Innocent as Doves, Wise as Serpents


This morning I was given these words, “If you can see it you can have it.” I had an open vision a few weeks ago that has unfolded in my consciousness. I woke up in the middle of the night with a big white blossom over my bed. I closed my eyes again and a panoramic vision opened up, like a movie was playing on the screen of my consciousness. I don’t know if I was taken in my body over a field or if Holy Spirit took me in my spirit over the land, but I was flying over a frozen field looking down upon it, snow-covered except for remnants of an old crop sticking up through the snow, as if a thresher had gone over a field of corn and the remaining stubble had dried up, withered, becoming brown and dead. I began to speak Life over the field and blessing the land as I flew over it.


This morning in prayer before dawn, I asked for the white blossom to be over every bed, over every person on the earth, and for our land, our collective consciousness, to blossom into our Father’s pure Awareness. I saw the earth covered with white blossoms! I then heard Jesus’ Words, “humans see there is still many more months to wait; I see how the fields are already white for harvest” John 4:32-38. My consciousness linked the words with the open vision of the white blossom, seeing the end before the beginning, not judging by physical appearances of frozen, dead, seemingly unfruitful, dry, barren land. When you are given the blessed assurance that the end has already occurred and you just have to step into it; you can see the finished work despite outward appearances and you just have to enter into it; you can have it! Jesus said, “Lift up your eyes and see the white blossoms covering the land, see the eternal springtime, see the new life; see the NHOEN; don’t judge by physical appearances!” Jesus said, “I send you to reap what you did not sow (the full inheritance as son of God); receive what you do not have to labor for (birth Christ in you before the labor Isa 66:7-9)…JUST ENTER INTO the one body and one Spirit of Christ; enter into the inheritance; enter into the Wedding Feast! It is ALL already done! Behold, See, all things are NEW! If you can see it, you can have it ALL! JUST enter in….


I got up and made my delectable cup of french pressed coffee, went outside with my bible, journal and daily devotional booklets, but it had rained and it was all wet and the wind had blown dried, dead, brown eucalyptus leaves on my deck, so I first picked up the dead leaves and threw them in the trash. Then realizations upon realizations started downloading, aha’s, awareness, inspiration, revelation, unveiling, apocalypse (revealing) and I was increasingly uplifted and astounded! When I opened my bible it confirmed everything I was being downloaded with more than I could share here, so much that it would fill books! I started to bubble with Joy! I was increasingly effervescently flowing and overflowing with pleasure and delight! The ways and mysteries of God are Glorious!!!!!!!!

The Holy Wind, ruach, started turning pages of the bible to confirm and expound and expand on what I was being given in my spiritual perception. I just drank the Word and soaked in the revelations and I was lifted higher and higher until I was overcome, overwhelmed, overtaken by such Joy that I was lifted into Rapture and Delight and Ecstasy and Bliss. My breathing changed; Holy Spirit was breathing me in such deep Pleasure. I was trembling in his Love! I looked down and there God had placed a new green eucalyptus leaf! The brown, dead, old, threshing-floor crop I threw in trash was replaced by Spirit with a green leaf! (The green leaves of the tree of life are for the healing of the nations; healing of our land; healing of our soul wounds; healing of our entire being!). Signs follow to confirm God’s Word, Dreams, Visions, Prophesy, Revelation, Inspiration, and Spiritual Perception!

I realized that seeing and focusing on the white blossom, the end result, the assured, guaranteed, glorious end-result, the Victorious Celebration with all Heaven at the Wedding Feast, instead of the brown, dead, dry, old crop and frozen land: the physical appearance in the natural, means we can step into now and have it ALL! By praying for our friends in the midst of the wilderness, thanking and honoring God in ALL things, blessing and freely giving what we have received, we are restored double for our trouble!!!! And God transforms the Job-like brown, dead leaves on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to the tree of life’s green leaves! We are healed, made whole, perfect, complete and lacking nothing! The latter rain becomes exponentially more than the former! Green leaves precede the bud and blossom! The blossom precedes the fruit: being the Bride, perfectly one with Abba, living in God Awareness in the NHOEN, fruiting and spreading the seeds of the tree of life to all the earth!!!!!!!!


