On Earth as it is in Heaven!

 "Perlemorskyer" in Norway  taken by Elin Fumuholt

“Perlemorskyer” in Norway taken by Elin Fumuholt

This is a new morning full of potential and new possibilities! Today is another blank slate of new opportunities! If we are willing to let the past go, even if yesterday was mind-glowingly amazing or the worst day of your life, we are given a fresh canvas to live in Life and Life Abundant in the greater works of Christ, our True being! Today is another day we are given to know God more and more! This eternal Daybreak is a chance to see breakthroughs of God’s glorious manifestations; daybreaks of Light and Presence! Now we can begin to see heaven on earth, God’s hidden splendor in the world, and the hidden treasures hidden within our heart, more magnificent than we could imagine! New Glory is invading earth!

Led by the Spirit, and moving in the Spirit of God is only possible because of what Jesus, the Christ, did; not by anything we can do on our own. The finished work of the cross gave every human being access to intimate relationship with God; the right to inherit every blessing, promise, prophesy and manifestation of the Presence of God! Only you can separate yourself from God; only you can put a veil in your mind keeping you from the riches of Grace, Mercy, Love and the All Goodness of God. Jesus fulfilled every prophesy; fulfilled every law; and is the full tithe into the storehouse that opened the heavens permanently to allow overflowing blessings to pour out on us every day, if you just have eyes to see and ears to hear!

How do you get eyes to see and ears to hear? “The Holy Spirit said through Isaiah, ‘Go to this people and say, You shall indeed hear but never understand, and you shall indeed see but never perceive. For this people’s heart has grown dull, and their ears are heavy of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest they should perceive with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and turn for me to heal them” (Acts 28:25-31). This statement of Paul led to disagreements, some believed and some rejected the Truth, thus the issue of the heart lingers to this day. The Truth is: if you only believe like a child and receive all that God is desiring to give you, you can enter the kingdom of heaven and live in the riches, wealth, prosperity, gold, silver, and 12 jewel-toned field of Life Abundant in Christ. It is finished! The wedding feast is ready and on the table! Come!

The water baptism is to change your mind; the Fire and Spirit baptism from Jesus is to burn the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, satan’s tree from your body, soul and spirit, leaving neither root nor branch; and activate the tree of life seed in you to grow! The River of the Water of Life flows down the center of this tree and when you are in Christ you are in his tree! If you still see yourself as separate from God or see yourself separate from Christ, you are not on their tree! “I am the Vine and you are the branches, if you remain in me you bear much fruit, apart from me you can do nothing”

The branch and the Vine are ONE TREE and ONE SPIRIT! “In that day you will know that I am in my Father and you are in me and I am in you”. “The glory my Father gave me I give to you that we may be one, and that you may become perfectly one”. NOW is the Day! NOW is the acceptable time! The fullness of time came when Jesus finished the work he came to earth to do: bring heaven to earth and open the Door for all to have right and access to God’s kingdom; to be perfectly one with his Father and God! This Spirit and Fire is the Greatest Gift ever given to humanity, yet so many are ignorant of the gift, or taught a different Christ, and think they have to wait until they die to get the gift, or they are infected with the virus of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, deceived, manipulated, programmed or conditioned by the world’s system.

Receive the River of the Water of Life; it is available to all who Come back to our First Love! It is pouring overflowing blessings through the tree of life, the body of Christ! We are one body and one Spirit with God through the finished work of Christ! If you do not believe and receive the one Spirit of Christ, you are outside of God in the outer darkness. In Christ, in God, we are the Lighthouses shining hope, peace, joy and Abba’s Great Love! Cast out doubt, unbelief, and duality, and Come to the River! The Spirit and Bride say, “Come! Drink!”

Ask with your whole heart and let your body awaken as the Holy Spirit and Fire come upon you. Let your body reverberate with quickened life, radiating divine health and harmony, attuned to God in the vibration of Love! Let the sweet, uplifting, soaring music of your soul begin to sing Spirit’s new Song! Let a River of wellbeing and completeness and wholeness begin to flow within your body. Feel your body overwhelmed, overcome, and overshadowed by the Presence of God, waking up, stretching, rising, healing, greening, becoming flexible and pliant. Submit your will to Divine Will, yielding your body as a living sacrifice of spiritual worship (Romans 12:1-3). Transform and transfigure as your mind is renewed!

Taste and See that the Lord is Good! See yourself surrounded by the tree of life on both sides of the River flowing through your body, with green, verdant, lush leaves for healing. Taste the ripe, juicy, colorful, twelve-fold fruit, honey-like sap nourishing and nurturing you, flowing out of Christ in the center of your body, moving you in Spirit from splendor to splendor. Are you willing to be moved in the Spirit? Are you willing to move from glory to greater glory? “The latter splendor shall be greater than the former, says the Lord of hosts; and in this place I will give you prosperity” Haggai 2:9

“Behold, the former things have come to pass, and NEW THINGS I now declare” Isaiah 42:9. “Behold, I am doing a new thing; NOW it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” Isa 43:19. “From this time forth I make you hear NEW THINGS, hidden things which you have not known” Isa 48:6. “Behold, I make ALL things new!” Revelation 21:5. NOW!

Ask God to open the eyes of your heart and enlighten your eyes to spiritually perceive. Ask God to open your spiritual heart to be able to understand spiritual things. Ask God to quicken your spiritual senses, your inner knowing, the Spirit of Wisdom, Understanding, Revelation, Counsel, Power, Knowledge of God and Fear of the Lord (reverential awe that is a fountain of Life Prov 14:27). Ask for Jesus’ baptism of Spirit and Fire; if you are sincere and you ask in Jesus’ name/nature, you will receive. “Every good endowment and every perfect Gift comes down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change” (James 1:17). The finished work of Christ was finished before the foundation of the world; it is available for free, for all who wake up and ask! Believe and Receive! The only ones outside of Christ in God are those who separate themselves or are taught by religion that they are separate. Let God be true though all asleep men be false!

Fulfill the royal law and be in God! Love God and Love one another! Simple and impossible without the Spirit and Fire of God in you! “Ask and you will receive, knock and the Door will be opened, seek and you will find” The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!”



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