No Way!


When someone says “no way,” wayne and garth say, “way!” and “excellent” in Wayne’s World

When we say, “there is no way,” God says, “Way!” When we say, “this is good enough,” God says, “I will give you Excellent!” in God’s World!

When there was no way; when the Israelites were between a rock and a hard place; God made a Way! If there is a sea, God will part it. If there is a flood, God will give you a boat. If you drown, God will make it so you can breathe under water! If there is rain, God will send the rainbow. If there is no way, God sends the Way!!!!

What you think is impossible, is Possible with God!!!! Way!!!!!!!


When it is becomes dark, God sends the True Light! When the world is deceived and believing the lies of the enemy, God sends the Truth! God sent Jesus who made a Way for all. Jesus sends us his angel, his spirit, his morning star, his very being to make a home in us and transfigure us into his perfect spirit, mind, heart and body! Way!!!!

What seems like a “dead-end” in your life? What is your challenge? What seems impossible? Where are you saying, “there is no way”?

Give the “no way” to God. It is not our job to ask why or how. Let God reveal the Way! Our job is to thank God for what we cannot yet see! Lift your eyes and give thanks and see it come from the Unmanifest to manifestation!

On my personal Day of Christ, in THAT day, the Holy Spirit came to me on my couch and transfigured me into oneness with our Heavenly Father. I did nothing but experience the darkness and hopelessness and despair, and in the midst of that disillusionment, discouragement and sense of impossibility, I turned to the bible as a last, desperate attempt to not drown in a sea of unhappiness and disappointment. Christ Jesus made a Way for the Holy Spirit to fall as fire in my body to burn the dross, chaff, impurities and lies/deception of the enemy away, get me in a tub of water, breathe me, and lift me up to the Throne of God to be made one with Him again.

holy spirit Angel of Presence

When I came to my normal senses again, my normal consciousness, I was transfigured. Later, Jesus manifested himself to me and said, “Come to Me and I will give you Rest.” He opened a way inside my body to connect earth (my root, sacral and solar plexus) with heaven (an open heart, freed of the chains of the world). The fire that started in my belly ignited and rose until it hit my heart and the explosion removed the chains of the past, opened my heart and placed God and his Lamb on the throne of my heart! NHOEN!

Of my own will, actions, feelings, thoughts or beliefs, I did nothing to deserve this Gift. Of my own authority, I could not make a way where there seemed to be no way out. Of my own doing, I could not attain lasting satisfaction, contentment or fulfillment…

But God made a Way in the wilderness  of humanity in me! But God made a River of Life in the desert of my being. But God made a Way, then sent the Way, to manifest the Way in me!!!! It is NEW every morning! Way!!!!!!!

“Love is perfected in us, so we can have confidence because as He is, so are we” (1 John 4:17). Christ is perfected in us, so we can have confidence that as Christ is, so are we in the world!!!! If we are all in Christ, Christ is all in us! If Christ is all in us, we are surrounded by impenetrable Light, Love and Powerful Protection! Nothing can hurt you if you KNOW the resurrecting/ascending Spirit that was in Jesus is in you! The Day of Christ is the day you wake up to the Truth and become consciously aware of the Truth in you! In THAT DAY, the Day of the Lord, you become consciously aware of the manifestation of the Living, Breathing, Powerful, Spirit of God in your body!

“In that day you will KNOW that I am in my Father and you are in me and I am in you” John 14:20


The Spirit of God comes to us “in that Day” “the Day of Christ” and makes us perfectly one with Abba Father! In that day, is the DAY that the Holy Spirit comes burning like fire IN YOUR BODY, transfigures you, and lifts you up (ascends you with Jesus) to be one with God. Then Jesus and His Father God can come to you and ask you to “Come” and if you agree they manifest themselves and make their Home in you and you in them in the NHOEN! You no longer have to believe because you KNOW! You have experienced it! You have tasted it! You have seen it! You have experienced it! “Oh taste and see that God is Good” What an understatement!!!! Way!!!!!!!

