New Daybreak of Awe and Wonder!


As I watched another daybreak, the Light piercing through the darkness, dissolving it into rainbows of color beyond the colors of this world, I exploded into Joy! I declare the dawn of the eternal Day! I decree the Light has overcome! I proclaim the Light dissolves the darkness every time! I step into the finished work of Christ and rejoice! I receive the luminous Rays of the eternal Light and glow with the brightness of the Spirit of God!

I know that physical appearances make it seem as though there is darkness and light, day and night, but I proclaim the Truth that we are only moving in Light! The Truth will set you Free! The sun does not go to bed at night! She just shines! The moon does not rise and fall! He just reflects! Dark clouds may come, but the Sun is still shining! And the Sun beyond the sun, the Son that is Light Itself, and his Source of Light, uncreated or unmanifest or Invisible Light, is eternally Shining without and wants to shine brighter and brighter within you! Come and See!

Sunrise over the earth

Sunrise over the earth

Let the Spirit ignite the spark of Light in you! Accept the Great Grace! Feel it flicker in your bone marrow, awakening blood, igniting the flame, and sense it growing, expanding, getting larger and larger! Remember your First Love! Receive the quickening of the Kingdom within you! Drink deeply of the crystal clear Water that is beginning to flow. Holy Spirit come in all your dunamis Power, and Fire, and Glory! Touch each heart, awaken, revive, ignite…

“At the acceptable time I have listened to you, and helped you on the day of salvation (healing, restoration, completeness). Behold, NOW is the acceptable time; behold, NOW is the Day” 2 Corinthians 6:2. Come!

My body comes alive with Abba’s Touch….love reverberates within my body…quickens my being…. ignites my passion! My seven-stringed instrument begins to vibrate, escalate…entrain…cohere with the glorious music of Heaven! Jesus, the Christ of my being plays my instrument from the inside, and beautiful, harmonious rhapsodies erupt from within! I am attuned to Spirit and arias burst forth…each note radiates light and beauty and goodness…Love emanates from my heart! I am dancing in the River of the Water of Life…swaying in the arms of my Beloved…raptured in ecstasy…wrapped in bliss! I am singing in the tree of Life with a heavenly chorus! My breath is freed in a river of splendor…the depths of my being are filled with wellsprings of Light and Sound…euphoria and unspeakable grandeur!

The vibrating molecules of Glory, alive, warm and flowing like honey, coat every cell of my body, ravishing me with gold! Tinkling silver rains upon my ears…fireworks of divine music explode within me…sending currents of song through the oceans of my being…delight surrounds me… melody caresses my skin and kisses my cheeks…I commune in contentment…cloud nine embraces me…seventh heaven welcomes with open, receptive arms… Spirit bathes me in her crescendo…my soul soars! I am saturated with stillness…silence descends like a blanket…spaces between the notes expand…I come to delicious rest…

I recline in the gap between the notes…my breath saturates my cells with Peace…blood illuminated with oxygen and Love floods my molecules…I begin to rise….octaves and octaves I lift and soar! I am transported into Joy! I float in buoyant bliss… crescendo upon crescendo I rapture to the music of Heaven…the pleasures of paradise taste ineffably sweet! I descend to the depths of Beauty…my eyes drink deeply….I expand into Light…I transfigure into the Splendor of the All Goodness of God….

Eternal Day, I welcome you in Awe and Wonder!!!!!!!! I sing a new Song! Let there be new Light! New Beginnings! New Life! New Awe! New Wonder!

New Waves of Glory! New levels of Spirit and the Fire of God begin to Pour in ever-widening radiating borders with swirls and whooshes!!!!!!!! Let every cell, every living thing, be filled with your Glory!!!!!!!!

earth transformed by Christ


P.S. instead of my usual 1% organic milk in my coffee, I heaped it with whipped cream…let’s celebrate!!!!!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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  1. Irina says:

    WOW!!!! Thank you!!!

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