Right Back At Ya!


It is said that when you point at something, your finger is directed at the person or thing, but more fingers point back at you! Try it! Come and See! Jesus pointed everything to his Father and his God, yet more fingers were pointed back at him as he manifested what he was pointing at. When we point everything toward God, more fingers are pointed back at us! Good news!


Bad news: when you point your finger in anger at someone, it comes back to you triple. You reap what you sow. When you point your finger at a group you do not agree with, disagreeableness comes back to you. If you point your finger at the enemy, it points back at you!


Jesus pointed everyone to his Father. When we begin to point everyone and everything to God; we receive triple of God!!! Good News indeed!!!!



About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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