The Secret Place


I am a secret place of the Most High! I don’t have to travel to Jerusalem or Rome or India to have an encounter with God. I am a secret place of the Most High! Jerusalem is in me! Rome and Mecca are in me! Machu Picchu, Giza and Sedona are in me! Lourdes and Mount Zion are in me! The River of the Water of Life is in me!

Our body is a temple for the Living Presence of God, if we awaken and know! Be still and know! Listen to the still, small voice and know! Be present in the silence and know!

In the midst of the urge to belong, be longing and yearning until you awaken to your soul’s deepest desire: to merge and unite with its long-lost Beloved! You thought it was physical and you searched for the right man or woman to complete you. You thought it was a feeling, but the feeling of love dissipated. You thought it was an idea, but new ideas came to replace it. You thought it was a dream, but you woke up….

And in a twinkling, a blinking, a wink, a sigh, the real Presence of your deepest desire breaks through your awareness like sun through the clouds….

Your temple fills, expanding, until even the spaces between your cells and vertebrae become huge pools of light. Spine straightens and rises; atmosphere shifts….

Sacred hush ensues….

Longing ceases in united bliss as body dissolves….

Love is fulfilled in the secret place of the Most High!


About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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2 Responses to The Secret Place

  1. 19maude56 says:

    My, my, my, I have a yearning to enter my secret place today! I’ve put everything else on hold to just rest and abide in Him today, yearning for more and more of Him. Realizing what I long and desire can’t be found in man- made plans or programs. Just want to rest in His bosom today and have my own dialogue with Him; knowing that what I seek can only be found in Him. Nothing else matter when I seek His way and plan for my life. It’s so good to be awake to the still small voice and obey Him. Be blessed today my sister, thanks for your words of enlightenment, encouragement, and confirmation!!!


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