It All Comes Down To The Heart



How is your heart? How are you? They are the same question. All issues flow out of the heart. The wellspring of life is contained in the heart. If your heart is unexamined, forgotten, a stranger, full of past hurts, neglect, abuse, wounds, scars, or darkness, your life is probably reflecting pain rather than peace; fear rather than love; apathy rather than joy.

If you are dealing with issues: relationship issues, emotional issues, mental or spiritual issues or even physical issues, your heart is hurting. If you are suffering from depression, worry, fear, anger, or jealousy your heart is wounded. Wounds of the heart cannot heal until the hurts are comforted (James Jordan). Only God’s Love is big enough to comfort the cry of the human heart. The heart that has not been comforted cannot heal completely until God’s Loving nature or essence is poured into our hearts. We do not need an intellectual concept of Father’s Love; we need a heart experience or encounter with the actual substance of God’s Love.

Baptism of Fire and the Holy Spirit

All human beings, male and female, were originally created as sons to one Father. We were all Adams to begin with. We took on a false identity as we were beguiled, conditioned and molded by the world system; a man-made system. We were born to imperfect, heart-wounded, biological fathers and mothers. We need to know our true identities and our Real Father!!!!

We need to be awakened to the verity of our true identity as sons of the living Most High, who longs to be a Perfect, Loving Father to us once again. Jesus’ gifts to the earth are priceless and infinite; He reconciled us with our Real Father! Until we find our true Home in Father’s Heart, on earth as it is in heaven, we will be orphans who are still hurting or heartless. All the issues of life come out of the heart. It all comes down to the condition of our hearts. If we have an orphan spirit, our hearts will be guided by lack, limitation, unworthiness, and an inflated need to be accepted, approved of, fit in, and be good enough. We will not have our love needs met, making us vulnerable to trying to find love in all the wrong places.


If we are able to receive the Love of our True Father, we will receive the type of Love we have all yearned for. We can be desperate for this unconditional love and acceptance, yet not even know it. We can long for unconditional Love, yet turn away from the only One who can fill the need. We will reject the Source of Love and deny pleasing and delighting our Father by returning as a son or daughter to Him.

Out of a wounded heart we reject those who we have not forgiven for hurting us; we close our hearts to those who have wounded us. We turn away from parents and loved ones who injure our hearts and close our heart to them. Our unforgiveness takes up so much space in our heart that there is no room to receive the Father’s Love that can soothe, comfort and heal our heart. With the Love of our Father we can open our hearts again and forgive those who abandoned, betrayed, neglected, or hurt us.

Father means “come forth from”; God means “Source of life” (Dan Mohler)

Heart Shaped Clouds

James Jordan’s FatherHeart Ministries  is revolutionizing the earth with the revelation of the Father’s Love into our hearts, meeting our deepest needs, comforting the broken-hearted, healing our hearts, and bringing Life to us!
“As we open our hearts Father pours His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. In a heart transformed by His love, true and lasting change can occur. After years of striving and performance many are finally finding a place of rest.”

The deepest need of human beings is to open their heart and receive the Love of our Father. The Source of Love is beyond religion or nation. The revelation needed is our sonship, our deepest relationship of being a son like Jesus to our Heavenly Father. It is the basis for all other relationships. Before we are reconciled as a son of the Most High, through Jesus, we cannot become a bride to the Bridegroom! Jesus is the Way; the Father is the destination! (James Jordan).

Be restored in Love by the Father! Become Love! Be like Jesus! Be whole-hearted! Be heart centered! Become like a child and enter the kingdom of heaven on earth!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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