We can have what we can see! We can become what we behold! If we can see the end from the beginning; see the glory in every person, situation and circumstance in the land despite physical appearances, we will see the Glory of God in the land of the living! I realized that the green couch of Song of Songs is the earth and I skyrocketed into bliss!

“My beloved is to me a cluster of henna blossoms in the vineyard…Behold, you are beautiful, my Love; behold, you are beautiful; your eyes are doves. Behold, you are beautiful, my Beloved, truly lovely. Our couch is green; the beams of our house are cedar, our rafters are pine” Song of Songs 1:14-17.

OMG!!!!!!!! Oh My Goodness!!!!!!!! We are White Blossoms in the Vineyards of the green pasture beside still Waters of Life on our couch where we recline and rest in our First Love, absorbed into One Love in our Beloved!!!!!!!! Our house is the Tree of Life, its branches in heavenly realms, spiritual dimensions, glory realms, and our roots in the River of Water of Life, the deep wells of Love that waters the new earth, Christ’s one Body!!!!!!!! The Water is flowing Spirit and Liquid Love!!!!!!!! Our heart is touched; we are moved and moving in the Spirit; moving in the Glory Realm, the Atmosphere of Heaven on earth clothed in the Presence of God!!!!!!!! We are a watered Garden Paradise, trees of life who are continually, eternally covered with beautiful fragrant White Blossoms; Feasting and Celebrating our eternal Marriage with the Lamb and the Holy One…drinking milk (satiated like a breast-fed, full baby Ps 131:2!), eating honey (Sweetness of Life in Christ), shining with oil (aglow in the Spirit), strengthened with grain (Bread of Life), drinking the new Wine, making our heart glad, full of Joy; a desire fulfilled is a tree of life (Prov 13:12)!!!!!!!! I am overwhelmed with Goodness!!!!!!! I am overflowing with Love of this Life in him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What we can see we can have! See in the Spirit the finished work! Holy Spirit said if we could see it we could have it! We reap what we did not sow; we reap on earth what is sown in heaven by all the praises of rocks, trees, angels, bright clouds of witnesses, hosts of heaven, and those dressed in white robes washed in the Blood of the Lamb! The white blossom is the white as snow new being, washed in the Blood. It is our Wedding Garment! It is the blossom before the Fruit on the Vine! It is the fragrant, beautiful garment of praise, joy, gladness, righteousness, wholeness, completeness, unlimited potential, infinite possibilities, the field of God, perfection in Christ, with no borders, wide open, crystal clear, pure, innocent God Awareness! OMG!!!!!!!! See it, receive it, be it, have it, LIVE IT!!!!!!!!


When I realized again, deeper, higher, more expanded, more aware of the extent of what our Father has given us freely and abundantly through his Spirit; what Christ has freely given us through his body and Blood; and what Holy Spirit has given us without price through her Water, Fire, Glory, and Presence… I leaped up and ran into the house, running, jumping, unconfined, unrestricted, a wild-fire of consumed life….out of my head, mind-blown, full of awe and wonder…praising and thanking and honoring, crying, laughing, raptured in spirit, uplifted in body, soul soaring free… and I fell on my face and worshiped my King of kings and Lord of lords, my Abba! Father! my Husband, my Maker, my everything, my all in all, my Life!, my breath! my everything in everything!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! Bombs of Glory bursting in air; atmosphere charged, changed….bursts of lightning, thunderbolts of praise; voice of many waters roaring, going forth to all the earth…. fire blazing, snow-white hair flying, gleaming gold firing out rays of brilliant Light, eyes flaming, heart burning, feet dancing aflame in Love…song singing within, stars glittering, face shining, awareness shimmering, soul laughing, spirit rejoicing, beyond words….. erupting….waves crashing into still, still, deep, deep Waters………