I am a witness and I have to share my witness. I can no longer stay silent. Jesus was the first witness; the first born from the dead. Saul had a mind-blowing conversion and became a witness as a transfigured Paul. In the type and shadow (the old covenant): Jacob was created; Israel was formed in Jacob. In the Real Here and Now (the new covenant of oneness with God) Jesus died to Adam (the last Adam or old human creation) and was resurrected and ascended as the first-born, begotten Son: the new human creation that is the image of God; the likeness of God; one with God that no one can separate except the free will of each person! I can no longer deny what the Spirit did in me! I can no longer listen to the voice of the world; I must be a witness to the miraculous events that God has orchestrated in my life. “Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then has the health of the daughter of my people not been restored?” Jeremiah 8:22. Jesus came and restored the daughters of God’s people. “You have heard; now see all this; and WILL YOU NOT DECLARE IT?” Isaiah 48:6 Who will declare what they see and hear? I will. I say “yes” Lord! Fill me, use me! The Holy Spirit is always new and fresh and NOW from moment to moment! Way!!!!


“Go and proclaim these words…’Return’…I will take one from a city and two from a family and bring you to Zion” Jeremiah 3:12-14

“And the angel said to her, ‘Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God” Luke 1:30

“And the angel of the Lord appeared to them…be not afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of a great JOY that will COME to ALL people” Luke 2:9-10

“I Jesus send my angel to you” Revelation 22:16

“With the help of the Spirit of Christ Jesus (my CJ!)” Philippians 1:19

“He made it known by sending his angel” Revelation 1:1


The Day of the Lord came to me so I could transform, transmute and transfigure into oneness with God.

” ‘In that day’…What day? The day when the Holy Ghost has come to me and made me effectually one with my Lord” Oswald Chambers

It is the free Gift that God wants to give to all; all the fullness of God including Grace, Peace, Joy and Power; the open spiritual eyes, ears and heart he wants to give ALL; the One Spirit of Truth he wants to give all! “Behold, the former things have come to pass, and NEW THINGS I now declare” Isa 42:9. “Remember NOT the former things, nor consider things of old. Behold, I am doing a NEW thing; NOW it springs forth, do you not PERCEIVE it? I will make a WAY in the wilderness and rivers in the desert” Isa 43:19. “From this time forth I make you hear NEW THINGS, hidden things which you have not known. They are created NOW” Isa 48:6-8. Come! Way!!!!

“The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come!’ ” Rev 22:17

When our Father, his Lamb and his Spirit live within our body and we surrender all moment to moment, it is God’s Mind that is active in us, it is God’s Thoughts that think in us, it is God’s Vision that we see, it is God’s Voice that is heard, it is God’s Spirit that flows in and through us; it is God’s Being that lives, moves and has its being in us! We are renewed, transformed and a new creation! We are no longer an Adam-type human; we are a Christ-type new creation! The two become one! Jesus’ prayer comes to manifestation: we become perfectly one with his Father and his God!


The resurrected Jesus says to Mary Magdalene, “Do not hold on to me: Do not hold on to the old covenant type and shadow of Jesus. Do not hold on to the historical man Jesus. Do not hold on to the crucified Jesus. Do not even hold on to the resurrected Jesus, for “I have not yet ascended to my Father and YOUR Father, to my God and YOUR God” John 20:17. But NOW Jesus already has ascended! Do not even hold on to the ascended Jesus! Wait until the ascended Jesus sends his Spirit to transfigure you into the new creation: to be like Christ in the image and likeness of God! Do not hold on to the ascended Christ; become the new creation by allowing Christ to be formed in you by his Spirit!!!!!!! Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“And the Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come!’ ”

