Completion is the Beginning!


The beginning of the journey is the finished work of Christ! Our foundation is the death of all that was fallen, perverted, distorted, false and twisted; the resurrection of new being; and the ascension of our life to Life Abundant! The foundation is being on the perfect, whole, complete shoulders of Jesus, living a life based on what he has done, is doing and will be doing in us. Nothing is perfect in life except God; our concept of God is imperfect! When the perfect comes, the imperfect passes away…

The perfect that comes is the Spirit of God with Fire! Only the Fire of God can burn the tree of the knowledge of good and evil down, leaving neither root nor branch. Only the Holy Spirit can graft you on the tree of life which has the Son standing in the center, with room for 7.28 billion potential branches!



We can accept the Invitation and Come! All prodigal sons and spouses can come and fully receive the identity of son of God, the Family ring, the white robe of Light washed in the Blood, the unconditional Love and acceptance, the full inheritance, no matter how we have squandered what we have already been given, and begin to feast with Christ in the new heavens on earth now! It is now and is to come!

Now it is all ready! Come! If you are not ready, it is now and is to come! No one is excluded from the invitation!  You can continue to struggle, suffer, and go it on your own; or you can accept the invitation and come up, be caught up (ascend) with Christ to sit in the heavenly places with God while living on earth in a new spiritual Realm that Jesus prepared for you before the foundation of the world! It is now and is to come! Be willing to move from glory to glory in the finished work of the ascended Christ!


About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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