Message of Love and Hope!


We are inundated with messages, images, sound bites, symbols and signs that leave us anxious, depressed, fearful or doubtful, wavering between the shores of good and evil. We need to ask ourselves: What tree am I eating from? What am I letting in my ear and eye gates? What am I doing with fearful emotions? What am I looking at? What am I looking for? Whose eyes am I looking through? What am I paying attention to?

What are we doing with fearful emotions? Give every care and every burden to Yahushua; we were never meant to carry anything but Joy, Peace and Love’s Pure Light! You are not alone!

What are we looking at? Are you looking at fear porn? Are you letting it into your being? I am amazed how much fear-mongering is bombarding us. Be discerning as to what you allow into your mind, heart, and being, Know that what is within you, is greater than anything in the world! Take us deep into You Abba! Fill us with your Living Water!

Restoration is promised! “Fear not…do not be dismayed…you will have quiet and ease…For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal…I will restore your fortunes and have compassion…you will find Grace in the wilderness” Jeremiah 30:10-24, 31:2. Father, pour your Grace on us! Grace is a person who will come and live inside of you and transform you from the inside out! Yahushua! U2 can have Grace!! You too can have CJ!!

What are we looking for? Are we looking for what is wrong; we will find it. Are we looking for what is beautiful, true and good; we will find it! Look for the spark of Christ’s Light in all things! Father, open the doors of our perception! Open and enlighten the eyes of our heart!

Whose eyes are we looking through? Are we still asleep and unaware human beings with a mistaken identity? Or are we awake, aware, alert, realizing we have been given a new identity with the same divine nature as Yahushua! Are we looking through traumatic perception, hurts or woundedness or are we looking out of Christ’s eyes in us? Are we looking through the finished work of the cross? Father, stir up the deep, deep wells; stir up the deep, deep water in us! Deep cries out to deep!

We belong to you Abba!

Yahushua said only the sign of Jonah would be given for unbelievers, who find themselves in the darkness of an impossible situation (belly of a whale) where the only hope is our Father! If you allow Yahushua to live in you and you in him, even money (in the mouth of a fish) will come to you in miraculous, impossible-made-possible Ways (Matt 17:27)! Out of the stream of living water in your belly and heart, the river will pour from your open mouth to manifest riches or abundance in the physical realm! If you can’t yet bear to receive the Truth that everything wrong was made right (finished work), then you will continue to live in darkness with spots of light. If you receive the finished work: all laws, prophesy and promises of the old covenant were fulfilled in the person of Christ (in 70 AD), then you have Yahushua’s single eye of Light, and your body will be full of light! All can receive Abba into their physical body, soul and spirit through Yahushua; If you can only believe, you will receive ALL of Yahushua: perfect faith, perfect love, perfect peace, fullness of joy, perfect health, perfect harmony, wholeness, completeness and lack nothing!


Receive Yahushua into your body, soul and spirit and you will receive every good endowment and every perfect Gift from Above coming down from our Father of lights without variation or shadow of change! The ONLY way out of darkness is up and out through receiving Yahushua in and throughout your entire being (all Light with no spots of darkness)! The Kingdom of God is the Presence of the new heavens and new earth in your being; the Presence of our Father and his spotless Lamb in our physical body temple; being perfectly one with them (equally yoked or married to them) with their Glory in us! John 17:10-23

It may be darkest before the dawn, but KNOW that the Dawn will come! The morning star WILL rise in your heart! Arise, shine; for your Light has come and the Glory of the Lord has risen upon you! Be aglow in the Spirit! Be a lighthouse set on a hill! Have Yahushua’s single eye full of Light; full of the crystal clear Awareness of God! Your body will be full of Light: glorified!


Stay one-pointed, with naked intention towards the Spirit of Truth! Be clothed with Abba’s White Light containing all good and perfect Gifts! Yahushua always leads us to the lush, verdant, fertile, green pastures and the still waters to restore our soul (heart, mind, and intention/motivation/attitude/will)! What are you paying attention to? If you pay attention to problems, you will get more problems. Energy flows where our attention goes! Focus on your relationship with Abba Father; ask to know him more and more, and you will receive more Abba!

A good example of this is the roses I got for Valentine’s Day. Every morning I stop to admire them, drink in their loveliness, place my nose in their velvety beauty, say I love you, and smile at their gorgeous countenance. The roses I paid attention to are still just as fresh, vibrant, perfect as on Feb 14; while the ones on the opposite side of the big vase are drooping and wilting. The ones I paid attention to are not only thriving but flourishing!! What if we looked in the mirror every morning, saw Christ in us, and paid the same attention to our new being in Christ! Just think how beautiful, lovely, youthful, fresh, vital, vibrant, glowing, spotless and eternally rejuvenated we would look!


Gaze at our Beloved; behold his Beautiful Countenance and you become what you behold! Allow our Beloved to gaze at you through your eyes! Father, open and enlighten the eyes of our heart; cleanse our doors of perception. Give us your perfect spiritual Perception! I Love you! You are Beautiful! You are precious in my sight and honored and I Love you!

We are following only you, ascended Christ! We are Trusting only you, Abba Father! We are receiving only your Holy Spirit and Fire, the all-Goodness, all Light, all Love of your Being! We are resting in the blessed assurance of your Presence, Kingdom, Glory, Protection and Provision!