Then I looked at the clock; it was 8:00 am and Abba showed me that I was physically born at 8:00 am, I was reborn when I came out of the ocean at my second baptism (first as infant) coming home that summer at 8:00 pm as a son of God. And I was reborn again as a bride this morning as I realized anew, as if for the first time again, that all I had to do was enter what has already been done, enter what I see and it is given! 888!!! In 2015, the eight-year of going from completion in the finished work of the cross, a seven, to the eight of entering into the end that was finished before the foundation of the world…. entering into the Wedding Feast, one with the Lamb who is married to the Holy One as One body and One Spirit! The two become one! I used to always see 3 and 4; now I see 7 and 8! What does it mean? IDK! But God knows, and it is always Good! The Perfection is only in being in Christ; entering into his one body and one Spirit who is ALREADY MARRIED and perfectly one with our Creator!!!!!!!! The Lamb and our Father are already perfectly one and we enter into their perfect, pure Awareness, Being, and Spirit! The two become one! We enter Abba through the Lamb and we become perfectly one and eat and drink the eternal Wedding Feast!


First the white blossoms are our funeral flowers as we die to our separate self, the me apart from Abba, and die to the past and future to enter the present moment, the eternal now with Christ Jesus who is, was and is to come. Christ remains forever! The white blossom then becomes our new resurrected being on the Vine of Christ. We grow into the Head and we ascend as one body to the Throne with Christ, open even more, eternally blossoming, fruiting, and fruit falls back to the ground for all eat and reseed and replicate into the image and likeness of the tree of life all over the whole earth.

The blossom precedes the fruit, which contains the seeds, that each contain the perfect DNA of the ascended Christ, that all grow into the exact image and likeness of Christ when watered and sunned in the soil of Christ’s Love. The seeds all contain the blueprint of the full Vine and the mature tree of life: Christ’s pure, holy, righteous, perfect, blameless, irreproachable, beautiful, fragrant, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent Beingness! Just eat, drink, and become what you eat: the Bread of Life and the same DNA as Jesus!


I realized that the white blossom is our Wedding flower and all we have to do is enter the Wedding Feast in our White Wedding Garment that was washed in the Blood, and begin to Feast, to Celebrate, to Live the Finished Work of Christ! The Wedding Feast is already on the table! It is already done! It is ready; just come!

We come as we are right now (naked, spots of darkness, all darkness, torn, tattered, dirty garments, filthy rags, wounded, hurt, offended, victims, persecuters, enablers, fixers, egos, separate self, false self, no self, religious, atheist, agnostic, no religion, too much religion, JUST AS WE ARE RIGHT NOW) to Jesus and he gives us the Christ’s perfect white wedding garment! The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come! Hear! Come! Desire! Take without price the Water of Life!!!! Just come and enter the Wedding Feast already prepared for you!!!!


We are all invited, welcome and encouraged to just come as we are and enter into Christ’s one body! Our Wedding Garment is within Christ’s one Body! When we enter we receive it all; all he is and is to come, now! The ascended Christ is already married, in perfect oneness, with our Source, the Most High, the Holy One! We enter into the Marriage that has already taken place!!!! The Wedding Feast in on the table for all to enjoy! We merely have to accept it and enter in to Christ’s perfect being/awareness/purity/innocence/dove-like Spirit/Love/Light/Glory. We realize and receive it ALL, the whole Kingdom of God, the whole inheritance, the whole treasure trove of Goodness, wealth, riches, prosperity, abundance, River of Water of Life, Tree of Life, Glory Realm, Spiritual Dimension, Timeless eternal time line, access to all dimensions of heavenly awareness, etc., etc., etc. We merely enter into Christ’s perfect, pure Awareness that is one with Abba’s perfect, crystal clear Awareness; believe and receive and SIGNS WILL FOLLOW!


We are called to be innocent as doves! We are white blossoms of Christ’s Vine in the Vineyard of the NHOEN! If we can see this with the enlightened eyes of our heart, we can have it!! To those who have God’s pure Awareness, more is given, ALL is given, we can HAVE everything now; be everything NOW! To those who do not have God’s pure Awareness, even what they have will be taken away (Matt 13:12; 25:29; Mark 4:25; Luke 19:26). In the crystal clear sea of glass, perfect, pure awareness, we reflect in our still waters within the perfect awareness of God. We are the mirror reflecting all the Light, all the Glory of God, all the Love of our Father who is in heaven and in our innermost heart! In the Fire of God’s Glory we radiate the glory and change the atmosphere of earth to the atmosphere of heaven! The two become one!


