Most Missed Word of the Bible


The most missed word in the bible is the word “is” of Revelation 1:4 “Grace to you and peace from him who IS and who was and who is to come.” It seems as though Christianity is focused on either the “was” or the “is to come” and miss the IS entirely! I for one, live for the IS! If you live in the past, you miss the present! If you live in the future you are always waiting to live your life, living in hope of a future something; living in the promises of God. When you live in the IS of God, you don’t live in future promises, you live in the Reality of Now with God! Jesus is the new heavens and earth; Jesus is in me; therefore the new heavens and earth are in me now!!!! It is up to me to let him out to shine!!!!

I believe God only lives in the IS! The present moment is all God! Jesus lived in the past on earth and many people are looking for Christ to come to earth for a second time. But if you live in the IS of God, all is already done; all is finished; all is new and ever renewing! The promises of God are in the future, in the “is to come”. The Reality of God is in the IS that is now here!!!!

We sang a song this morning in church whose lyrics were “who was, who is, and who is to come” but when the sermon began it was all about a future coming and what we have to do. They forgot that Jesus already did it all so we don’t have to; in fact it is impossible to do what Jesus did for normal human beings. It is not about what we have to do; it is about what Jesus already did! They forgot about the IS! Maybe I am just odd, but I believe the IS is more real than the “was” and “is to come.” I believe we can take the Word as Spirit and our Life and choose the Reality of IS! I choose God’s Life and Reality now! It is already done!

I am tired of religion making God hard and complex when the Spirit shows me how simple it is when we just get Jesus inside of us. Where Jesus is, the kingdom of heaven is! When Jesus is inside of us, he is praying constantly, 24/7, interceding for us! When Jesus is inside of us, all we have to do is remember who we carry and everywhere we go is holy ground! When Jesus is inside of us, all the fullness of deity is inside of us. When we KNOW, when we consciously realize and are aware that we carry Jesus in our being, we can’t help but be bold and confident and know that when we ask, from the place of Jesus in us, Jesus’ faith in us, all the fullness of God in us, our prayers will be answered.


How do you get Jesus inside of you? YOU can’t do anything. You can take all the top theological courses in seminary. You can go to church every day. You can try to strive and effort and you will NEVER be able to get Jesus inside of you. It is NOT ABOUT YOU at all! We can do nothing of our own authority. It is about the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, raising you from the walking dead and putting his Holy Spirit in you to purify, refine and make you white so you can entertain the Creator of heaven and earth in your body. The habitation of God can only come to a vessel that has been born anew from above by the Spirit of God. Holy can only live in holiness and we cannot make ourselves holy no matter how hard we try.

Only when we surrender all, let go of all that we thought we were, and be filled with the Spirit of God and the Fire of God, can we be prepared for the habitation of the Most High within us. You don’t have to do anything to clean yourself up or change or say 10 hail Mary’s for Jesus to come to you. Jesus comes to the hurt, sick, lowly, misunderstood, broken-hearted and downcast. Those who are perfectly healthy, happy and fulfilled do not need the Physician! If you let him in when he knocks, he will lift you up out of yourself into his glorious Self! Then he can send his Spirit to prepare the way for the habitation of the Most High within us.

We give everything to Jesus and Jesus gives us everything he has done and everything he is: fully perfect man and fully perfect God as ONE awesome, wonderful, radiant, glorious Being! Jesus is the door to the new heavens on earth. When Jesus is fully inside of you when you hold nothing back; ALL things are possible! The sky is no longer limited and heaven comes to earth to live bodily in you. Life becomes simple as you carry the King of kings wherever you go. Only the Spirit of God can accomplish this in you!

Jesus was, IS, and is to come. I choose to live in the IS! I know that he was on earth and did amazing healing, delivering and setting free. I know he will come in greater and greater glory. But most importantly I know that he IS in me now. I know that he will NEVER leave me or forsake me. I know that the IS is just as Real and even More Real than the “was” and “is to come”. I choose to live knowing that Jesus lives in me forever more, therefore I will never die! My physical body will be shed some day, but I will never die! The separate soul is mortal; the soul united with the Spirit within us will never die! I choose the highest Spirit to renew and inhabit me!

Jesus is, was and is to come! Jesus IS now here in all who have received his Holy Spirit into their body as a permanent resident! What if it is just this simple???? Religion makes it hard; Jesus makes it simple since he already did all the hard stuff. All we simply need to do is receive his Spirit, all the fullness of God, and run with it! Yes! Amen!


P.S. Who is your favorite person of the bible? I am tired of all the answers that are not Jesus! We have a community of 70 trillion+ cells in our body and all mine are jumping for joy for Jesus!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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6 Responses to Most Missed Word of the Bible

  1. secretangel says:

    “The Reality of God is in the IS that is now here!!!!” Amen!! You are so right. There is a huge difference with the use of the word “IS”.


    • There are too many making their living by keeping the “is” a secret! Jesus had to come to earth because satan tricked human beings into doubting the “is” and thinking we had to do something to be who we already were: like God! Jesus had to come into Judaism in that particular time of history because religion was not teaching the simple IS of God! Laws and rules and doctrines have never made anyone holy, righteous, blameless and irreproachable. Only the Spirit, same in Jesus and same in God, can transform our soul and make us the likeness of God again! All are called; few choose the simple IS that is given by Jesus!

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  2. 19maude56 says:

    I’m enjoying the simplicity of abundant life and because I am at times I too probably seem odd to others. Life is so amazing when you live without the veil, the bondage, and everything else that has limitations. Once the words in Romans 12:1,2 came alive to me I’ve learned and continues to learn to allow the Holy Spirit to transform me on a regular basis. I’m realizing just how free I really am. The Spirit of the Eternal God lives in me and there’s no limit or ending to this blessed life. Sharing it brings greater joy and blessing. It is the true ‘The Neverending Story’ that can be said ‘and we live happily ever after forevermore’. It is the one true bedtime story I’m sharing with my grands and encourages them to share it; a true legacy that is worth sharing for generations to come. This bears witness with your expounding on the reality of IS. Life is eternal, knowing the only true God, and Jesus Christ. (John 17:3). We all must awake to this blessed knowledge, by dying out to self. God bless you my sister!!!


    • Thank you for sharing your heart! I love the true legacy we can share with our grandchildren! We are the witnesses of the Holy Spirit’s transformative power and Jesus’ testimony is the prophecy we can speak over others! What a blessing to give to others 🙂

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