Don’t Let It Go!

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

Disney apologized for the song, “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen. The enemy cannot hide because the Light of God has already conquered, overcome all darkness. The Light exposes hidden darkness, so the enemy is “hidden in plain sight” and only those who are under the spell of the consensus trance, asleep to the Truth of God, unconscious, or of the walking wounded, miss the “plain sight.” Let the eyes of your heart be enlightened and learn how to discern the spirits.

The world says to let it go; the result is you remain frozen in the past. The enemy “was, IS NOT, and is to come” Revelation 17:8-14. Jesus “was, IS, and is to come.” The ascended Christ who sends the Holy Spirit to live in our body so we can live in the Spirit of God Field “IS, was and is to come” Revelation 1:4.

Right NOW, in the present moment, the Gift of the Spirit of God is to take you out of the frozen world and instead of letting it go, you are TRANSFORMED into the likeness of Christ: mind, heart, will, body and spirit! Instead of using signs, wonders and powers of lucifer, the fallen light, you are transfigured into the True Light that enlightens every one who turns to God to be healed and made whole, complete and perfectly one with God!

covered by the Blood of Jesus

covered by the Blood of Jesus

Do NOT let go and let God! You are destined to be a son of God; Jesus was the first-born of many!!!! Be transformed by the Renewing Mind of Christ and be filled with all the fullness of God and be a Jesus on the earth! The new era is humanity waking up to the fullness of time and asking the Kingdom of God that was at hand when Jesus walked the earth to come into your body and life and rule and reign in you. All creation is groaning in travail for the manifestation of the sons of God. Those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God!

Jesus was the first-born of many! Instead of a disney-like kingdom of the world, enter the Kingdom of God and be sons of the Living God making you Royal Family! Disney is a kingdom of this world; Christ-like sons of God are living in the Kingdom of God, the NHOEN, with the Real Power and Presence, the signs and wonders and miracles of the Spirit of God! We do not let go, we TRANSFORM, TRANSFIGURE, and enter the Real Kingdom and are filled with the Spirit of God, all the fullness of God! We are given the keys to the Kingdom and our mouth becomes a Sword of the Spirit to slay all that is false and shine Light on the Truth!

Real life physical marriage

Real life physical marriage

In the Kingdom of God, Jesus IS now in us, as us, when we are filled and led by the Holy Spirit! In the kingdom of disney, myths, gods, good and evil, stories of the world, the beast is, was and is to come. In the Kingdom of God, the beast IS NOT present and cannot ever be present in the NOW, the Day of the Lord, NOW, today! Evil and darkness, the kingdoms of lucifer, were defeated, conquered and overcome with the finished work of the cross of Christ. Only those who do not follow Jesus to crucify the past on the cross, resurrect the new creation in their body, and ascend their life to be seated in heavenly places, and being filled with the Holy Spirit, are vulnerable to lucifer, evil and the dark kingdoms of this world and the underworld. The matrix of evil is like a huge world-wide web that entangles you and a big spider frightens you.

Holy angels and Christ Jesus say, “Do not fear; neither be afraid. Let not your heart be troubled; neither let it be afraid.” The ascended Christ says, ” I have overcome the world and the kingdoms of darkness and evil in the world; in Me, in my Light, Truth, Life and Way, you will have peace!” Before the finished work of the cross, we shared the tribulation and the kingdom with Jesus (Rev 1:9). But after the finished work of Christ, we share the Rapture, Joy, Love, Peace and Harmony; Light without darkness, Love without an opposite, and all the fullness of God as his Spirit lives in us!!!!

I choose the Light of Christ as my garment! I choose the Truth of Christ as my belief system! I choose the Way of crucifixion at the place of the skull (Golgotha) to remove all that is false, counterfeit, conditioned by the world, dark and the past (not just let it go but crucify it); transform and transfigure into the new creation by resurrecting with Jesus, ascending with Christ to the Holy Vibration of the Holy One, and my body filled with the Holy Spirit making me a temple full of all the fullness of God!

spiritual marriage; holy matrimony in the Light of God (Nordica Photography)

spiritual marriage; holy matrimony in the Light of God (Nordica Photography)

My Christmas Present is the Presence and Power of God coming to live in my body, heart, mind, spirit and life now, and forever, and ever. Amen. Hallelujah! I don’t have to let anything go; I add the Light, Truth, Life of God, and Way of God to my life and it is done!

Abba Father, we thank you for covering our life, body, spouse, marriage, children and grandchildren, and all our relationships with the Blood of the Lamb. All sacrificing is done! Fill us with your Light, Love and Spirit! Cleanse, wash, clear, purify, refine and make us white again with your Holy Spirit today, now! Fill us with all your fullness, Spirit of God! Transform, transfigure and make us your new creation along with the first-born of many, Christ Jesus! Lead us with your Spirit; we are the sons of God! Thank you Abba Father! We put on the seamless garment of Jesus; we put on the Light of Christ as an impenetrable Garment! We are present to you as spotless, pure brides to our One Husband! We divorce all idols, myths, gods and lords of darkness and counterfeit light; we renounce all evil and darkness and those who are one mind with lucifer and have given their power and authority to satan. We spiritually marry our Husband, the Holy One, and we step into the eternal supernal Light of being eternally betrothed to the One King of kings and Lord of lords, the Living One! Our Father gave all power and authority in heaven and earth to Christ Jesus and he gives it all to us with his Spirit in us! Father we thank you for sending us Your Light to live in us, as us! We arise and shine! We wake up and are filled with Christ’s pure Light, the True Light that enlightens every human! We are baptized with the Spirit and Fire of God and we become ablaze for the Glory of God! We now see as You see! We spiritually perceive in our hearts and walk in the Light of Truth now and for ever and ever, Amen. Hallelujah!

  1. Beloveds, build up in the most Holy Faith: the Faith of Jesus!
  2. Pray unceasingly in the Holy Spirit!
  3. Keep yourself IN the Love of God!
  4. Wait for the mercy (loving-kindness and compassion) of our Lord Jesus the Christ! (Jude 1:20)
Marriage of the Spirit in you

Marriage of the Spirit in you

Be clothed in the Presence and Power of God; be clothed in Light, Love, and the Spirit of God! Christ Jesus is able to keep you from falling and is ABLE to present you as a pure, spotless bride to his God and Father in the Presence of Glory Divine, before all time, NOW, and forever (no past). Amen (Jude 1:17-25). Whoa! Wow! Now!

There is no past, no “let it go”, nothing frozen in the Kingdom of God! The old heavens and earth are dissolved and melt like wax! The new heavens: the born of God mind, heart and will; and the new earth: body temples filled with all the fullness of God, are now here! This is the place where the new creation, the born of God live; in the warm, powerful comfort of Love’s pure Light, in the Kingdom of heaven on earth, in Christ Jesus, the tree of Life! Rejoice! Let the kingdom of disney go! Step into the Light of the Kingdom of God! Leave the corporate, institutional religious and governmental gods/lords; be transformed by changing your mind to the Mind of Christ! Don’t let the errors, mistakes and unripeness go, but instead TRANSFORM by bringing the Light of God to them! Light dissolves darkness! The Fire of God melts the elements! Jesus IS NOW; the beast IS NOT NOW! Don’t let it go; GET OUT OF THE PAST, get out of the kingdoms of the world. Enter NOW and enter the Kingdom of God; allow the Kingdom of God to take up residence in you!!!!!!!

The drop reenters the Ocean

The drop reenters the Ocean


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