All we have to do is TURN and CHANGE OUR MINDS! We acknowledge we tried to do it all on our own, in our own human power or willpower; we tried to fix ourselves and fix situations; we were determined to change, but all have fallen short of the glory. We worked hard, made efforts to advance or go to a higher level. We worked the system; we strove to be the best we could be; but we acknowledge we couldn’t do it on our own, there was always something lacking. We acknowledge we made mistakes and missed the mark and made errors. We forgive all who we blame for hurting, offending, wounding or judging us as wrong, bad, not good enough or unloveable, including ourself. We forgive ourselves for not knowing the Truth, for not knowing what we didn’t know; for believing the lies of the world, and for blaming anything outside ourself, including God. We forgive all for everything, whether the transgression was conscious or unconscious; willfully knowing it was wrong or mistakenly ignorant of the tricks, tactics, manipulation and deception of the ruler of this world. Search our heart and Psalm 51 us!

White Blossoming!

White Blossoming!

We ask to be washed in the Blood of the Lamb to be made white as snow. We ask to be purified, refined and made white in the Spirit and Fire of God. We ask to be unveiled with all barriers, walls, obstructions and obstacles removed to be perfectly one with our Abba. Remove all barriers to receiving all the fullness of God bodily and spiritually ( the new earth and new heavens in our body temple). We ask to have the eye salve to anoint our eyes so we can see as God sees, the gold refined in the fire so we can be rich, and the white garment so we can eat the Wedding Feast that is already on the table (Rev 3:18-21; Rev 19:6-16). Fill us with your Fire and Spirit; Fill us with your pure Awareness and Love until we are overflowing fountains!

God Awareness takes us from not knowing what we don’t know (nakedness and polluted garments) to being clothed with the Awareness and Presence of God, clothed with the Wedding Garment, clothed with Glory, clothed with Christ, clothed with the Kingdom of God and clothed with the white robe washed in the Blood! We awaken to the awareness that we are Loved beyond measure, we are reproved and chastened in the crucible of our heart by the refining Fire of Love (go through trials to forge our faith and trust and unshakeable knowing, keeping our eyes only on our Abba not the problems), until we turn away from our own agenda to God’s perfect Will and Purpose and Plan for us! We are called to be his spotless Bride, the wife of the Lamb, the new city, the new body temple for him to live in, and his Spirit to rest upon and flow within, like a River of Peace, Joy and Love!


We turn from earthly consciousness to heavenly awareness; we put on the Mind of Christ; we receive a new Heart of Abba; we are filled with a new Spirit, the powerful dunamis resurrection Spirit! Our soul: mind, heart and will, is cleared of soul wounds, purified, refined and made white in the Blood of the Lamb and the Fire of God. Our spirit is yoked with the Spirit of God; our body is glorified in the Fire of God, the dross and chaff burned up, the impurities destroyed in the Fire. The result is a pure, fine gold, seven-golden lamp-stand body (one with the Lamb-stand Body of Christ) whose golden bowls are filled with Spirit, Fire, Water of Life, Sound and Light waves, Blood of the Lamb, DNA of our royal King of kings, and new wine!


Our silver cord of eternal Life is reattached to the Throne Room and our Maker! The silver cord runs through the center of the golden bowls in our seven lamp stands body, and angels ascend and descend upon the silver Spirit cord! We are yoked up, hooked up, reconnected, fastened to the Head, realigned, attuned and begin to sing the Song of Songs in a new key, the Song of the NHOEN, a new vibration of Higher Light, a new frequency of Higher Sound Waves, the higher Octaves of the Word of God! We arise and begin to shine; for our Light has come and the Glory of the Lord has risen upon us! It is already done; we just enter in body, soul and spirit!


We just enter in to the finished work of the cross, the finished work of Christ; dead to Adam and Eve’s legacy and biological inheritance; alive within Christ’s ascended, glorified Body. We ascend with Jesus to the Throne and take our seat in heavenly places with Christ, while our body temple is on the earth experiencing the Wedding Feast, joyful, glad, rejoicing, dancing, singing, feasting, celebrating with and within the Bride and Bridegroom, the two becoming one! We just enter in and live it and signs will follow! If you can see it you can have it!To those who have, more will be given; to those who do not have, even what they have will be taken away. Turn and come into God’s pure Awareness!


