From God’s Point of View


From God’s point of view all human beings are his creation; all created good and very good; all created in God’s image and God’s likeness. From God’s perspective, there are no borders, lines, religions, differences, separation or boundaries. From God’s eyes, the inner being is important and the outer differences a free will choice. In God’s perception, Israel and Jewish are internal, spiritual matters of the heart, not literal physical biological matters.


God sent his Word, his Truth, his Life to earth to incarnate as the human man Jesus to free his human beings from the tyranny of religion, culture, societal norms, and physical, outward, literal interpretations of who was chosen, favored, blessed or included. Jesus’ message was clear: it is not the outside that counts, but the inside; what is spiritual, a matter of the heart and intention that matters. It is not the religion that counts, but the relationship with God, his Father. It is not the sex that counts, but if you allow Christ’s Spirit to fill and transform your heart!

From God’s point of view, Love is unconditional and has no opposite. Love could not harm or exclude, but Love will draw all human beings away from lies, deception, conflict, killing, destroying, stealing peace/wholeness, falsity and duality (satan’s tools) and into the Truth and Life of God. From the Higher Spiritual Perception of God, human beings are all favored, blessed, chosen, called, good and very good!


From the perspective of God, peace is found in a soul that has been purified, refined and made white by the blood of the Lamb, the Word, and the Spirit of God. This free gift of grace and transformation is available for ALL God’s creation. Only you can exclude yourself! Only you can leave the free gift wrapped and sitting on a shelf! Only you can keep yourself from receiving the Mind of Christ, the eyes and ears of Christ, the heart of Christ, the transformed soul and Spirit of Christ!

From God’s point of view, you are deeply, unconditionally Loved, highly favored and abundantly blessed! It is up to each person to leave the ways of the world and turn to receive the Higher Way, Higher Truth and Higher Life of Christ in us!!!!!!!

Men say, “Come join our religion”; Jesus says, “Come to Me” Men say, “you have to suffer and sacrifice and do good things”; Jesus says, “I will give you Rest (shalom=wholeness, peace, perfection, freedom, joy, completeness), yoke with me, unite with me; I am easy, humble and light”!!!!! Jesus gives us his perfected being, his righteousness, his sacrifice,  and his perfect oneness with God; makes us sons of God, brides of God and transforms our life!!! Yes!!!!!!! I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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4 Responses to From God’s Point of View

  1. Jenny says:

    Thank you for all your insights…. Words and images… Reading them is like having a spring rain fall in my mind scape…. Just like it happens to be raining gently outside my house now. Bliss.


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