Naked and Don’t Know It

naked fish

We don’t know what we don’t know. If it is not in your consciousness, if you have not awakened to know who you were created to be, you will live according to human tradition and wisdom from the fallen consciousness of the world.

On the physical level, when you are naked you know it! Adam and Eve were naked but they did not know it until they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Then their spiritual eyes were closed, their physical eyes were opened and they experienced shame and blame, fallen vibrations of consciousness. They entered the dominion of darkness…

Kingdom is Within

But we are called to eat of the tree of life; eat of the Spirit of God. The kingdom of God is not food and drink but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit! The old covenant with God required ritual; the new covenant is being it! The kingdom of God is not talk and human wisdom but demonstration of power and manifestation of the Spirit. On the spiritual level the remedy for fallen consciousness, negative emotions and distorted thoughts is getting clothed with Christ! We put on Christ’s Light, Salvation, Righteousness, Truth, Peace, Faith and Spirit! Those who are ripe, mature, and complete in Christ have the all of Christ which transfers you into the Kingdom of God on earth!

Flowering trees

Oswald Chambers says that the prayers of those who are complete in Christ prevail. They manifest as a demonstration of the Spirit and Power of God. God is Spirit and we are taught to pray unceasingly in the Spirit and to worship in spirit and truth in our body temple. God is the Father of spirits! Awaken to your spirit, marry your spirit to the Spirit of God, and begin to live, pray, worship and be in the Spirit as spirit! The new creation, spiritual beings, live in the kingdom of God, the Spiritual Realm, the Unseen Realm of the finished work of Christ, the new heavens on earth now (NHOEN)!

Purple Path


All things are possible with God! Nothing is impossible with God! All things are given to those in the kingdom! We can do all things clothed in Christ! Be who you were created to be: spirit filled with Spirit, the two become one! Be one body and one Spirit with God who is Spirit, Love and Light without any darkness! If you believe in human wisdom you will always be fighting darkness, trying to fix the darkness, trying to change the darkness, trying to avoid, deny, reject or battle with darkness. With God it is simple: just turn on the Light and be the Light! Jesus said, “Both I and you are the Light of the world” Be Jesus in the world, seated with Christ in the heavenly places! One manifest Son of God changed the world and time; when the rest of the manifest sons of God wake up, creation can stop groaning and travailing and start manifesting the NHOEN!


With the new covenant that Jesus brought and anchored, opening heaven and removing the veil between God and human being, we can give birth to Christ, born of God, without going through labor. It is done in a twinkle, a blinkle: just turn and be healed: eyes and ears of the heart opened, eyes enlightened, hearts become spiritually perceptive! Perceive the kingdom and step in and step out and be the kingdom!!!!


Be a ripe grape crushed into new wine! Be new wine in a new wineskin! Your new wineskin is your transformed, transfigured, transmuted, transferred and translated spiritual body full of the Spirit and Fire of God! Be clothed in the Spirit of Christ! Be filled with all the fullness of God! No longer be naked; be clothed with Christ and be complete!!!!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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4 Responses to Naked and Don’t Know It

  1. gmichaud1017 says:

    Hot Tiny Sea In me Knowing….Praise to our God, our Father, our Brother, our Savior…Rain Your Love upon all the inhabitants of the earth O Lord that we may all know You and Awaken to our destiny…Life Eternal in Holy Union with all in all….Love, Peace, Joy, Glory… Praise Yahushua Ha Mashiach…he does it all for us…Now “Woo Hoo!” “Yay Yah!!!!!!!!


    • Amen brother! Hallelujah!!!!
      It has been pouring rain in southern california reflecting the Pouring River of Water of Life from the Throne into dry, thirsty hearts. Let all receive, fill and overflow! Let us all get soaking wet and drip Water of LIfe puddles everywhere we go!


  2. Just had a thought: Adam and Eve before the fall were “naked and did not know it.” But we are not called to go backwards and be what Adam and Eve were before the fall. Jesus was the LAST Adam, and we are called to put on Christ’s Garment, be clothed in Christ’s Light, and be the new creation of God, born of God, and live in the NHOEN! Know God intimately and be known intimately: perfectly one! The bride! The NHOEN! So Good!!!!

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