace/happiness/love/joy/light from others. Religion has been taken over by the enemy so that human beings can get fed up with it and wake up to see that we can live from an internal locus of control; that we can be perfectly one with God; that we can have the same Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit as was in Jesus; that we can see, hear, speak and love with the same Spirit of God: the Christ! We can wake up and see that peace begins in each soul who has turned and returned to God; lets their heart be filled with God’s Love and transforms in the Light of Truth!


Israel is not a geographical location; Israel is the transformation from Jacob to Israel. Mount Zion is not a geographical location; it is the internal perfection of the new heavens on earth in our mind, soul and spirit. New Jerusalem is not a physical city; it represents Sarah: free, whole, perfect, one with God and bearing much fruit of the Spirit! Jews are not the chosen LITERAL people. Jewish is not literal or physical. Jewish is of the heart, spiritual, an inner transformation from Egypt/bondage/wilderness/desert to the promised land. The only ones who can enter the NHOEN are those transformed hearts, minds, souls, body and spirits of ALL who turn and return to oneness with God and are given the keys to the kingdom.

“For not all who are descended from Israel belong to Israel, and not all are children of Abraham because they are his descendants…It is not the children of flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise are reckoned as descendants” Romans 9:6-11

“For he is not a real Jew who is one outwardly, nor is true circumcision something external and physical. He is a Jew who is one inwardly, and real circumcision is a matter of the heart, spiritual and not literal” Romans 2:28-29

“Those who were not my people I will call ‘my people’ and her who was not beloved I will call ‘my beloved’ and those called ‘not my people’ will be called ‘sons of the living God’ ” Romans 9:25

“Now this is an allegory: these women are two covenants. One is from Mt Sinai, bearing children for slavery; she is Hagar…she corresponds to the present Jerusalem…but the Jerusalem above is free, and she is our Mother [Sarah]…we, brethren like Isaac, are children of promise” Gal 4:24

“For neither circumcision counts for anything, nor uncircumcision, but a NEW CREATION” Gal 6:15

Are you going to believe the lies of the enemy or are you going to believe God? Are you going to believe we are separate and war is justified because God is on our side and we are his chosen people? This is the lie of the enemy to destroy human beings and our Jesus -given Joy, Peace and wellbeing. Religion is separating God’s people; Jesus died/resurrected/ascended so we ALL could die to religion and separation and lies of enemy, resurrect our original creation as image of God and likeness of God, and ascend beyond polarity, duality, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Go directly to the Tree of Life! Do not pass Go! Do not collect 200 dollars! Do not believe the lie of good and evil any longer. There is an “I” in enemies; there is no “I” in God! Go higher! Go beyond! Go directly to God! You are his favorite! Really we ALL are!!!!

“Christ is all and in all” Colo 3:11 Jesus was a Jewish rabbi and Christ was in him! God is beyond religion and Christ is God’s Spirit. Christ is the hidden treasure within every human being! Wake up! Let Christ out! Manifest Christ on all the earth!!!! Christ is beyond religion; Christ is an intimate relationship you have with God as you share the same Spirit!!!! Let the same Spirit that resurrected and ascended Jesus, resurrect and ascend you and your life! You are his favorite! We are ALL his favorite!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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5 Responses to You Are His Favorite!

  1. 19maude56 says:

    So good to hear from you again! I’m enjoying this blessed newness of life, and love every opportunity to share it with others. Waking up every day to awaken to new revelation is awesome with our loving Father!!! The reality of this new life is beyond words, to really express it is to just be it. I’m loving each moment of walking out of time into eternity!!! Be blessed, and welcome back!!!


    • So good to hear from you! Yes, the eternal newness of the Life of Christ in us is beyond wonderful! Every day new! Every dawn, a new clean slate of infinite potential and possibility! Truly awe inspiring and wonder-full!!!!! God bless you!


  2. me says:

    Wonderful post!

