OMG It’s Jesus!


Everything you think you need, you already have. Everything you have always wanted, is already here. Everything to make you fulfilled and satisfied beyond happiness, is now possible. It is invisible, but only takes your conscious awareness and welcoming to become visible. It is beyond the veil, but the veil has already torn wide open and you merely need to take one step over the line. It is inside you, but you have to stop seeking outside yourself and realize what you already have been given. The heavens are already wide open and cannot be closed again. It is completely done, yet you have to wake up, acknowledge, and accept it. It is Jesus! It is the Christ of God! It is the Bride! It is the Spirit of God manifesting in our human body to transform us into the likeness of Christ, to become a bride and a son of God! It is ALL the fullness of God transfiguring from invisible to visible in our being! It is already done! OMG, it IS Jesus!

Jesus changed EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! Jesus changed time! Jesus changed the game: rules and laws and regulations and duality were ALL replaced with the Highest Spiritual Law of Love! Everything labeled clean or unclean was changed to pure, good and very good! Everything from the duality tree of good and evil was transformed to good and very good: the tree of Life! Every tribe and every nation was transformed from chosen versus not chosen, beloved and not beloved, my people versus not my people, Israel and not Israel, to ALL beloved, chosen, loved and perfectly one! The old religions and ideologies and legalism and rules were elevated to Truth! Facts and laws and rules and regulations ascended to the Truth of God’s all-encompassing, unconditional acceptance and Love: Light without an opposite. Darkness was an illusion that disappeared with the infusion of the True Light that enlightens EVERY human being that says yes!

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Jesus changed everything! Jesus changed our tree from the knowledge of good and evil to the tree of Life: his perfect Life and Life more abundant, a life of Perfect Love, Perfect Peace, fullness of Joy, forgiveness, freedom, wholeness and being one with Abba Father! Jesus changed human being’s relationships to all things and best of all, changed our relationship with God to perfect oneness. It is now possible to be in perfect oneness with God; a perfect relationship without separation, divorce or conflict.

Jesus changed our being from human to divine; looking like satan (duality) to looking just like God: non-dual with no partiality! Satan’s MO is to separate, divide, conquer, poison, war, hurt, destroy, kill, disease, strife, turmoil, hatred, pain, suffering, anger, lust, greed, selfishness, pride, arrogance, hubris, monkey mind, heartless, soul wounds and identity crisis. Despair, discouragement, disillusionment and disappointment are his calling card. The Good News is that Jesus disarmed all powers and principalities, filled all the earth and heavens with Light and Love beyond opposites, destroyed the devil and death and disease and gave human beings their original created value, inheritance and destiny back. The devil has used religion to trick human beings into not knowing that IT IS FINISHED: death is defeated, the devil is defeated and disease is only a symptom that you have forgotten the truth: Jesus heals ALL; Jesus makes ALL things new; Jesus makes ALL whole and one with his Father and God. ALL things are possible with God; with men there are things that are impossible, but with God ALL things are possible! Don’t be fooled, deceived or kept in the dark any longer! Jesus is the Way of Transformation and True Love; the True Light that enlightens every human being!!!!


OMG it has been Jesus for over 2000 years and religion and the devil have kept so many people in the dark, ignorant and struggling to survive. OMG it is Jesus who can take you in the place you are right now and MAKE YOU A NEW CREATION in God’s likeness and in God’s image! It does not matter what you have done or where you find yourself right now, YOU can be free, whole, spotless, full of Light, unconditionally Loved, unconditionally accepted, welcomed into THE FAMILY OF GOD who will NEVER hurt you, leave you, or stop loving you. You will receive a new name, a new nature, a new kingdom (NHOEN), a new identity, a new Spirit, a new body, a new heart, a new mind, and a new perfect Father, a new perfect Spouse, a new Home (heaven on earth), a new destiny, an amazing inheritance, and a new Family that you have always dreamed of 🙂  Stop seeking more information and receive transformation! Stop seeking and FIND! Stop asking question outside yourself and receive the answers from THE Spiritual Guide: the Holy Spirit of God and his Lamb! Stop seeking and invite Jesus to bring his Spirit into your body temple and transform it into a mansion of Light!!!!

Jesus is the Way to be one with our Father, perfectly one, as Jesus was perfectly one with his God and Father. Jesus is the Way to be reconciled with God and all humanity. Jesus is the Way to be healed and made whole again. Jesus is the Way to be transformed and transfigured. Jesus is the Way to be totally free. Jesus is the Way to know the Truth, beyond physical facts or outward appearances that will set you free. Jesus is the Way to resurrect your true identity: your divine sonship/brideship. Jesus is the Way to ascend or elevate your thoughts, feelings and being to sit with Christ in heaven and reign on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus is the Way to die to addictions, disease, death and mistaken identity. Jesus is the Way to get the Keys of the Kingdom: the exousia authority and dunamis power to carry out the true authority. Jesus is the Way to Life and Life more abundantly, Jesus is the Way to eating of the tree of life, nourished by Christ’s perfect Love, satisfied by the Living Water, enfolded in Christ’s perfect body, and revitalized with every breath by the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life of God that can be made manifest in YOU!


OMG it is Jesus that heals, sets free, forgives, gives a clean slate, transforms, transfigures, transmutes all darkness into Light, grafts us on his tree of Life, give us his Spirit, resurrects and ascends us, and reconciles us with his Father/God/Bridegroom!!!! Jesus is the Living One, alive forever more, who can make you a pure, spotless bride and present you to the Bridegroom, put a ring on it!, and give you the whole new world: the new heavens on earth now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, it was YOU all along Jesus!!!!

“Christ IS all and IN all” Colossians 3:11


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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