Be innocent as a dove; be wise as a serpent! Ask our Father for the Wisdom from Above (James 1:5). Human wisdom is from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and you want to stop eating from satan’s tree. Duality kills, destroys and steals your Joy, Peace, Love, Harmony and Oneness with God! The human spirit of wisdom is earthly, unspiritual, devilish, jealous, selfish, ambitious, causes disorders and every vile practice (James 3:15-16). But the Spirit of Wisdom of Christ is the Higher Wisdom, the Spiritual Wisdom from the Throne above the Highest Heavens that is pure, peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy (loving-kindness), and good fruits of the Tree of Life; with white blossoms that cover the land in all the earth! She is beautiful!!!!

What do you see? If you can see it, you can have it!





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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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9 Responses to Innocent as Doves, Wise as Serpents

  1. I published this message and I raised my hands to the heavens to praise, worship, thank and honor our Father and my hands tingled and burned and were filled with the electricity of the Glory Realm of all possibilities!!!!! Receive his Fire and Spirit and Glory and Presence!!!!!!!! All Glory be to our God of gods in the Highest!!!!!!!!

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  2. 19maude56 says:

    Praise God! Mind-blowing! Just reading the words transport me away in the spirit. Oh the glorious wonders as we accept the marvelous truths that we are citizens of Heaven. Each day is a day of great unfoldings. Such joy I can’t find the words to express. So grateful to our Abba for the gift of words you have to express in such depth of living life in the NHOEN. I’m soaring high in the spirit on a spiritual high right now!!! Although I have my own personal relationship with our Heavenly Father, your blog always give me so much encouragement. Praise be to our God!!! To God be the Glory forever and ever!!! Amen and Amen!!! Keep sharing this Good News! Blessings to you my Sister in Christ!!!🙏❤🙏

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    • Yes! Praise God! Being transported describes it so eloquently! I am so filled with Awe and Wonder and I hope that it is contagious! It is so amazing to find out after so many years why I never felt like I belonged, never fit in, always felt different UNTIL Abba Father poured his Fire and Spirit down upon and through me and lifted me up to the Throne to remember who I was and where my Home was: Heaven!!!!!!!!! Our commonwealth is Heaven!!!!!! We are ambassadors with diplomatic immunity representing heaven on earth!!!!! To God be the Glory! Oh thank God for God!

      Even though it was painful to go through the things I did, I would not change a thing however, because for all I went through I have such compassion for others, an anointing, a calling, a purpose, a future and hope, not to mention the Power and Presence of God; Fire and Spirit resurrection Power, to walk out my calling, not to mention the strength, faith and trust in God that is Rock solid after going through the fire and floods of affliction and infirmity! It is for everyone; no one is excluded from the Good News! We have the Holy Spirit to Guide and Teach us! So Good!

      Truly the Good News of deliverance from troubles/issues/human life is written in Isaiah 61 no wonder Jesus started his ministry with this (Luke 4:18-30):
      Paraphrasing: The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, anointed me to preach the Good News, free the captives, set free the oppressed, open the eyes of people’s hearts to the Truth and proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord (2015!!!). Now is the acceptable time; today is the day; and it is always today, always the Day, always the eternal NOW!!!! Jesus said this is FULFILLED now we can have it ALL!

      Continuing in Isaiah: I have been given great Joy for the depths of my suffering; a great Gladness for my sorrow; the oil of Delight/Rapture/Bliss instead of mourning; a flower garland instead of the spirit of heaviness; gold and silver crown instead of the spirit of despair; beauty for ashes; a mantle of praise (some translations say “splendid clothes!”) instead of a faint spirit; and made an oak of righteousness, a planting of the Lord in the NHOEN, that He may be glorified!!!! “He will build up your ruins, raise up former devastations, repair your ruins, the devastations of many generations…you shall be called a priest and minister of our God; eat the wealth of nations, and in their riches you shall glory. Instead of shame you will get a double portion, instead of dishonor you will rejoice!!!! In your land (consciousness) you shall possess a double portion!!!!; yours shall be EVERLASTING JOY!!!!! My soul exults in my God for he has clothed me with the garments of salvation, covered me with robes of righteousness…the garden of the NHOEN is springing up…the bridegroom and bride are getting decked our and adorned!!!!!!! God is sooooooo Good!!!!!!!

