Heaven Scent


The fragrance of Heaven is Love! The scent of Heaven can permeate earth where Love is without an opposite! The fragrance of Christ is sweet Love! The Presence of God is everywhere Love is! Love is the invisible, alive, peaceful, aware, awake, conscious, intelligent, essence and nature of the Presence of God! Heavenly! Fragrant! Heaven-sent Scent of pure Love!

The tree of life is a tree of Love without an opposite, without conditions! Love does no harm! Love has only perfect harmony! True Love is Heaven Sent!

God is Love; God is our Beloved! God is One Love and all arises out of this Love! Christ arose out of this Scent of Love to be visible Love on earth! Become it to see it! Spray Heaven’s Scent all over your body! Smell like Love! Be the fragrance of Christ to the smelly world of good and evil! Be One Note: the fragrance of pure Love within the cacophony and symphony of the world of forms!

Heaven’s Scent is in the midst of all atoms, cells, organs, systems and forms! It is hidden treasure in earthen vessels! It is hidden splendor in all created forms! Heavens Scent is pure, unadulterated, holy Love!!!!

Breathe in Love! Breathe in the Scent of Heaven! Let it permeate every cell of your body with its sweet elixir! Bathe in its luxurious bubbles with Heavens’ Scent! Ooh! Aahh! Mmmm! Joy! Awe! Wonder! Delight! Rapture! Bliss! Pure Love! Pure Scent! Pure Sentience!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Heaven Scent, fragrance of Christ, in the tree of life in the garden of my soul!


About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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6 Responses to Heaven Scent

  1. Bell Saede says:

    Im fully amazed by that.. Can someone please tell where is that beautiful place to visit…


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