I have traveled in the states. I have traveled through many states of being. I have even traveled through many nations or many dimensions of being. Some of the states I have visited are fear, doubt, shame, guilt, sorrow, depression, stress, worry, and regret. I have traveled to the nations of lack and limitation, trauma, ruminating mind, turbulent emotion, troubled spirit and craving body. I have traveled to other dimensions, out of body, dissociated, altered states, the astral dimension, and by the grace of God returned. The thing about traveling away from Home is we sometimes get stuck in a state or other nation. Our vehicle may break down and we think we are never going to get back home. Our connections may have been missed. Our flight may have been canceled. The good thing about traveling is: we can go Home anytime we remember where Home truly is!


I have visited many kingdoms and I have stayed in Babylon many times. Babylon is the kingdom of the ego, pride, arrogance, hurts and being offended. Babylon is the nation of a separate self that must defend itself, make excuses, deny, lie, strive, manipulate, control, put one over, win, defeat enemies, take vengeance and seek retribution. Babylon houses terrorists, violence, war, abuse, neglect, human trafficking, abortion, sexual abuse, and power-hungry greed. “Come out of her!”

God says, “Come out of her!” Come out of the Babylon of your soul. The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!” Come into the kingdom of God; come into the kingdom of the new heavens on earth now (NHOEN). Our soul consists of our mind, heart and will (intentions or motives). When our soul resides in Babylon, our ego is in charge; a separate, man-made, conditioned self is in charge, that is full of pride, arrogance, distorted emotions, negative thoughts, self-righteousness, self-consciousness, and subject to the law of karma. The physical laws say the only thing that is real is what you can objectively see; the law of karma says I am the cause and I have to experience the effect in my life. Karma says you create your own reality and then you live with the effect.

earth in lotus with butterflies


God says, “Come out of her!” Come out of Babylon; come out of karma! Come up higher daughter! Come into your higher Self where the 2 become 1: Christ Jesus and you become one new creation that is beyond karma. Come up to where the True Cause is God and the effect is NHOEN, the kingdom of God on earth!

God says, “Come out of her!” Come out of the states of fallen consciousness! Come out of the nations of the kingdom of the ego! Come out of Babylon, the nation of pride, arrogance, greed, self empowerment, hurt and offense. The Spirit and Bride say, “Come!” “Hear!” “Come” Thirst for righteousness and holiness in the NHOEN! “Desire the kingdom of God!” Take the Water of Life without price! Open and receive the Spirit of God and his Lamb! Receive the Fire of God and the blood of the Lamb! Receive the rights to the tree of life! Only Christ Jesus (my CJ!) can give you both exousia (authority of God) and dunamis (power of God). Eat the leaves of the tree of life and be healed and made whole! Eat of the fruit of the Spirit and blossom and flourish beyond surviving and thriving.


Stop traveling through the states, nations and kingdoms of the fallen world; go back Home! Our True Home is the kingdom of God within, with CJ as our King! Home is a renewed mind; a cleansed, pure heart; a refined, transfigured body temple; a transformed soul; and a bright, white, luminous, numinous spirit that has reunited with the Spirit of God! Home sweet Home!!!! Jesus brought Home to earth: heaven on earth! Thank you Abba! Holy Spirit and Fire transform our human body into the new heavens on a new earth! Our renewed Mind of Christ is the new heavens with access to the multidimensional heavens! Our transformed body is the new earth where the temple of God is our being!


When Jesus walked the earth he said, “the kingdom of God is among you” as Jesus was the kingdom of God and the King of kings! When Jesus resurrected and ascended, he sent the kingdom of God and his Spirit to us, to live inside of us, making us the NHOEN!


Jesus gave us all the authority and power he was given so we could do all the works he did and even greater works for the glory of God! But Jesus said we had to wait until the Power came upon us from on high. We wait until the Fire of God and the Spirit of God baptizes us with Jesus’ authority and power making us sons of God. When we become sons of God, brothers and friends of Jesus, we listen to the Voice of Abba and act on it. When we conquer we are made brides of the Bridegroom and we enter into the new covenant marriage contract where we receive the spiritual laws replacing the physical laws of karma. We become new creations through the marriage of our soul and God’s Spirit! We receive a new eternal Home, with eternity starting here, now, within, in the kingdom of heaven on earth, with our mind and body becoming the new heavens and new earth!


Just remember, when the Fire and Spirit of God come upon you, you will be driven to the wilderness to be tempted to travel to other states, dimensions, kingdoms of satan and bribed with money, fame, power and counterfeit spiritual gifts. When you conquer the egoic states and satanic kingdoms of earthly honor, respect, offense, pride, self-righteousness, spiritual arrogance and worldly power, you will be raised up with CJ to sit with him and God to rule and reign as a king, priest, son of God, and royal bride of the NHOEN with dominion over the physical realm!

Remember the wheat and the tares grow up together and the wedding feast table is set in the midst of your enemies. The Spirit and Fire of God will come and burn up the chaff, dross, tares, and impurities within you so the tree of life can grow to full maturity in you! If you remain in CJ and CJ remains in you, you abide in Abba, and all your needs are supplied and you are safe, protected and secure in the arms of your True Love, God!


Stop traveling through the states and dimensions of the old worlds of fallen consciousness. Jesus had no place to lay his head and rest until you provide your body for his habitation! When CJ is made a permanent resident of your body temple, your soul will be at Rest! The Rest of God is inner peace, fullness of Joy, unconditional acceptance and Love, shalom or wholeness, completeness, satisfaction and fulfillment living in the NHOEN with Abba and his Christ!

Travel Home! Remember! Wake up! Stay alert! Don’t fall back asleep! Don’t go back to unconsciousness! Remember your True Home! Shift consciousness, awareness, dimensions, being and isness! Return Home to abide in Jesus and let CJ and Abba make their permanent address your body! When it is time to drop your body temple, you will still be Home with CJ and Abba! CJ and the Kingdom of God are one! CJ and you can become one! This is the Good News!!!!

Hubble Ultra Deep Field

Hubble Ultra Deep Field

When you travel in other states of being, remember your true home is the Kingdom of God and its King, and you can return Home anytime! In life we travel to other states often; don’t forget your True Home! Before we receive the Holy Spirit and Fire, we want to leave home often because before Christ home is fear, and we want to get away from it by being busy, distracted, numbing, or denying. But after we invite Jesus into our home we may still travel to many states, but we remember quicker our True Home, the kingdom of God within.



God is within me and I am within God! God’s Life is my life now; CJ’s ascended Life is my Life now! Our old home was karma, the law of cause and effect where I act and get a reaction. I am the cause and I get an effect in my life. I create my own reality and it is sometimes good and sometimes bad. This is the old tree of the knowledge of good and evil that was cursed and withered and died with Jesus. Quit traveling to that old tree!

The Tree of Life is beyond the physical laws of the old world; beyond karma. Awaken to the Truth that God is the True Cause and I become the effect; I become the manifestation of God on earth, the expression of God in the new heavens on earth. CJ and I become one! Welcome Home!!!!


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