Broken to Unbroken


There is an epidemic of depression. There is a pandemic of a virus of the enemy’s mind, rooted in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The dark virus infects minds of human beings by inserting fear, doubt, skepticism, cynicism, worry, stress, discouragement, depression, anger, lust, resentment, bitterness and regrets. Human beings are not broken, they are just eating of the wrong tree, infecting their life with the dark virus.

Unless you had a mom and dad who were awake and ate of the tree of life, you were infected by the dark virus and operate out of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If you are plagued by depression, anxiety, fear, stress, feeling unsatisfied, discontent, unfulfilled, or existential angst, you just need Jesus. If you have suffered loss or a broken heart, you just need Jesus. If you are depressed, you just need Jesus. Don’t receive a diagnosis or label, receive the simple Solution: Jesus!


All children have unmet love needs, and they grow up with a love deficit. Even the most well-meaning parents cannot meet every need, of every child. All adults have a love deficit that they try to fill with romance, sex, dating, spouses, marriage, children, careers, success, fame, material riches, fancy trips, distractions, numbing, drugs, alcohol, partying, friends, glamor, etc. None of these external things can ever fill the hole in our hearts that can only be filled with God. Happiness is an inside job and it starts with finding God within!

The mind infected with the virus rooted in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, has a love deficit and tries to find love in all the wrong places. They may seem to satisfy for a while, but then restlessness sets in, discontent arises, and we look for new stimuli or a new distraction. The virus of mind leads us down empty paths, following a carrot that the world says will make us happy; and leads to being hurt, offended, wounded, and the destruction of our soul. “The way that seems right to a man leads to destruction” Proverbs 14:12


The solution is simple: have the same Mind that was in Christ Jesus, the Mind of God that is rooted in the Tree of Life! We just need Jesus! Christ Jesus is the expert at turning the broken into the unbroken!!!! Transformation, healing, delivering from troubles, setting free and regenerating is Jesus’ life and purpose! Taking love-deficit lives and saturating them with unconditional Love and acceptance, compassion and forgiveness, mercy and grace, kindness and gentleness, peace and joy, and Power and Presence, is Jesus’ mission and life purpose. He is the Living One, alive forever more, who has the power and authority in heaven and earth to make you whole! All you have to do is believe it and receive it!

Heart Rays of sunlight

Jesus came to earth to give us new life and Life Abundant! Christ Jesus came to earth to give us new identity as sons of God made in God’s image and likeness! Jesus died, resurrected and ascended to be perfectly one with God, so he could send us the Holy Spirit and Fire of God to remove our brokenness and regenerate our likeness-of-Christ identity from glory to glory! Jesus made us a kingdom to live where there is no brokenness! Jesus gives us beauty for ashes and turns our tears into his fullness of Joy!  Jesus makes us priests to his God and Father, meaning we can carry the Presence and Power of God in our body! Our body becomes God’s holy temple! Our being is filled with all the fullness of God! We become the Love we have been seeking!

Let there be Light!

Let there be Light!

We are presented by Jesus as a pure bride, blameless, irreproachable, perfect, lacking nothing, holy, spotless and wrinkle-free, to our One Husband: the Source of all life, the Creator of heaven and earth, our Maker, the Potter who can mold our clay into a new being!!!!!!!!

white rose


Note: A very eye opening article on treatment of depression is at

I posted highlights and commentary on Truth About Depression on my blog at along with Ten Things Learned About Trauma From Experience 

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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6 Responses to Broken to Unbroken

  1. james says:

    The Easter bunny did it! We are all walking wounded on this battle field, there is a way out but it takes dedication and work. It has to mean more to an individual than their retirement and savings account. Seek while you still can, knock, get on your knees and cry out, take courage and be strong! I like that white rose!


    • Hi james!
      that easter bun bun gives me a creepy feeling; a picture is worth a thousand words!
      The white rose is so perfect in so many ways, color, purity, Light, opening fullness, and the water droplets from being in the River of the Water of Life, and so much more!
      Oh and I believe we don’t work, but rest in God as the Spirit of God does the work; we just agree with God! We agree God is Perfect Love and we are made in Love’s image and likeness and then we walk it out! We learn to focus on God instead of the problem; training the mind, refocusing back on God when it is tempted to focus on the problem, until it is a habit and comes simply naturally!

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  2. james says:

    The “work” is a pure focus indeed! Amazing the truth you wake up to when you focus!


    • like a focused laser-light can burn away the old and stimulate growth of new!
      and we have to remember we receive the perfection of God; we do not try or work to be perfect because that is never going to work 🙂 It is not perfectionism or human perfection or trying to be enlightened; we receive the Light and righteousness of God and every endowment and every perfect Gift from Above when we become a son of God! Then we rest in God as his Spirit works above, in and through us! We delight and watch God work and manifest through us! So Good!

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  3. james says:

    Grow a garden (Gan) in your heart!

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  4. Be healed and made whole in 2015, the success “eight” year of Divine Glory returning to our body temple, in the new era of the Kingdom of the Holy One on earth as it is in heaven! All Glory to the Most High!

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