Sunset golden island

I woke up this morning with the thought that I was surrounded by and encased completely in Jesus. I realized on a whole new level that I was IN Jesus, in every possible way. Jesus filled all earth, below the earth, above the earth and ALL the heavens and above the heavens when he died, resurrected and ascended, so there is no place that his being-ness, is-ness, I am-ness, or consciousness is not! I can REST in him! I literally abide IN him!

One of my favorite verses, “In that day you will know that I am in my Father and you are in me and I am in you” John 14:20, came to Life in a whole new way! Every day can be THE day!


The prayer, “I want to know you more and more God” bears fruit! As I lay in bed I was palpably aware that as far as I could put my arms out in any direction, I was IN Jesus. That means that ALL that I am and as far as I can imagine, either in heaven or earth, Jesus is, and ALL that I am and Jesus is, is in our Father! Now that is protection, armor, security, safety and perfect Peace! I am surrounded by Perfect Love; what possibly could I fear!

Knowing, being cognizant and being aware of this thought, this new heaven (new thought), dissolves the old heavens (old thoughts) like a noon-day sun dissolves a mist or fog! The old heavens (old thoughts/old ways of thinking) dissolves the old earth (manifestation into physical of old thoughts) like the fire of a burning sun burning through the mists! Anything we put our awareness or consciousness of being perfectly one with Abba, surrounded or encased completely in and by Christ Jesus (my CJ!), on, dissolves into eternal newness, the new heavens on earth now (NHOEN)! The old dissolves and the new is revealed; eternally new now and now and now and now and now and now and now!!!!

Surrounded by CJ, and immersed in CJ, nothing but Love and Great Goodness can be in my experience. If something other than Great Love and Great Goodness shows up, I remember the Truth and the old heavens (old way of thinking) is dissolved by the higher New Heavens (higher thoughts of God, eternally New) that I am immersed in!

I am surrounded by Jesus, above, below, in and through me! Jesus is surrounded by Abba Father, above, below, in and throughout! I am surrounded and encased and enfolded and immersed in God! I am impenetrable to anything other than Love, Truth and the Life of God! Yay God!!!! Yay Love!!!!

Surrender all! You are surrounded!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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3 Responses to Surrounded

  1. james says:

    The “true gold” you found this morning resonates in the pictures. Pure gold, purified, reflective, unmovable, encased. It is the place of refuge!


    • Some mornings when I wake up I see the golden world, in the liminal space between waking and sleeping. I call it the “Christed World” and it is beautiful! I imagine it is the NHOEN! I don’t think we see what is there; I think we see what we are seeing from! When I am seeing from that place of absolute perfect oneness with Christ, everything is bright golden beauty!!!!

      Isn’t it interesting that instead of people trying to change the external world, we could be focusing on seeing with new eyes, the eyes of Christ, the higher consciousness or higher level of being that Jesus raises us up to sit with him in! In seeing the higher possibilities, it has a chance of becoming manifest quicker for all to see! It is time for human beings to see earth from heavenly consciousness instead of looking to heaven for God to change the earth.

      I believe Jesus already changed everything and now it is up to us to start believing it and acting as if it is already done! We are to pray believing it is already done, not waver and not doubt! I am excited for the potential and possibilities of more people believing what Jesus said is really true for each and every one of us! If everyone knew they were perfectly one with God, absolutely loved and adored, could do everything Jesus did and could not be separated from this immense, powerful Love, how differently would the world look? How differently would people act and be?


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