Simply Love!


God is simple; human beings are complex! Human’s theology is complex; God’s theology is simple: Love! There is one thing that solves every issue: Love God; Love one another as you are radically Loved by God! God is simply Love, not human love, but mind-blowing, powerful, joyful, peaceful, good, gentle, kind, patient, faithful, never-ending, all-encompassing, all-protecting, all-providing, all-covering, unconditional Highest Divine Love!

The missing piece in all human beings is the experience, encounter, direct felt experience; the reception of the actual substance of God’s Love. God is Love; his nature is Love; his essence is Love; his being is Love; his motive is Love; God is Love! The one thing we need to do in this life is to receive the transmission of God’s Love, the actual felt-experience, to know the Reality of God as Love. No human being can remain unchanged in an encounter with Love Itself, God!

God is not partial, biased, prejudiced, or a respecter of one group and rejecter of another group. God is Love, unconditionally loving and accepting. Love convicts our conscience but never condemns. Love chastises; never insults. Love heals; never harms or wounds. Love uplifts; never depresses or discourages. Love makes us whole; never fragmented or separated from Love. Love woos; never rejects. Love guides; never forsakes. Love strengthens; never weakens. Love brings well-being; never irritates, confuses or makes us uneasy. Love attracts all goodness; repels evil. Love heals relationships; never separates. Love never fails!!!!


The transformation from human love to God’s Love is the spiritual journey! The transformation of the human heart into God’s heart is the spiritual process! The manifestation of God’s Presence within your body, soul and spirit is the goal! The two become one!

God is Love; not human love. God’s nature is Love; not human nature. God’s Love in us is the hope of glory! The solution for every problem, crisis, issue and trouble is receiving the actual substance of God’s Love which is Light that dissolves darkness; Peace that dissolves chaos; Joy that dissolves sadness; Goodness that dissolves evil; Gentleness that dissolves hardness; Loving-kindness that dissolves rebellion; Patience that dissolves worry; Faith that dissolves doubt; Rest that dissolves uneasiness; Grace that dissolves sin; Mercy that dissolves mistakes; Glory that dissolves humanness; Spiritual encounters that dissolve things seen; Spiritual experience that bring to being what is not seen! Christ in us is the hope of glory; God’s Love is us is the glory! Dissolve into Light!

Simply Love as God Loves you now and live in the new heavens on earth with a transformed heart, with the Presence of God within, filled with all the fullness of God! It is the Spirit of God that fills you with God, with Love! It is the Spirit that brings the Fire of God to remove all that is not Love! It is the Spirit that brings the River of Water of Life to your body and life! It is the Spirit that teaches you all things! It is the Spirit that heals, makes us whole, makes us one with Abba Father, and sets us free!

Love is unconditional forgiveness! Have you ever been forgiven something that was unforgivable? That is Love! Have you ever been healed of something that was considered unhealable? That is Love! Have you ever had pain dissolve in the Presence of God? That is Love inexpressible! Have you ever experienced awe, wonder or miracles. That is Love! Love is Joy unspeakable! Love is peace that surpasses understanding! God’s Love is amazing! O how God Loves you! The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!” Enter into Love!

We are under the new covenant if we are in Christ in God. There is no separation in Christ. We are dead with Christ to the old human nature; we are alive with Christ in God, filled with the divine nature. Divine nature is Love in God! Simply die with Jesus to fallen humanity; resurrect and ascend with Christ Jesus to be born of God; be filled with the Fire and Spirit of God!!!! Be Loved and be Love!!!!


About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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