What is Driving your Vehicle?


There are new driverless cars. There are also remote-controlled drones. With an external locus of control, our vehicle can be used for harmful things. If our body is controlling our vehicle, we are under the primary control of our reptilian brain and we operate under basic instincts. If our emotions control our vehicle, we are under the primary control of our mammalian brain or limbic system; we are led by our feelings. If our intellect controls our vehicle, we often run ourselves into a ditch, as the way that seems right to a man often leads to destruction (Prov 14:12). Even if Neo (cortex) is driving our vehicle, it can still be used for good or evil!

If a human being is driving his vehicle, he primarily leads with instinct or  logic and reasoning, or feelings. Human wisdom and common sense seem to make sense, but letting them drive your vehicle has gotten our world into a mess. Some think the answer is letting technology drive our human vehicle, and they put computer capabilities and technology above human beings. Transhumanism thinks the answer is computer chips and human-machine hybrids. I had a vivid dream as a child of this computer/human hybrid and never understood it until I recently read about it. Some devalue human life and place it below technological advances.


But if we return to oneness with our Source of Life and let Spirit drive our vehicle from within, we are able to handle a higher power vehicle! Our body was created to carry the Presence of God! Our physical vehicle was designed to carry the higher-than-a-computer, infinite Intelligence of God, carry the Kingdom, Power, and the Glory of God! If we refuse to give up control, we cannot be upgraded to a new vehicle: the glorified body! If we surrender our body, soul and human spirit, we are upgraded to a high-octane, Spirit-driven, powerful vehicle to carry the Presence that is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent!


I had a dream a few nights ago that I got into a high-powered vehicle to drive in unfamiliar territory. The car was a sleek, shiny, blue and silver car with an arrow-like, one point at the front. As I stepped on the gas it took off like a rocket and jumped the road over a concrete barrier to a narrow path adjacent to the main road. I continued to drive up a slight incline until the nose of the vehicle went between a rock gate-like obstacle and I realized I could go no farther on this path. I got out and picked up my vehicle and started back the way I came but I slipped off the path into deep snow and found myself falling feet-first down into deep, deep snow; over my head and then down deeper and deeper through the fluffiest, softest, cloud-like white, until I came to a gentle stop, and found myself surrounded by snow. I was surprised I could breath just fine. I realized no one could ever find me in the place I had landed…



When I journaled and sat with the dream for a few days I realized that the high-powered blue and silver vehicle could not be driven by a human being, it needed to be driven by Abba and his Spirit. I came to the Rock gate and the nose of my one-pointed vehicle fit perfectly in the Rock! When our focus is one-pointed to be perfectly one with our Abba, the narrow path leads us to be nose to nose with Jesus! I picked up my vehicle (my cross) and walked a short distance on the path before becoming completely encased in the snow: white as snow through becoming one with Jesus (become wife of the spotless Lamb)! I was completely surrounded by the fluffy, white glory cloud and I would never be found. I was hid with Christ in God! It was no longer I who lived but Christ who lived in me! The human being was dead on the cross; the new being was hid in Christ in God! I became engulfed in Abba’s bright, white glory cloud! O Rapture!!

Elliot Erwitt photo

Elliot Erwitt photo

When we allow our Maker to drive our vehicle, the Holy Spirit of Abba and his Lamb can lead us to springs of living water! When the white as snow encasement melts, we become a River of the Water of Life, and our life flows with ease and grace, and we can rain his Presence in the world! Our vehicle becomes the Home of Abba and Son, flowing with their one Spirit! Our body carries the Presence of God and we begin to co-create with God as sons! We begin to creatively express the divine nature of Love, Joy, Peace, Light and Goodness and we begin to expand and further the Kingdom of God on earth!


Our vehicle, our new-creation body temple, is the dwelling place of our Father, to carry his Presence, Glory, Kingdom, Power and Spirit in the world! Let his Spirit drive, and you will go to great places and do amazing things together as one! Be one-pointed towards our Source and you will become one, and become all you were created to be!

“He is the Source of your life in Christ Jesus, whom God made our wisdom, our righteousness, and sanctification and redemption…my message is not in plausible words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but the Power of God” 1 Cor 1:30, 2:4

Learn to surf the waves of Life!

Learn to surf the waves of Life!

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  1. I realized this morning more of the meaning of the dream: we carry our burdens until we place them on the cross of Jesus which transforms them into Light (energy is not destroyed, just changes form); we pick up the cross, the vehicle that carries us from human being to the SAME vehicle as Christ Jesus (one body/one Spirit). We carry the cross of CJ that is Light and Ease and Grace, which transforms all who come into contact with it! We carry the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory: we carry the Presence of Abba which transfigures everything into Light without darkness at all!


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