Mother of us All

white rose

Who is your Mother? According to the bible it is the New Jerusalem, the Bride who comes out of heaven from God allegorically represented by Sarah! She is Zion and we are the daughters of Zion, brides to the Bridegroom: Abba Father, Most High God, “My Husband”

“but the Jerusalem above is free, which is the mother of us all” Galatians 4:26

There is no longer male or female; we are ALL one in Christ (Galatians 3). If we are IN Christ we are a bride AND a son of God; beyond gender! Jesus was the first born, begotten of God by his ability to live a perfect Life, die to the old human being and old lineage from Adam, and resurrect and ascend human beings to be one with our Father, the Most High Source of ALL, since Jesus did it ALL for ALL! Only you can exclude you!!!!

It is time to STOP listening to the world and START listening to the Voice of Truth: the Spirit of God; the Word of God! Allow God to open your eyes, ears and heart to hear the Spirit of Truth! Choose ascended Life! Choose to be transformed into a bride of the Bridegroom by the renewal of your mind into Christ’s Mind of wholeness, completeness, perfection, freedom and perfect oneness with our Abba Father! Put on Christ!!!!

Listen to your Mother! The Bride to the Bridegroom comes down out of heaven from God to prepare you as a bride! Become a daughter of Zion! The enemy tried to destroy the daughters of Zion but Jesus changed everything! Get Jesus and get reconciled to his God and Father! Get reconciled to his Father and God and become a son of God and a bride of the Bridegroom! Become a bride and receive perfect oneness with God! Receive perfect oneness with God and become a new creation who is no longer from a human viewpoint but a God perspective! From God’s view or perception or perspective, ALL human beings are his creation, beloved and loved unconditionally, and all have the free will to choice to come Home to oneness with Abba and Mother in our hearts now! All can be transformed! It does not matter what you have done; it only matters what Jesus has done!!!!!!! We are ALL grandfathered in! We are all eligible to receive ALL the fullness of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The son inherits ALL the fullness of God now! The bride lives in intimate oneness with the Bridegroom now! It is the NHOEN people!!!! Don’t stay outside the gates, in the wilderness desert, living in tribulation; enter the new city by the gate of Jesus! The Bride, the Christ, is the door! Step over the threshold into the NHOEN, the new Jerusalem, the Zion where we are all daughters of our Mother, the Bride to the Bridegroom! Let her prepare you to wear the white wedding garment that is washed in the blood of the Lamb. Let her refine you like gold, removing all impurities. Let her prepare the wedding feast! Let her prepare you physically, mentally, emotionally, soul-fully, and spiritually for your wedding with the Bridegroom!

Come, for all is now ready! And the Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!”

The Two Become One

The Two Become One

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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