Don’t forget who you are in Christ, what you are: a son and bride, or whose you are: the Beloved’s beloved! I found a pearl on my deck in front of my devotional/Word meditation chair this morning! Come through My gate into the NHOEN! Come! Hear! Come! Thirst! Come!  Desire! Take (it is already fulfilled)! Take the Water of Life without price! The finished work of Christ is fullness of Joy; and Joy is our strength! Yahushua in us is Joy unspeakable! We conquer all with Joy! Count it ALL Joy: trials to overcoming trials, to become perfect, complete and lacking nothing (James 1:2-8)!

beach and palms

“Joy is the perfect fulfillment of that for which I was created and regenerated” Oswald Chambers

Knowing perfect fulfillment in CJ is our strength! The finished work of Christ is our Joy/Strength, our shield, protection, security, faith; knowing we are perfectly one with Abba in Christ! Know we have the same Mind, the same Power to resurrect everything in our life; the same Glory cloud, the same pillar of Fire is NOW in us if we only believe! When we believe Yahushua, we receive all of his Spirit and Fire and we realize the Truth, we experience the Truth and we encounter the spotless Lamb and his Father within us! Perfect Love! O Rapture! We become one body and one Spirit with our Abba! There is NO separation!

“Finish your course with Joy!” Acts 20:24


It was finished before it began! It is finished NOW and NOW and NOW! “Behold, I am coming soon, to repay everyone for what he has done” Revelation 22:12. In 70 AD the Son of man came with his angels and destroyed the external temple and all who did evil and refused the Messiah’s Gift of salvation, righteousness, wholeness and completeness. Now we are in under the new covenant of perfect oneness with Abba, so DO NOT look backwards or you will turn to a pillar of salt instead of a tree of life in the NHOEN, watered by the River of the Water of Life!

“I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end” Rev 22:13. If we are in the Spotless Lamb as his wife (one body/Spirit), we are ALL that he is already; the end came before the beginning, it is eternally now unless you fail to Come into the present moment where all is fulfilled! It is NOW if you can bear the Truth; and is to come for those who can’t bear the Truth now! We are in Abba’s seventh day of Rest and the Lamb’s fourth Day of ascended eternal Life! We are called to Rest in the NHOEN bearing fruit, with Abba working in us! We can do nothing on our own, nothing of our own authority; we can be it all in Christ and Christ in us!

"I saw the new heaven on earth coming down from God" Revelation 21

“I saw the new heaven on earth coming down from God” Revelation 21

Everything is already done! Already you are rich and filled! The Wedding Feast is already on the table! The White Blossom is already covering the land! All you have to do is wash your robes in the Blood of the Lamb and you have access to the Tree of Life (Rev 22:14)! We enter the city by the gates (pearl at my chair this morning) Rev 21:21. The gates are single pearls! The angel is sent to us from Yahushua to remind us to root in the Messiah, root in Love; remember we are in the royal lineage of King David and the King of kings Jesus; and that the Morning Star: Love’s Pure Light has risen in our hearts (Rev 22:16).

Be Still and Know that I Am God

We worship face to face! Abba’s Name is on our forehead! It is all Day-Light in Abba! There is no darkness at all in NHOEN in Abba, on the Tree of Life, one with the Vine, bearing Spiritual Fruit! We live, rule and reign together forever! (Rev 22:1-5)! This is the message of Hope and Love beyond measure!

Paul Stanley photo

Paul Stanley photo

“Joyful Return! God’s Glory returns to our body temple! Restored divine health, restored fortunes, city rebuilt, body rebuilt, temple rebuilt as our body! Wisdom builds our house! We found Grace in the wilderness! We received compassion, grace and everlasting Love! We are being built! We go forth in the dance of merry makers (Mary, Merry, Married!)! Arise, let us go to Zion, the NHOEN! Come weeping, given consolation, on the straight path: there are no more mountains! We are redeemed! Come and sing aloud on the heights of Zion! Be radiant over the Goodness of Abba! Life becomes a watered Garden; rejoice in the dance; be merry! Our mourning is turned to Joy of the eternal Morning! We are comforted by the Holy Spirit! We are given gladness for sorrow! ‘I will feast your soul with abundance of Wisdom, Power, Understanding, Counsel, Knowledge and Goodness!’ We were chastened and reproved as untrained calves; brought back to Abba after we turned away to feed on lies. We are now the prodigal sons and brides eating the fatted calf at the Wedding Feast of the returned! We change our minds, turning from the God of religion to intimate relationship with the Spirit and Fire; we worship in spirit and truth! Our heart yearns for our Beloved! Yahway has mercy on us! We are led by his Spirit to the Waymarks, the Guideposts, the Highway in our innermost heart of hearts! We return as Virgins (marriage to the spotless Lamb makes us spotless Virgins!); stop being faith-less and take Yahushua’s perfect faith and fulfilled promises and finished work and BE IT now! For the Lord has created a new thing on the earth: a woman protects a man! A woman compasses a man! A woman gave birth to God and now all men may be one with God! Be blessed! You are the habitation of righteousness, your body temple is Yahway’s holy hill on earth!” Jeremiah 31:2-23

Waterfall-plitvice in Croatia












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  1. Hope is not for what we see; hope is for the Unseen! Faith is the substance of Hope; the evidence of the Unseen! I have evidence and substance of the most mind-blowing, powerful Love that changes everything when you taste and see it, encounter and experience it! Just this one thing: our Father’s Love for each of us, will and is transforming the world. Just receive! Begin to know it, taste it, experience it and you will be transformed beyond your wildest dreams!


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