    Just a question though, do you see Jesus as God from before the beginning in all eternity, or do you see Him as God once the dove of Spirit descended at His baptism and the Father said “Today I have begotten thee”?

    Do you see Jesus as unique from us, although He gives us the pattern to follow to be like Him? Do you see Jesus as the Fathers only begotten Son, with the Father from the beginning, as part of the Trinity? Or do you see Him as just a man who realized His divinity? Do you believe we become part of the Trinity or we participate in Their Life, not becoming divine in ourselves but participating in divinity, while remaining fully human? As Jesus was God and participated in our humanity without giving up His Deity?


    • I believe it is a mystery and beyond our brain’s comprehension AND I know all came from One God, One Father of us all who is above all and through all and in all. I believe the “Christ remains forever” thus was never born, never dies, was with God before the foundation of the world. Christ was in Jesus and is now in us; the difference is Jesus knew it, never doubted or wavered from knowing his perfect oneness with Abba Father, whereas many humans either don’t know or doubt it or ignore it or feel they are unworthy of it. I believe Jesus was able to walk out a perfect human life, never sin, fulfill all 613 laws and 10 commandments, die, resurrect and ascend, so that we could return to God’s original creation before the fall. I believe that when he placed his blood on the mercy seat, that human beings were completely restored to the Father, and it was as if not a single sin had ever happened: the slate was wiped completely clean. I believe the only way we can separate ourselves is by resurrecting the past; God has placed us in the book of Life, no longer the old covenant’s book of remembrance and duality.

      I believe Jesus was fully God and fully human. If everything came from the One, then we are all part of the One: “one body and one Spirit” as it says in Ephesians and we can have the same mind as Christ, who has the same mind of the Father. Jesus said “don’t call me good, only the Father in heaven is good” and Jesus said “the Father is greater”. We don’t become God, we wake up to know that God is in us and we can be perfectly one as Jesus was! One of my defining verses is “In that day you will know that I am in my Father and you are in me and I am in you” John 14:20. That says it all to me! I take Jesus’ Words to heart!!!! When Jesus manifested himself to me and spoke to me, my world and view changed! He opened my eyes, the eyes of my heart, and my perception!

      The finite brain cannot understand but our innermost heart can know that we know, yet know there is always more to discover and always more to know. Our journey is grace to grace and always more to know and discover! I love that! I don’t assume to know; I know that Jesus knows and he is in me and will never leave or forsake me! I Trust that! If Jesus is in me, all that Jesus was is possible in me!

      I think words separate, and while useful for distinctions, their multiple connotations make words like “trinity” and “begotten” and even “Christ and Christian” (words that are used indiscriminately and don’t always point to the greater Truth) can lead people astray. Meanings of original words have been twisted to manipulate in the name of religion and I know the enemy uses religious lingo to confuse and separate and deceive by appearing as “light”. A lot that passes for religion today is the enemy’s disguise. The word “God” has come to represent the god of this world to many and they can’t see the Truth but are under the effects of the spirit of error and lawlessness.

      I do not believe we are God; God is always greater, yet we are remade into God’s image and into God’s likeness and Jesus said we could do all his works and even greater things than he did. I don’t assume to know everything but I do pray daily to know God more and more and to know his dunamis, resurrection power, more and more.

      Again, words fail to adequately represent the Word of God that can only be spoken without words to our innermost heart by the Holy Spirit. I believe no human being is to take another human being’s word, but go directly to God for answers. Each person has to have a direct, personal relationship with the Creator of heaven and earth to know the Truth and for the Truth to set them free! Religion doesn’t save; a relationship with Christ Jesus saves, delivers, heals, transforms, restores and reconciles us back to the Father! Yay Jesus! I am eternally grateful and in awe and wonder of the most amazing free gift! Yes, I accept!


  3. Simply: turn, return, acknowledge God, realize the Truth, give your old life completely to God: body, mind, heart, soul and spirit, accept the gift of Life, open, and receive! Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and the door will open!!!! Simply amazing!


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