      KJV “To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.” Isa 61:1-11

      Anyone going through fire or trials, cling to Abba Father with all your might for He will bring you through the fire transformed into his likeness and image, your new identity, and give you the full, divine inheritance!!!! It is sooooo worth it! If this is just a taste of God’s Goodness and just a sip of his transformative Love, I can’t wait to go from glory to glory to glory to Glory!!!!!! Be still my heart; expand my capacity, Abba, to receive all of you!!!!!!!! To God be the Glory!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. 19maude56 says:

    Well, well, well! To God be the Glory! God spoke those words to me years ago as I was being delivered out of so many different religions in search of Him. When I heard the words with my heart, and knew it was personal, I spoke back to God and said ‘ but those are the words Jesus spoke to the people.’ I didn’t feel that I measured up for those words to be applied to me. But oh, as I continued to read and meditate on them and allow them to take root in my heart they have transformed and continue to transform my life. Today, I say to my old self and any other spirit that may come forth out of the mouth of others to take me back to the past in any area: “I know who I am, I’m a child of the King and I live in Royalty.” I thank God for my freedom, my redemption. I now live my life for Him, and eagerly love to tell my story….I Am Redeemed! That’s the title of another poem I wrote. I wanted to share it so eagerly I had someone put music to it so I could sing it. It worked out well. As you said, if you see it, you can have it. Just Be It as He told me Himself!!! Yes, our God is soooooo Good, and worthy to be praised!!!

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    • Well, well, well! Three great words to describe what Jesus does for us: makes us triple-portion “well” !!! I love your response “I know who I am; child of the King, living in Royalty” So Good! Just Be it! When we share our rhema words with each other we all get to experience their dunamis! The sweetest sound in the whole earth is a Word from our Beloved’s lips! Did you record your poem set to music? I would love to hear it! It sounds wonderful; someone once said when you sing you are praying twice! I did something new at sunset, I put a zafu out on my upper balcony and sang to our Father as the sun set, then just basked and soaked in the Beauty of Presence! So Good!!!!!

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  4. 19maude56 says:

    Yes Yvonne, we do get to experience the power in one another as we share our personal testimony. Our testimony is us telling how the power of God has transformed our lives. We become a living testimony of the finished work of Calvary. We become the living espitle, the word alive in our hearts, no longer written on tablets of stones. As it is written “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (Jesus); so it is today. The same spirit (power) that raised Jesus from the dead now dwells in us. “Christ in us our hope of glory.” We are alive forevermore, because He lives in us. It is no longer us, but Christ lives in us. This awesome treasure in our earthen vessels. My, my, my just the thought of what has happened, what is happening, and what is yet to happen is beyond comprehension. As you stated, all any of us can do is bask and soak in the Beauty of His Presence.
    As for my poem, I didn’t record it. I was denied reciting it, so I performed it as a song. I was waken one morning and The Lord spoke to me and directed me how to get the message to the people. When I was denied, The Lord spoke to me and explained that is wasn’t me that was denied, but Him. He told me that I was just the messenger. Then He opend the door of opportunity and I just walked through the opened door. So many was blessed, and some even requested their own personal copy. What can I (we) ever say, except: To God be the Glory forever and ever!!! Amen!!! Yes, the sweetest sound to hear is a word from our Beloved’s lips. And when we hear from Him we must obey Him. ‘To love Him is to obey Him!’

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    • An open Door that you just stepped through, how effortless, with ease and grace! and how wonderful the Door, Jesus said, “I am the door” John 10″7
      Funny and amazing and wonderful that Jesus really is everything to us; everything we need, everything we could ever desire, everything to fulfill our Life and calling here in the NHOEN! I LOVE you Yashua!!!!

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  5. gmichaud1017 says:

    ThanK You, ThanK You, ThanK You, Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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