Do you mind?

Do you mind? Does it bother you? Do you trigger easily? Do you get easily offended? If so, you are still in the mind rooted in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Come out of her! Come into the Mind of Christ and expand into Greater Being! Have the Second Birth out of heaven from God with a New Spirit! Jesus came to earth to give us Second Birth. “Born to give us Second Birth” angels heralded! Jesus died so he could raise you up with him through his ascension; having torn the veil completely between heaven and earth, between God and human. Come out of religion and come to Jesus directly!

I was a christian from birth until life battered me with emotional traumas until my heart was broken and I limped away; it did not offer what I was so desperately seeking: Real Love, Real Transformation, Real Life Abundant. I searched the eastern religions, humanist existentialism, psychology, new age spirituality, and in a Buddhist meditation Jesus came to me and said, “Come to Me, you who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you Rest.” A warm sensation started in my abdomen, started rising, intensifying, and when the fire reached my heart it felt like fireworks going off, an explosion of Love and chains breaking.

Come, and you will find Rest for your soul. Your mind will find Rest, your heart will find Rest, and your motivations will find Rest. Religion does not give Rest for your soul; it gives you a promise of a future rest after death. The Guaranteed Promise is for second birth here and now; born of the Spirit of God and Fire (your first birth was out of a bag of water in the womb). Then you grow up in Christ Jesus until you mature into the full stature of Christ Being (Eph 4:13)! The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!”

O what a glorious Way, what a glorious Day!

Today can be your Daybreak! Break free and come to Jesus, the Living One! Come out of her! Freedom!!!! Have your come-to-Jesus eternal moment! Enter the presence, the eternal present moment now! The Rest, the Peace that surpasses all understanding, is not as the world gives; it is supernatural Peace! It is the Peace of a still Mind like a lake; of a green pasture soaking in Sun, cherished, nurtured, nourished, held, bathed in the gentle River of the Water of Life, eating succulent fruit from the Tree of Life, healing into wholeness, completeness, perfection, lacking nothing!

Come out of her! Come out of the world religions now and Come to the River of Life and submerge, immerse completely. When you break the surface of the water it is Daybreak and you are Free! Come into the eternal Day of Christ!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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2 Responses to Do you mind?

  1. Shirley Weingartner says:

    Dear New Heaven on Earth

    Christian greetings.

    Thank you so much for communicating with me from time to time of which includes certain wonderful Pictures of which I would like to know from you:

    Are you the Person producing These Pictures or are you the Person in Charge of These Pictures.

    If you are, then I would like to ask your permission if I could use any of these Pictures for None Profit reasons?

    There was a Picture dipicting the Holy Spirit. This Picture had a dove and flowing water and the water was also flowing on Hands ready to give this water. I would love to use this for our next conference for Pentecost. Question is: Is it possible to use this Picture for my Flyers?

    Thanks in advance for your quick Response. Blessings.


    Shirley Weingartner

    Gesendet von Windows Mail

    Von: New Heaven on Earth!
    Gesendet: ‎Montag‎, ‎12‎. ‎Januar‎ ‎2015 ‎18‎:‎53

    newheavenonearth posted: “Do you mind? Does it bother you? Do you trigger easily? Do you get easily offended? If so, you are still in the mind rooted in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Come out of her! Come into the Mind of Christ and expand into Greater Being! Have th”


    • Thank you for visiting today! I do not own the images, just highly appreciate their beauty and artistic expression, thank their creator and give Ultimate thanks and praise to the Source of all artistic expression and Beauty, the Source of Creativity, the Source of Life! If you find the origination of a particular image I would very much appreciate you sharing the author so I can attribute the work to them. Blessings to you!


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