Sunshine and Unicorns


“Sunshine and unicorns” is the derision, mocking, and scoffing reaction of the world system to words of hope, love and peace. The backlash to Miss USA for her answer to the question on how to deal with terrorists is similar to the backlash against Jesus’ message of Hope, Love and Peace. The derision reveals minds devoid of the Spirit which creates division (Jude 1:19). (BTW I have no idea if USA’s answer was heart-felt or practiced, not equating her with Jesus, just responding to the similar reaction to words of love, peace and hope)

Minds and hearts infected with the virus of mind rooted in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, mock what is good, true, right and holy. It does not come from the one body and one Spirit of the new creation; it comes from those who deep down believe they can never have what their heart and soul desires. They give up, become hardened, and mock those they perceive as having the life they secretly desire, but believe they can never have. Deep down they feel they do not matter to God, or have been hurt by God, so they mock, deride and scoff. They feel abandoned and betrayed so they pretend they don’t care and try to hurt and bring down those who seem happy or Love God.

This is an “upper limits problem” we face as a human family. If someone gets “too high” others try to bring them back down. The world system has distorted beliefs such as “misery loves company” and people bond over the bad stuff that happens. Groups and religions bond over judging other groups as wrong; “if you believe what we believe you are in, if not, you are out.” A particularly strong viral infection of the mind is “waiting for the other shoe to drop” when something good happens. “First you grow old then you die” reveals a lack of hope. “Too good to be true” is the seed of doubt planted in those who think they are outside looking in; wanting to be loved, accepted, matter, and belong but believing it is not possible. Rebellion from Goodness, questioning Truth and doubting God are the virus of the mind from the tree of good and evil.

Of course, the counterfeit army has produced deception disguised as love and light, sunshine and unicorns, false signs and wonders, magic, craftiness, bells and whistles, false portents in the sky, to cast doubt on true signs, wonders, miracles and encounters with the Living Presence of God. The false christs, the sun worshipers, the moon worshipers, those who worship elemental spirits or idols, wolves dressed as sheep, speaking the right words but having hearts full of deceit, lust, greed, or hate are self-serving and self-righteous. Those devoid of the Spirit, whether in religion, in spiritual groups, in nations, in culture, in society, or in body, soul and spirit, are causing division which always leads to a fall.


The Solution is simple; the True Christ’s union (yoke) is easy and full of Light! The Son beyond the Sun and the sun; the Field beyond the tree of good and evil; and the Source of Life beyond the visible created heavens and earth is the One we can be perfectly one with! Awe! Wonder! Yes, all things are possible with God!

Beyond sunshine and unicorns is the Light of lights! Beyond the Light is the Father of lights! Beyond the visible manifestations of the Presence of God (glory) is the Invisible Source of all Life and Life Abundant! The Good News is this Life is also within the tiniest creation; within the sub-molecular empty spaces, all the way to the grandest macro level, God is everywhere present! The solution is simple; it is a one-step process: come back to your First Love! Come and awaken to your true identity as a son of God, receive the entire inheritance of God! Grow, expand and mature as a son of God and become a bride of God and receive all the fullness of God in your body, soul and spirit! The two become one flesh! We become perfectly one with God!

“How can you believe, who receive glory from one another and do not seek the glory that comes from the only God?” John 5:44

If you have other gods before God: religion, spiritual groups, priests, pastors, ministries, experts, authorities, the famous, teachers, prophets, churches, duality, spouses, family, friends, careers, money, success, etc., you are receiving your glory from the wrong source and you cannot be perfectly one with God and enter the new heavens on earth now (NHOEN). Even Jesus said God is greater! Come through the open Door to our Real Father who is All Love! It is NOW and is to come!

The Glory which Jesus was given from God, he will give to you, that you may be one now, even as the ascended Jesus is one with the Source of Life now, Christ in you and God in Christ, that you may become perfectly one (John 17:22). Believe and Receive now!

You don’t need sunshine and unicorns to be pretend happy! You just need the authentic Spirit of God, the same powerful Spirit that is in the ascended Jesus, the same dunamis Power (dynamite) and Wisdom that can destroy and kill the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in you, resurrect the tree of life in you, and ascend your life to live in Life Abundant in the NHOEN in your body! Be aglow in the Spirit! Spread the Real Light of Christ! Be filled with the Spirit, the Glory, the Presence of God, and be who you were created to be! Be Hope!  Be Peace! Be Joy! And the greatest of these: Be Love!

“Love never fails…when the perfect comes, the imperfect will pass away” 1 Cor 13:8, 10

The dim mirror gives way to seeing face to face! The veil parts and we see the whole! “Then I shall understand fully, even as I have been fully understood. So faith, hope, love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is Love!” 1 Cor 13:12-13.

Be Loved and Be Love!

“My Beloved is mine and I am His” Song of Songs 2:16

The Day is breathing and the shadows flee (S of S 2:17)! Come! Enter the promised Land!




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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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  1. Remembering a quote from a man I met through a divine appointment once, who shines with the Light of God, Ron Johnson, whom in his “coffee time with Jesus”, his quiet time with God, was told this, “Happiness is the devil’s counterfeit of Joyfulness. Happiness is living for yourself, and Joyfulness is denying yourself and living for others. Happiness is momentary, it comes and goes with our circumstances…Joyfulness is bringing heaven to earth” I pray that heaven may touch your personal earth (your body) today and fill you with Joy!

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