Willing to Move in Glory Divine!

Christ the Tree of Life

Christ the Tree of Life

Immanuel, God with us, was Divine Glory moving unto the earth!

The Spirit and Fire of God is Divine Glory moving into our body temple!! God is in us!!

Don’t look for the Kingdom of heaven outside yourself, “lo, there” or “lo, here” for it is not external to you; it is within you! It was “at hand” when Jesus brought it to earth; now it is within you, when you receive the Fire and Spirit of the Holy One!

The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!”

Come into the Glory Divine that Jesus the Christ of God brought to earth; the physical, visible manifestation of the Invisible Divine Glory!

“Arise, shine; for your Light has come and the Glory of the Lord has RISEN UPON YOU!” Isaiah 60:1. It is done! It is finished! Behold, I make all things new!!


You must enter the Kingdom of Glory on earth as a child: beginner’s mind, open, no set-in-stone mindsets, no remaining conditioning from the world or religion or spirituality or man, but empty, open, a blank slate, trusting, willing to receive, learn, grow from and in the anointing of the Holy Spirit!

The work of our Invisible Maker ended on day seven. The work of the visible Christ ended when he died to human beingness and resurrected to New Beingness; then ascended to be perfectly one with his God and Father! The Holy One sends the Fire of God and the Holy Spirit to place all the fullness of God in you! The finished work is finished when you receive all the fullness of God: Glory Divine returns to the body temple!! Jesus multiplies in us! We replicate Christ on the earth! The new name: the new being of the new creation!

The finished work of the cross is the finished work of Christ Jesus, and we can receive the finished work NOW and be perfect, complete and lacking nothing! We can receive the Spirit of God and the Fire of God NOW! The new Name! We can receive Divine Glory NOW into our body!! Arise, shine; Jesus says YOU are the Light of the world! Be a new city on a hill! Shine! Glow!



The Fire of God consumes all that is false or dark within us. The Fire purifies and refines and makes us white! The Fire consumes all the impurities, dross, chaff, idols and counterfeit. The Fire of God is the Fire that refines the gold that Jesus says we can BUY! “Buy my gold refined by fire” Rev 3:18. What do we buy the refined gold with? Our body! We give our living body to Christ Jesus and we receive his refined gold Body and we become one body with God.

The Fire does not consume all that is True, Right, Good and Beautiful! The Fire ignites God in our body; ignites Divine Glory in us! The Fire of God ignites the Fire in us; ignites New Life! New Beingness! New God Awareness! New single Awareness, eye of heart enlightened, and body full of Light: Glory Divine in the body temple!!

Ignite the Light!

Ignite the Light!

Receive the invitation, “The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come!’ ” We come and TAKE the Water of Life without price! We must buy the gold refined with Fire from Jesus with our body; and we receive Christ Jesus’ Perfect, Complete Body in return!!!! But we come, hear, thirst, desire, and TAKE the Water of Life without price!!!!!!!!

We are willing to Come; we are willing to move into Glory Divine and TAKE the Water of Life! We step into the River and drink! We are willing to be one body and one Spirit with the Holy One!! The two become one! Yes, we are willing to move with Glory Divine from glory to glory in the eternal Day of Christ! The finished work! We Rest in Glory Divine! We abide in Glory Divine and Divine Glory abides in us!!!! Glory!!!!!!!!

Now we are willing to move in Glory Divine from faith to faith, grace to grace and glory to Glory in 2015, the year of Success in the Divine Glory, the finished work of the cross of Christ Jesus!

The drop reenters the Ocean of Divine Glory!

The drop reenters the Ocean of Divine Glory!

I wonder what all the earth moving in Glory Divine would look like? I am like a child in eager expectation…

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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2 Responses to Willing to Move in Glory Divine!

  1. 19maude56 says:

    Like you I wait eagerly in expectation of the greater work Jesus spoke of. I can only imagine a world the way Jesus while here in it. He showed us a glimpse of Glory Divine. He’s given us the Holy Spirit to secure it all. All I can say is its a Blessed Assurance. I had a dream last week and the one thing that stood out most was I was singing: ‘This is my story this is my song.’ When I woke up I laid and meditated and began to say ‘Lord that’s the song you gave to Yvonne.’ As I continue to soar with wings as an eagle, I’m seeing a foretaste of Glory Divine. Paul quoted Isaiah 64:4 and put it a little clearer for us today to understand. ” No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” And then I ask the Father to show me as He showed John great and mighty things as he was taken away in the spirit on the Lord’s day. It takes faith and living in the spirit to see and understand the foretaste of His Power Divine and the Glory Divine. These are the things our Father share with His children. So Yvonne as children of God we will always be eager and waiting to see even more grander things as they unfold, but that’s okay we have all eternity. The joy and excitement continues to heighten and deepen. Be blessed my Sister! A Blessed New Year to you! All things are becoming NEW!!!


    • Thanks for sharing your dream! I wonder if it was at the time in the middle of the night when I awoke and was singing and reflecting on the words of Blessed Assurance recently? Christ in us makes us one body, Holy Spirit in us makes us one Spirit with the same Mind! We are one with God and one with each other! The communion of saints! I think the biggest difference between religions/spiritual groups and Christ Jesus in us is the teaching that the initial conversion joy and feeling of wholeness/well-being fades or goes away. With our CJ it is eternally glory to greater glory to Glory! Our foretastes of glory divine do not go away, but deepen, heighten, lengthen and broaden as we know God more and more and his resurrection power! Behold, all things are becoming new! Blessings to you my Sister in Christ!

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