The Sword and Love

Melt the icebergs of our heart

Melt the icebergs of our heart

War is of the old earth and the old heavens. The old thoughts and conscious awareness (0ld heavens) are ruled by the god of the world, who convinced human beings to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and to take sides! Today, some relish evil and some relish good; some see themselves as good but like to dress up or act evil! The old earth, a manifestation of the old heavens: thoughts and beliefs in good and evil, experiences conflict, pain, suffering, war and tribulation. Some old earth ideas: “Live by the sword; die by the sword,” “Love your neighbor and hate your enemies.”

Conditional love is from the god of this world: I will love you if you treat me the way I expect you to, or if I get my needs met, or if you love me as I see fit, or if you love me the way I want, or if I feel like it, or if you are the same color, gender, ethnicity, religion, belief, country, nation, political party, status, class or ideation as me. This is the old earth’s manifestations from the old heavens (old way of thinking).

But Jesus changed all of this! Christ Jesus brought the unconditional Love of our Father back to earth! CJ brought the new heavens to earth: the new higher thoughts of God to earth! CJ brought God’s perfect, higher consciousness/awareness to earth! CJ brought the Higher Ways, Higher Truth, Highest Love, Supernal Light, and God’s Higher Life back to earth.



All we have to do is give Jesus everything of the old heavens and earth and open to receive the new heavens and the new earth! When Jesus died, he died to all the past, for all human beings. When Jesus resurrected, he resurrected all the old heavens and old earth for all human beings. When Christ Jesus ascended, he filled all heaven and earth with his ascended Life, Love, Light, Truth, Ways, Words, Being, Consciousness, Awareness, and Presence for ALL human beings. He promised to lift us ALL up to the level he attained: perfect oneness with God! You can only receive what you believe; you can only know it when you have received it!

When the  only truly innocent and perfect human being, Jesus, was falsely accused and the guards came to arrest him, his disciple pulled out a sword and cut off the aggressor’s ear. Jesus used the spiritual sword, his words, and healed the guard’s ear! The only weapon that is appropriate in a post-Jesus world is the healing Words of God!



Our only sword should be the healing, comforting, loving, forgiving, understanding and accepting Words of unconditional Love that come from our transformed heart! Only Christ’s Love can transform your heart: take out the heart of stone and give you a new right spirit, the one Holy Spirit. The spirits of the old earth say hate those who hurt you, retaliate, and fight for what is yours. The Holy Spirit says LOVE your enemies! This is the Way, Truth and Life of God! Use only the Sword of the Spirit when there is conflict, hurt, resentment, pain, suffering, loss, aggressiveness or false accusations (all accusations are misunderstandings, born out of ignorance of the big picture: God’s picture). Do not judge! Ask God to open your eyes to see as God sees! See your enemy as God sees them and you will open to compassion!

War begets war; unconditional Love begets Love! Understanding leads to compassion. Use only the sword of the Spirit, the Words of unconditional Love that flow from a heart transformed by God! Speak Jesus’ Words, the sharp two-edged sword, and watch the healing, restoration, shalom and wholeness appear! The sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, is two-edged because it cuts away the false and brings the True healing in! It destroys what is not of God and brings forth what is!



Lord God, open our eyes to see our “enemies” as you see them. Raise our understanding and compassion to Jesus’ level. Help us to rely on your Power and Presence instead of resorting to the old heavens and old earth methods of judging, taking sides, fighting and war. Open our hearts and pour your Love in! Baptize us with your fire and Holy Spirit! Open our eyes and ears so we may hear your Voice. Guide and lead us into your Good and Very Good! Transform our hearts! Transfigure our bodies! Transmute the darkness into your True Light! Show us your Way, Truth and Life! Christ Jesus open the door to the new heavens on earth for all! Let there be Light!!!! Amen. Hallelujah!

Do not follow any human being into peace; follow Jesus into True Peace in the Way of Unconditional Love!


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