What day is the Day of the Lord? What day is the Day of Christ? That Day???

It is EVERY day! It is always darkest before the dawn. It almost always rains before a rainbow, although I saw a rainbow in the fountain at Bellagio in Las Vegas without the rain! A period of darkness almost always precedes an amazing insight from God!

The spiritual three days of darkness precede the second/third/fourth/fifth/infinity coming of Christ Jesus into our minds and hearts and body! That is how it happens with me! For three days Jesus was unseen, physically dead, but spiritually ALIVE and perfectly one with Abba Daddy! There was great darkness at noon when Jesus died and an earthquake. When darkness rises you can KNOW that the  blazing Light of the ascended Christ is about to burst forth in your awareness! The resurrected Jesus made the men’s hearts burn when they didn’t recognize him or his new form! When they finally ate with him their eyes were opened!

The external, physical temple was destroyed completely; Jesus’ old-Adam body was destroyed, then the ascended Jesus came again and destroyed the physical, external Jewish temple in 70AD. The ark of the covenant will NEVER again be made physically because the temple is human beings who are filled with the Holy Spirit; therefore one with God on earth as it is in heaven!!!!

The external temple was destroyed completely so Jesus could become the Real Temple so we could receive the Holy Spirit to form Christ Jesus in us and the Real Temple could be in our physical body. The two become one: a Jewish rabbi and me is one new creation! A Jewish rabbi and a Lutheran woman become one new man!!!! A Jewish rabbi and a muslim becomes one new creation! A Jew and a gentile become one new creation. A buddhist meditation plus a Jewish rabbi becomes one new creation (this happened to me!). The buddhist, muslim, christian, jewish, hindu man or woman when combined with the Jewish rabbi Jesus  become ONE new creation! Beyond religion! Beyond gender! Beyond nationality! Beyond words! Beyond beliefs! The two become ONE new creation in our ONE God, the Most High, Source of all Life!!!! Abba! Father! My Husband! It is beyond physical relationships to the mother of ALL Relationships!!!!!!! The physical and spiritual become one new creation on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the Day! In that day, today, EVERY day, you will KNOW that Jesus is in his Father and you are in Jesus and Christ is in you: the two become one new creation in the Day of Christ! The day and THE Day become one new Day, every day!!!!

“I Jesus send my angel to you…I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright morning star” Revelation 22:16

EVERY Day is a new day!!!! Everything is NEW every morning! Jesus sends HIS angel to you; don’t worship the angel, worship God! Jesus sends His angel to you; don’t ignore the angel of the Presence of God! We are given the angel to carry out the Word/Will of our Father. When we speak words of Life, Blessing and Encouragement, the angel carries it out in the physical realm. When we carry the exousia and dunamis of the ascended Christ Jesus, we have the keys of the kingdom and we can bind and loose, command and declare! If we do not speak the Word of God: only Good and Very Good without an opposite, speak or think or act negatively, the angel sits on the couch twiddling its thumbs! The angel of God’s Presence can only act on the Word of Life! Don’t have a couch potato angel; give the angel something to do! See darkness; send light. See struggles; send blessings. See illness or death; send Life! Someone cuts you off; send blessings. See someone smoking; send angel to remove addiction and cravings. See conflict; send peace. See relationships floundering; send Love and the ministry of reconciliation. See spots of darkness in the human garment: send the Light of Christ! Have the same Mind as Christ! See darkness, send Light! Soon there would be no more darkness! See an enemy: send Love and Blessings! Soon there would be no more enemies!!!!!!!

Sunset Golden Path reeds

EVERY Day is a NEW ETERNAL NOW, a new day: new EVERY morning! Jesus is the bright morning star: the True Light that enlightens every human being. Jesus sends the bright morning star every morning; receive it! The blazing, fiery, white, hot Light of God absorbs and contains all other colors, dissolves darkness and blinds us to all but God and Goodness! This morning star Light makes everything a clean slate; every day, and new every morning! When this luminous, brilliant, radiant White Light shines on anything, you can’t see anything but God; you are blinded to everything else! You are absorbed into the Light and all becomes one! In this blazing Light of Love there is only one and it is God and it is Good!!!!! No opposites! God is Light without any darkness at all! All is absorbed into one big Light! The two become One!!!!!!!

