Breathtaking Awesome Wonder!


When we unexpectedly encounter Beauty, it takes our breath away. When we have surprise divine encounters, it is even more breathtaking! I frequently find myself experiencing the “Ha!” the sudden, quick intake of breath, Spirit like the Wind forcefully filling me like mini, surprise raptures, updrafts of Life Abundant. God constantly amazes me! I am stunned into the hush of Presence; I am astonished by the ravishing of Love’s pure Light! I am amazed by God over and over again!

There are a million reasons every day to fall in Love again with our First Love! There are a zillion reasons to fall up into the Arms of our Beloved! There are innumerable reasons to keep falling away from our old identity and our old ideas of God, and wake up in Beauty with Christ! As we continuously give our entire body and soul and spirit to the Most High, we live, move and have our being in God! The Most High inhabits everything, within and without, in our life if we let him have his Way in us! God’s Way is the path of the heart, the Way of Love, Truth and Life Abundant! “I have found the One my soul Loves!”


Divine encounters fill us with glory so we can release more Glory on earth as it is in heaven! We are set free to carry the Presence and spread it all around! Now is the time! Right here is the place! Now we are already filled! Now we are already made one with God by the finished work of the cross. We are already whole, complete, perfect, lacking nothing, containing the everything of God in the Holy Spirit and Fire! We are already full of all the fullness of God through the finished work of the ascended Christ! God is right here; right here is heaven on earth! We are the portals for heaven to invade earth! We are the pillars connecting heaven and earth! The new creation, with Christ’s new being, carry God’s Presence! The ark is within; the kingdom is within; the holy of holies is within! Christ Jesus made us a kingdom, made us kings and priests to God! Christ in us is the hope of glory! “Wake up O sleeper and Christ will give you Light!”

“I Jesus have sent you my angel” Revelation 22:16. “The angel of his Presence saved (sozo) us; in his Love and compassion he redeemed us; he lifted us up and carries us in his Heart” Isaiah 63:9-10. Wake up in his Heart!


Christ in us is the spotless, pure Bride! The two become one! We become perfectly one with Christ in God when we wake up to the realization that it is all already done! We just believe it, receive it, and start to see the evidence and feel the substance of it!  Breathtaking Awe! Amazing Wonder!

The River of Water of Life is flowing from the Throne, above the highest heavens, crystal clear, down through the heavens, the many mansions, myriad dimensions, through our atmosphere, sky, air, finding the lowest place under the earth and filling with the Presence of God. Under the earth fills with Living Water, coming up to fill the earth, the steams, rivers, seas and oceans with Love’s Water. All of creation, all of nature, fills with this Water of Life. Our toes start to get wet as the Water rises within us, ankle-deep, knee-deep, hips, torso, neck and head until a fountain gushes out of our crown! We become a fountain of Life! Glory pours in and flows out in our Love fountain! Presence fills the atmosphere! Spirit and Fire fill the earth! Glory fills the temple!

Ocean waves

Let God ravish you with Love! Open to the tsunami of Love! Receive the mighty, rushing Wind, blazing Fire, roaring Waves, pouring Grace, River of Life, overwhelming Presence! Experience the kiss of Love’s lips, kissed by Glory, thunderbolts of ecstasy, lightning strikes of bliss, soaring in raptures of Delight! O taste and See!

One taste of Glory and we are transformed; one glimpse of his Being and we are ravished; one drop of his Love and we are whole! Receive his passionate Fire; sing his Song of Songs! Christ’s pure Light enlightens and raptures; Spirit pours rivers of Life; our soul soars! The desert becomes Dessert! Glory Presence enfolds us, embraces us, infuses us, permeates our being, ravishes, absorbs us, overwhelms us, overtakes us, astonishes, amazes, takes our breath away, and fills us with Love! The world is transfigured into Beauty, Breathtaking Beauty! Our whole temple is filled with his Glory! Our whole being is raptured over and over again! Even in the depths we see Light!

ocean depths

We are cherished, adored, precious, loved immeasurably, embraced, clothed in glory, and lifted up! Our passion is ignited; our heart is enlightened! Our spiritual senses are stirred up; Love is awakened! Spirit is the Door to intimacy with God; Fire is the ignition key! We were made to be the delight of God as we delight in him! As we delight in our Bridegroom, the desires of our heart are manifested! Feast on his Love! Taste and See!

We are the radiant bride, equally yoked with the ascended Christ! The two become one!  Come be a bride at the Wedding Feast! The Spirit and Bride say, “Come!” Let Love overwhelm and absorb you into perfect oneness with our Bridegroom! The two are already one; just Come!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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