Three Way Tie!


Tie that Binds: Blood, Water, Spirit

Tie that Binds: Blood, Water, Spirit

“In that Day, you will know that I am in my Father and you are in me and I am in you” John 14:20. In that Day, today, now, in the Spiritual Realm on earth, it is always now, today, the Day of perfect reconciliation; the Day of perfect oneness with God! Now we are perfectly one with God! Jesus taught that we were not to judge by physical appearances, but spiritually perceive with our heart! It is already all done! All is finished! The Wedding Banquet Feast is on the table! The finished work is all finished; just come! The Spirit and Bride say, “Come!” “Hear, thirst, desire, and take the Water of Life without price!” Rev 22

Since Jesus changed everything, including time and space, you come spiritually to the place you never left except in your mind and heart! Your conscious awareness left the Truth and wandered for years in the desert; your consciousness fell asleep and you circled the promised land for years. Jesus brought the Truth back to the world; the Christ remains forever! We fell asleep, forgot, got led astray; Jesus restored everything to better than it was in the beginning! In the beginning, Elohim (plural) created everything out of deep darkness, Spirit hovering over water, and sound waves erupting, “Let there be light”. The Spirit (Wind, Movement, Flow), the sound and light (Word made flesh/Son/visible God) and the deep darkness (Invisible God/unapproachable Light appearing dark but full of invisible substance/essence/pregnant fecundity/pregnant with all creation including us) were all present in the beginning! We were one with the Godhead from the beginning of time and space!

We fell in conscious awareness and were lost from paradise; Jesus came and restored us to paradise! We forgot who we were; Jesus restored our identity! We thought we were separated from God; Jesus restored us to perfect oneness with God! We thought we were limited and lacking; Jesus restored our full inheritance of infinite goodness, full possibilities and unlimited potential! Priceless Gifts!

The Spirit and Bride say, “Come!”

Wake up to the Truth; realize you are one with God already! Acknowledge the Truth! Become aware of your inheritance as sons of God: receive the inheritance of the DNA of God, restoring your image and likeness of God, ruling and reigning in the Kingdom of God, under only the King of kings our High Priest! Realize your perfect oneness by acknowledging your identity as a bride of God, one body and one Spirit with God. We are one flesh with God: matter becomes Spirit and Spirit becomes matter simultaneously both, and. The two become one!

There is a three-way tie; we are all one in Christ! Be yoked, united, made one with Christ; place his tie around your neck! I am in my Father, you are in me and I am in you! The three become one!  The three become one: neocortex, mammalian, and reptilian brain. The three, Father (Invisible), Son (visible), and Spirit, are one with us in body, soul (heart, mind, will) and spirit!

We are in the Son, the visible manifestation of the Invisible God, our Father, flowing with the Spirit! The two become one: I in Christ are one! The two become one: Christ in our Father is one! The two become one: us in our Father are one! The Bride and Bridegroom are one! The Wedding Feast is already on the table and all are invited! All we have to do is come in awareness and eat! Come in conscious realization and eat and be one! Come in consciousness and drink the Water of Life, the Presence of God, into every cell!

The Spirit, the Wind of God, the Air and Breath of God, the Dove, the Vinedresser, the Teacher, Guide, Helper, Comforter, Mother, Nurturer, Nourisher, Many-Breasted One, the Fire of Love, hovers over our body of water (our body is mostly water)! When we are receptive and open to receive, ripe, the Spirit can rest on us and pour the Water of Life, the Presence of God, the Glory Light of God, into our body, transforming, transfiguring and transmuting our being into oneness with God! The Water-bearer pours into our earthen vessel and we are transformed, changed, reformed, into a new glorious, spiritual vessel! Our re-formed spiritual vessel is perfectly one with God! Our body, soul and spirit, as one in the Spirit, can become perfectly one with God!

Those who are led by the Spirit are the sons of God! Those who wake up to the realization or awareness that we are already the spotless Bride in the spotless Lamb, can be the wife of the Lamb, the new city, with a new name, with hidden manna, full of Light, flowing with the River of Presence, rooted in the Tree of Life, budding, blossoming and fruiting! Our fruit contains the seeds of Christ that replicate trees of life all over the earth and the world transforms into a complete garden, a lush, green, abundant vineyard for the new wine! This new wine brings the fullness of Joy!

“It is always springtime with you, making all things new; your light is breaking through; love sweeter than wine bringing Joy and new Life; your hope is rising like the Dawn… This is what you do, you make me come Alive!”

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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  1. 19maude56 says:

    My Lord and my God! Yes we are Alive in Christ. The Church of God is a Living Organism, as we live, move, and have our being in Him all that is dead will come Alive and know that He is Lord. Every knee will bow and every tongue must confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! He is reigning and ruling in and through us Today. We are are transmitters and transformers. Everything that is not we call it as it should be. We are creative just as our Father is, was, and to be! Let there Be! So it was, is, and shall be! To God Be the Glory! Forever and Ever Amen!!! Love and blessings my Sister!!!

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    So Very Beautiful.

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  3. Wishing you the best and hoping others will like it to


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