EVERY day the Root is still here and God can grow a new plant up over you to shelter and protect you; nourish, cherish, provide and care for you and fruit you!!!! Like Jonah, if we have negative thoughts or words or resent or are bitter, the plant withers and dies (Jonah 4:6-11). Jonah’s anger, judgment, criticism, grumbling and complaining killed the new plant. Grumbling and complaining keeps us out of the promised land!

Every day, however, the same root is here on earth to grow a new plant to provide whatever you need for that day. The daily bread comes every day, new, fresh, and you can choose to eat and drink with Jesus or you can eat and drink of the old world and get sick to your stomach, get cravings, addictions, never get satisfied and stay thirsty and hungry. EVERY day the root is there for the tree of Life to grow up through you and branch out and fruit for you and all you encounter! Eat the leaves of the tree of life and be healed EVERY day! It is NEW every day! The ETERNAL tree of Life IS now in the NHOEN and it is renewed EVERY day from the root! All you have to do is eat! Taste and see! Drink the living water and never thirst, but be quenched, satisfied, fulfilled and content! Jesus sends us the angel, the morning star and the Root EVERY day! Always new! Always eternal! Always Now! Always the Day of the Lord!!!! You just have not recognized it; you just did not understand: it is in a form you did not know! Let the Holy Spirit open your eyes to See! Come and See!

Sunset golden island

Jesus is the  offspring of David: he became fully man with the old-Adam perverted, manipulated DNA so he could raise all humans back to the perfect, original DNA of our Source, God, the Most High, Source of all Life!!!!!!! Jesus sends us his angel, his Light, his root, and his perfect DNA to us EVERY DAY, fresh, new, eternal and NOW! Be transformed by the renewal of your mind! Be Re-formed! Be born anew from Above! Receive the Holy Spirit! Be transfigured! Unite with the ascended Christ and be one new creation!!!!

EVERY day, Jesus sends EVERYTHING we need to live in the NHOEN with him and his Father and God. We are the temple that can host the Presence! The external temple is destroyed so we can be the temple! There is a physical realm and a spiritual realm and the two become one Realm: the kingdom of heaven on earth: the NHOEN! There is a physical body and a spiritual body; and the two become one: Christ-like! the image of God! the likeness of God! the sons of God! the brides of the Lamb! Every day is a new day! Every morning all is made new! Every morning a clean slate! Every morning a new dawn, a new eternal Now! Every day is THE Day!

golden path of sunlight

Genesis 1:26 God said, “Let us make humans in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion…over all the earth…So God created humans in his own image, in the image of God he created them: male and female he created them. And God blessed them”

Then human DNA was perverted, subtle lies and deception manipulated, minds darkened, hearts walled and defended, spirits demonized, souls wounded, bodies sickened. The old human Adam body has seven demons.

Revelation 18:4 “Come out of her” Come out of the old world by welcoming the Christ Spirit into your body replacing the seven demons with the seven spirits from the Throne of God!

Revelation 22:16 Jesus sends us his angel, his root (the tree of Life), his DNA (perfect, original, God-Source), and his bright Light to blind us to the old world and absorb us into God, perfectly one!

Revelation 22:17 “The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come’ ” Come to the NHOEN! Today, as every Day, is your wedding day, your birthday, the Day of the Lord, the new dawn, the sun of righteousness rising with healing in its wings, the morning star, the root of the tree of Life, the perfect Christ DNA and his radiant Light; the Day the angel of Jesus’ Presence can begin to work through you to uplift the world!!!!

Sun Rise

Sun Rise

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  1. 19maude56 says:

    Amen! How awesome is our God. How well you tell of His goodness!!! Words of life, encouragement, and confirmation. I truly thank God for you my Sister!!!


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