Bride who never becomes a Wife!

Sun in hands in dark ocean

I renewed my marriage vows with Jesus this morning! Together we are the bride of the Bridegroom! Welcome God! I invite you anew to live in every part of me! Fill every spot with your Light! Flow above, in and through me continuously Holy Spirit, until there is only you in me!

I renew my marriage vows with you God! Christ in me, together as one, are the Bride. We unite with you in holy Marriage! I fall in Love with you all over again, my first Love! We stay in Love, as I am a new bride every morning! I may go to bed as a wife, but in the morning I am a new bride again! I am a bride of Love! I am a bride of God!

I am a bride dressed in white; purified and refined by Love! Like Esther I am prepared and beautified by Love for such a time as this! With God we never have to fall out of Love or become a wife, because it is new every morning with God! We can never step in the same river twice because it is always flowing. God is always flowing new Life into us, new creativity of the Spirit and Fire of God!

Every day, with the finished work of Christ, is our wedding day! Every day is a new easter! Every day is a day of Christ with infinite possibilities and unlimited potential! Every day we can remember we are a new bride and commence with a new honeymoon with God! We can eat of the Tree of Life and drink the Living Water every day! We can be bathed by Love and regenerated in body, mind, heart, soul and spirit!

The only way to fall out of love is to live in the past or future, instead of the new heavens on earth in the present moment of the eternal now where God Lives eternally! The duality of good and evil are cursed and dead on the tree at Golgatha. The Tree of Life lives in the center of every bride of Christ and she flows with the River of Water of Life! We live now as an eternal bride, never becoming a wife, but becoming new Love every day!

The bride who never becomes a wife starts a new Life every day, the highest and best for all, inspired by Love, enthusiastic for Love, enlightened in Love, empowered by Love, uplifted in Love, and highly creative in Love! She asks, “What are we going to do today God?” When we live the daily intention of spiritual marriage, the Holy Spirit purifies us, the Fire of God refines us and we are made a bride, dressed in white Light of God every day! All we have to do is remember God! remember who we are! remember our right relationship! Just don’t fall asleep again! Remember!!!! If you get spots on your wedding dress, just send it to the Holy Spirit cleaners and call forth the Fire of God for spot removal!!!!!!!

The purpose of our life is to Love as Jesus Loves in purity, holiness, righteousness, reverential awe of the Lord, and perfection which is only possible with Christ living inside of us, empowered by the Spirit of God! Be holy as God is holy; be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect. We must let Jesus wash our feet if we want to have union with him. We must be baptized with the Spirit of God and the Fire of God to become a bride of God with Christ! The water prepares us, like John the Baptist, for the Coming of Christ in our body. The ascended Christ brings us the Fire and Spirit of God to change our human being to a temple of God!

When we die with Jesus and resurrect with Christ we become a son of God, male and female. When we are baptized with Fire and Holy Spirit we become a bride of God! We receive the Spirit of God and are purified; we receive the Fire of God and we are refined; we are made white and become a bride! “God puts us back in perfect union with Himself without a shadow between” (Oswald Chambers). We are then rightly related to him: he is our Husband and we are his eternal, beloved bride! Beyond oneness is our union with God!!!!

hand in hand with the sun

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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