One Body, One Spirit

Love is unity of Light

I had an interesting thought this morning in my devotions. In the garden of Eden, human beings were one with God, but I think they did not have physical bodies until they fell. They were one Spirit with God, in transfigured, glory-light-bodies. When they fell in consciousness they became self-conscious rather than God-conscious, and they developed a fallen physical body of flesh with carnal minds instead of the Mind of God.

When Jesus came to reconcile us and restore our image and likeness of God, he filled all of earth, under the earth, the heavens and above the highest heavens with his ascended transfigured body, making human beings one in body and one in Spirit with God. It was the “new thing” of Isaiah (42:9, 43:19, 48:6-8) that we never knew about; a new thing created now and not known before.

Ephesians 4:4 says we are one body and one Spirit with God.

hand in hand with the sun

When the ascended Jesus sends Abba and Christ’s Spirit and Fire to indwell us, our physical body unites with God’s Spirit and a brand new creation is formed! A new creation: one body and one Spirit with God! A new creation that has never been known before is revealed!

Glorify God in your body with one Spirit! This is the church of God: these are they who washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb (Rev 7:14) and came to the wedding of the Lamb and his God (Rev 19:7). The ascended Bride (Jesus) became one again with God (Bridegroom) and we were all invited to the wedding feast! The Bride comes down from heaven out of God to live in our physical body, making us the wife of the Lamb, the bride with the Bride inside, one flesh with the Bride and one Spirit with God (Rev 21)!

We are one body and one Spirit with God! All Glory to God!

The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!” be one body and one Spirit with us!

heart-connect, rise, shine, love

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2 Responses to One Body, One Spirit

  1. Christine says:

    That’s what I’ve believed all along – Genesis 1 speaks of the creation of the spiritual ideas/ideals that the Father spoke as the Word, and Genesis 2 speaks of the physical creation which the Word, Jesus Christ, went to work to create in the physical. Genesis 2 speaks of the spiritual creation’s fall into matter – and the creation of “agricultural man” to till the soil – and eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil separated hunter gatherer man from the unified consciousness he had with earth. He became a self-conscious being “separate” from the earth, to use the earth for his evolution, growth, development, the beginning of agriculture and civilization. The “disease” of self knowledge spread to all men on earth at the same time, hence the rise of agriculture across the world at relatively the same time, although some cultures adopted it more quickly than others, but what started in western Asia by 13000 years ago spread to North America by 10000 years ago. How? “As in Adam all die…”. Culture began with anatomically modern man about 40000 years ago, yet there needed to be a catalyst to start agriculture. The expulsion from the Garden, was the Fall from the spiritual into the natural, the spirit of Man/Adam had shattered and fallen into the earthly vessels prepared for him by the physical evolution, to begin the seeding of God in matter. Hunter gatherer man had some rudimentary understanding of spirit, but could not have a relationship. Hunter gatherer man was the pinnacle of the physical creation. But the physical creation, the universe, is a vessel, a womb, for the birth of Spirit in matter. The physical creation could not evolve any more – the physical container had been perfected. Now the supernatural event of the fall of spiritual Adam, him capable of knowing God without, had shattered and “infected” all of physical man on earth.

    Yet because he is now a natural being, fallen from spirit to matter – the natural man had no soul, no capability of knowing God even though they understood there was a realm of Spirit. God became man in Jesus to heal the separation, to birth God in matter. Man became a living soul, self aware, a being separate from the physical creation and capable of being aware of Spirit outside of himself. But because Spirit was outside of him, and he could not heal the separation himself as a self aware natural being, Jesus had to come. Adam was the intermediate creature between earth and heaven. Jesus brought heaven to earth in His body. “Just as in Adam all died, in Jesus all are made alive.” Through Jesus uniting heaven to earth in His physical body, by uniting the pinnacle of natural humanity to His divinity in His physical body, He became the Tree of Life, burying the seed of the pinnacle of natural humanity (Adam) in His body and raising humanity to New Life, sharing His divinity with us, and enabling us to know God within. Adamic humanity knew God without, and was capable of having a relationship with God outside, because He was a living soul, the step above unself-aware hunter gatherer man. Christic humanity, as all are now (but most unaware) since Jesus, is capable of having a relationship with God within, where Jesus made the two One in His own body, taking the “Adamic infection” that spread to all humanity, and enabled the jump back to Spiritual man, where at the culmination of Creation, the Consummation and Birth of the universe, nature, our natural mother, now in the throws of Childbirth, for God to be birthed in Creation, so He may be All in All, our Spiritual Mother, the Bride, New Jerusalem.

    This is also the story of occultic, which the demonics bastardize by taking the necessity of Jesus outr of it and telling humanity we can do it ourselves, become gods ourselves, which was the original lie all along. The story is true, but we need Jesus to do it for us, since we were natural and could not make the connection to Spirit on our own, which He did in His Blood, Death and Resurrection. Hence the occult takes Jesus out of man becoming divine on his own, and modern Christianity does essentially the same on the opposite end, keeps Jesus but takes out man becoming divine by Jesus sharing His divinity with us. Both/and, not either/or. Modern Christianity neuters itself by totally separating from the idea of deified man, and the occult totally neuters itself by separating the necessity of Jesus from deified man. The demonics work both sides to prevent man becoming what he was always intended to be, fully realized and deified beings, through God being born in matter through Jesus uniting heaven to earth, so that man may be the connection of earth and heaven.

    “To the degree that God became man in Jesus, man may become God in Jesus.” – ie. Jesus, God the Son, became man in all ways except sin, so that man may become God in all ways except becoming pre-existent Trinity – we become God while remaining forever creatures, subject to our Husband Jesus as shown by a marital relationship, who in turn is God the Son, equal to but subject to our Father, again as shown by essentially a marital relationship, the shadow of which is true Godly human marriage between man and woman on earth. As above, so below – it is done on earth, as it is in heaven… As Jesus is the perfect Image of God, we are the perfect Image of Christ, and in so doing Image of God = Image of Christ = Image of God. As Jesus is equal yet subordinate to the Father, so are we to Jesus, and all the fullness the Father gave to Jesus, Jesus gives to us, until God be All in All, from the top to the bottom, and the bottom to the top, and the purpose of Creation, fulfilled.

    I was always a nut about evolution as a kid and why and how we got here. It wasn’t until Jesus came to me 7.5 years ago that I was given to understand the nature of the physical evolution required for the perfection of the physical vessel of the human body in the hunter gatherer man, the supernatural jump to agricultural Adamic man, and the next and final supernatural jump to Christic man, God in matter, Christ in us, the hope of Glory. I always heard through the Catholic Church that physical evolution was compatible with Spiritual development, I just didn’t “get it”. Thanks to Jesus, I GOT IT!

    I hope that’s clearer than mud! Yvonne you are much more eloquent than me, sometimes my ideas don’t come across as clearly as I’d like!


    • Thank you Christine for deeply sharing. I appreciate it so much! It is difficult to put infinite concepts of God into finite human speak and I applaud you for doing so! The more we can put into words our knowings, revelations and downloads, the more of God is revealed on earth as it is in heaven 🙂 The ineffable is given a face and we can all see more clearly! We are in this together, all of us! To God be the Glory!!!!


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