The Present of Presence!


I am an instrument of God’s Presence…an unveiled bride of Glory…a door for angels to ascend and descend…a resting place for God…a temple of Presence…

Christ remains forever; we come and go as our attention shifts, awareness recedes or rises…asleep or awake…mindful or not…alert…watchful…noticing or forgetting…conscious or unconscious. Christ remains forever; we come and go….

until we just come…until we come higher, deeper, broader, longer…we come into Presence in the present and stay…and live, move and have our being in Christ who remains forever.


Christ is where I choose to live. I found the kingdom within…I found myself within Christ…totally cocooned…surrounded in an ocean of Love. I dissolved and Christ remains…new Presence is breaking out…whirlwinds within whirlwinds are starting to whoosh… accelerate…deepen…stir things up….

Fresh new is dawning…anticipation arises…eager expectation…new delight joyfully streams…

A River of Presence is coming…glory is breaking out all around…catch the buzzzzzzzzz…feel the fire…dance, sing, paint, write, dream, envision, imagine…desire…for all streams are in Him. Goodness is flowing…creativity is rising…love is exploding…heavenly colors are raining…new stars are forming. Step under the waterfall of Light and get your feet wet!!!!

“Let the world feast on the abundance of your house and give them drink from the river of your delights. For with thee is the fountain of Life; in your Light do we see Light” Psalm 36:8-9


The Spirit and Bride say, “Come, drink, delight!”

I journeyed from ow to now to wow! I circled and wandered and wondered, and then fire fell, water rose and I was transported…absorbed into Love…

There is ever-increasing awe and wonder in his Presence! There is Delight in his Presence…drink deeply of Delight!

Pearl of Great Price

Pearl of Great Price

What is Real? present Presence is the fullness of God on earth as it is in heaven…it is inward, a circumcision of the heart, spiritual and not literal. Be an unveiled bride of Presence within! Be an oracle of the mysteries hidden for ages, but revealed in Christ who remains forever! Let God be True though every man be false…every Adam is false…Adams and Eves are dead in Christ and they express tribulation, pain and suffering in the world system. All men fall short of the glory, but the new creatures, new beings, new creation are alive in Christ who remains forever and they express spiritual fruit, delight and rapture!

Let God in the broken places in your heart…the wounded places…the hidden places…the guarded, armored places. Break open! Break apart! Come unglued! Break forth! Step in the whirlwind and let all the dust fly away! Let the past be obliterated! Let your heart be stirred up, plowed, sowed, grown, expanded, increased, transmuted, transplanted, transfigured, ascended into Christ who remains forever! Shoot, bud, blossom, fruit and flourish!!!!


Jesus brought the present Presence for all to dive into him…drown in him…resurrect in him…ascend in him…eternally Delight in him! Become a river of Presence! Be a present for the world who is thirsty!

“I Jesus send you my angel…” Revelation 22:16


The angel of his Presence is hovering…the Spirit hovers seeking a resting place. Receive by faith: receive evidence and substance of present Presence…not past glory, not future glory, but Now Glory! “Prove at the present time” Romans 3:26. Be one who does not work but trusts…no striving, just receive now the ever-present Presence of Delight…all the fullness of God in your body! Glorify God in your body! Christ remains forever…no longer come and go….come and stay! God promised we would inherit the world…God loves the world…he wants to give you the world…God wants to give you the desires of your heart! Through Grace all the promises of God are guaranteed! Be fully convinced in your heart, no distrust, no mistrust, no wavering, no doubts, no double-mindedness, no judging by outward appearances, and no judging by external circumstances.


Come in the River of the Water of Life! Let Presence pour over you, cleansing, washing, and removing all obstacles or obstructions! Let Presence pour into you, filling you up, finding the lowest places in you and lifting them up! Let present Presence overflow like a river out of your heart and belly!

Come in the River and drink!

“Delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart” Psalm 37:4

Come and be released into His new wine! Let go of the old and embrace the new thing God is doing in you! Let His very nature burst forth in and through you to change the world!!!!!!!!

Presence is breaking out! Catch the wave….

Ocean waves

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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