Get Out of the Boat!


Become like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven on earth. A child, before the world conditions an ego, or separate self, or false self, or wounded self, has unutterable, uttermost trust and faith that all its needs are met and all conditions are provided for ultimate fulfillment, contentment, satisfaction and fullness of Joy! The child is spontaneous, in the moment, present to all that is (including God!), feels its feelings, moves through states of being without attaching to the past or worrying about the future, learns from falling down and gets right back up to walk more skillfully every time!

Conditioned adults, pottered by the world of hurts, losses, and separation from God, build a safe harbor with an impenetrable wall around their heart, defend, make excuses, armor with worldly weapons, and stay in the boat their ego has created for them to navigate through life. Jesus came to change all that the ego has created to limit, restrict, defend and excuse! But we have to get out of the boat that ego has created for us and get into the River of the Water of Life!

If we keep our eyes focused on Jesus, we can walk on water and do what the ego thinks is impossible! If we take our eyes off CJ, we sink and we blame God and go back to the safe harbor of the ego as lord. Being married to the human ego is a life of bondage to an idol that has no real existence, no breath of Life, pure illusion, a house of cards created by the fallen mind to keep your illusions alive, to lie and deceive yourself by finding fear: false evidence appearing real so you defend yourself even more. The ego’s sense of control is a false safety. Self-reliance is the worldly adult’s banner that keeps them from God-reliance and true safety.

Sunset golden island

If we can wake up and take our eyes off ourself (the ego is only in relationship with itself) and put our eyes on Jesus (perfect oneness with God), we can step out of the boat as children and run into the arms of God in the kingdom of heaven on earth! We run from the perceived safety of the ego boat that is really a prison of our mind, into the Greater Mind of God. We get out of the boat and find we can walk on water! We find a Reality that is more real than the physical reality. We find a Spiritual Realm where miracles, signs and wonders are commonplace. We find that what is not possible in the common sense, natural world of physical laws, is possible in the supernatural world of the Spirit with spiritual laws!

We get out of ego’s boat and enter the River of Living Water flowing from the Throne of God down through our body and the overflowing out through our heart to everything in our life! We maintain a right relationship with God, staying in the middle of the River. If we go to the left or the right, we step out of the River. Instead we stay in the center of the River of Water of Life with our Teacher and Friend, and flow with eternal Life!

We can never step in the same River twice because it is always flowing, always new, always fresh! We don’t cling to the sides or attach to things we encounter, we experience life anew every day! We do not try to go against the flow of Spirit. We do not cling to the past or worry about where the River will take us, even though we can’t see what is up ahead. We stay in the River and Trust the flow because it is coming from the Throne of God, through our body and we are rooted and grounded in Christ.

hand in hand with the sun

The River of Living Water is the Spirit and Fire of God that continually flow through those who are baptized by the ascended Jesus. John the Baptist baptized with water for repentance and the forgiveness of sins. Human hands baptize with water in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But without the second baptism of Holy Spirit and Fire of God from Jesus, you cannot get in the River of Water of Life flowing at the Tree of Life in the new heavens on earth. Unless we die to the ego with Jesus, resurrect our new being with Christ, and are born again from Above as a new creation through the Fire and Holy Spirit baptism, we are not in the River of Living Water flowing from the Throne in the new heavens on earth. Jesus said he would be with us to the end of the age. By the end of the age we need to get him from with us to within us to enter the new heavens on earth!

Jesus came preaching the gospel of God: change your mind. Drop the old fallen mind and its lord, the ego. Change to the ascended Mind of Christ, the Lord of lords! Jesus said the kingdom of God was at hand. We have had two thousand years to get the kingdom of heaven from our hands (external) to our hearts (internal)! By the end of this age we need to have the kingdom of heaven in our hearts and minds to enter the new heavens on earth where only righteousness dwells. Nothing false can enter the NHOEN. All that is false is consumed in the Fire of God. All that is Truth is unconsumed by the Fire; it just shines brighter and brighter! Get the Spirit of Truth!

Get out of the boat and into the River!!!!

golden path of sunlight

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1 Response to Get Out of the Boat!

  1. james says:

    Religion is a boat that is sinking but most on board are dancing while the ship is taking them down!


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