Only the Father knows when your day of the Lord is; it is beyond the understanding of even the Son. The Father is greater than the Son as Jesus told us. The son receives ALL the fullness of God when ascended with Christ; the bride knows God intimately when the Spirit of God descends to live in her body. The old external temple was destroyed in 70 AD; not a stone remains of the old! The fullness of time has come and now the Spirit and the Bride say, “Come” “Hear” “Thirst” “Desire and TAKE the water of life without price” Rev 22:17. You will NEVER thirst again! The drought is a physical, external manifestation of the inner call to Come and take the Water of Life: the Way through the desert to the Promised Land and Dessert in the NHOEN!!!!!! Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sun Rise

Sun Set

Sun Rise

Sun Rise

All I know is I have to witness to the New Sun Rise in the new eternal Now and the veracity of the Word of God, the Sword of the Spirit, that is active, sharp, and can cut through the crap of the world and reveal the unadulterated Truth!!!! The Word makes a Way for the Spirit to come and transfigure you into a bride of God! Come Holy Spirit! Come Transfiguration! Come Sanctification! Come Day of the Lord! Make a Way God!!!! Fire of God, burn away the past; burn a Way! Come Holy Spirit, make Way!!!!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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5 Responses to No Way!

  1. james says:

    YAH – WAY!


  2. Christine says:

    I have shown my husband your posts where you speak of how you came to God. I detailed mine to you in a post a while back. My hubby is completely amazed our stories are pretty much identical, he calls us “twins”! 🙂 Are those of us who truly KNOW all so similar in experience? Its a lonely place sometimes, anyone I speak to has never heard of it before, yet it really is the pure teaching and experience of God. Where are there more?? Its hard to have no one around who truly understands sometimes, or worse, thinks it is satanic since satan has taken this Truth and made it in his own image, so that the Truth seems like new age-y or satanic crap! I get so much of “you fell for the same lie in the Garden” when I say we are not to think it robbery to be equal with God in the exact same manner as Jesus! 😦


    • Hello twin! 🙂 If the tree is good, the fruit will be good! If we grow and mature from grace to grace into the likeness of Christ it is good fruit! We are never equal to God, as even Jesus said God is greater and he could do nothing of his own authority. We become like God and in the image of God while the Source of Life is always greater than the creation! Stand firm on the Truth and nothing can shake it or come against it. Hold to what you have attained in Christ; the Spirit that raises from the dead and ascends us with Jesus, is in us fresh, new, every day and we just maintain the relationship. We Rest in Christ and Holy Spirit works in and through us newly every day! Build only on Jesus’ foundation, no human’s foundation or interpretation of God. Apart from God is striving after wind, toil, effort, eating but never satisfied; With God is the gentle Wind of the Holy Spirit caressing us, feeding us, watering us, nourishing, cherishing, providing and protecting us, while the Power and Authority of God works in and thru us to feed a hungry, thirsty world! Maintain your personal connection with Jesus and continue to be flowing with the Holy Spirit and you will be perfectly one with our Father! Jesus said so, prays, intercedes and advocates for us every day! Just receive! Abide in me and I will abide in you! Christ in us is the hope of glory; Christ manifesting in and through us is the glory!!! Woo Hoo!!!!! Word!!!!!!!


      • Christine says:

        That’s exactly how I meant the equality – the Son is equal in essence to the Father yet is female to the Father, as the Spirit is to Father and Son, down through creation to human husband, then human wife, and back up – human husband male to wife, from creation, to Spirit male to human husband, Jesus male to Spirit, Father male to Jesus – semantics sometimes! 🙂 As Christ is the exact image of God, so are we the exact image of Christ, Jesus became humanly Divine and we become divinely human. I’m not great at expressing eloquently these truths as you are unfortunately so sometimes my wording gets lost in translation. Jesus incarnated His pre-existent Christ being into finite matter, lowered Himself to raise creation to Himself, as He became human in all ways but sin, so He raised and made humanity divine in all ways but pre-existent Trinity. As creatures we are not equal, yet filled with all the Fullness as Jesus was! We are branches to the Tree, and we have no Life on our own! When I comprehended this originally I almost dropped my Bible if you remember. :). My explanations are sometimes not very clear, although my understanding is! 🙂

        Such a great place to be, even if lonely sometimes!


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