The Ayes Have It!

God's eye

The yes has it! The eyes have it! If you can see it you can have it! Your seeing it brings it from the spiritual realm to the physical! Your observation brings it from energy wave of potential to physical matter! Your witness brings what is done in heavenly realms to visibility in physical realm!

Christ, the perfection of body, soul (heart, mind, intention), and spirit, is already in all things! Everything in the heavenly realms, earthly realms and below the earth is filled with the Spirit of God from the finished work of the cross! By seeing this through new eyes, we increase, multiply and expand the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven!

Open our eyes Abba, to see as Christ sees, through your pure Light of Awareness; single eye full of Light! Give us your enlightened eyes to see!

“Men by evil suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown them. Ever since the creation of the world his invisible nature, namely, his eternal Power and Deity, has been clearly perceived in the things that have been made” Romans 1:18-20

Cleanse the door of our perception Abba; elevate our perception to your Spiritual Perception!


Begin to see Christ in all, and everything will blossom and flourish! Christ’s beauty and loveliness will expand and grow! It is everywhere present in Spirit; now witness it and bring it from a wave of potential to a particle of matter! With God it is always yes and amen! Speak Life and Blessings to everything and see it transform! Agree with God! See only Christ and full potential realized!!!!


Abba, take an axe to the root of all bitterness! Plant your tree of life seeds in our transformed hearts! Water them with the River of the Water of Life! Illumine them with your Son! Empower them with your Spirit and Fire! Guard them with your myriad upon myriad of angels! Take control completely in our body temples as you grow us from seed to sprout, bud to blossom, to leaf, to fruit of pure Love! Your Love heals, transforms, and makes whole, complete, perfect, lacking nothing! Receive the substance of Abba’s Love!

“Behold an open Door! Come up Higher! Ask and intend and allow the Lamb of God to open your body temple and fill it with his seven horns of oil, his seven eyes of awareness, and his seven spirits from the Throne: Spirit, Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Power, Knowledge and Reverential Awe. Sing a New Song: ‘The Lamb has made us a Kingdom and priests, and we reign as kings on earth.’ The Lamb living in our heart comes with 24 elders, myriad upon myriad of angels, power, wealth, wisdom, might, honor, glory and blessing! Your body becomes a temple of blessing. Your soul becomes an honoring of God. Your spirit becomes one with the Glory of God and you begin to carry the Presence!” Revelation chapters 4 – 5

The ayes have it! The spiritual eyes have it! Those with spiritual perception of Abba have it! Those who ask, intend and allow the Spirit of Abba and his Lamb to live in their body temple have it! Let the Spirit and Fire of God take an axe to the root of duality and human beingness in you. Acknowledge and receive the Spirit of Abba and his Lamb and let the seven flames of fire quicken, transfigure, and regenerate your divine nature; igniting your passion to be perfectly one with the Holy One now and for ever and ever Amen. Hallelujah! Yah!

Mobius Arch that is natural window to Mt Whitney, highest mountain peak in contiguous United States

Mobius Arch that is natural window to Mt Whitney, highest mountain peak in contiguous United States

Eternity begins when you die with Christ to human being and human doing, resurrecting with Christ to divine being, and ascending with Christ to divine life, seated with Christ in heavenly realms while your body is a temple of the Presence of God, filled with his Glory on earth as it is in heaven. Amen. Hallelujah! Yah!

“Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might be to our God for ever and ever! Amen.” Rev 7:12


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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4 Responses to The Ayes Have It!

  1. 19maude56 says:

    Yes, the ayes have! To God be the glory forever and ever Amen! Thanks be to our God and Savior Jesus Christ for such love to us. Thanking our Father and our Savior for eternal life! Thank you Father, thank you Jesus, thank Holy Spirit! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We will forever give you the praise!!! Hallelujah!!!

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  2. gmichaud1017 says:

    God doesn’t make junk! Actually His work is beautiful in that He sees the beauty in all His creations and takes the old worn out vessels and recycles them into new creations, new vessels new beings with a new splendor. As above so below. His works are marvelous, Just look at them
    with your ayes, You’ll see them anew. Praise to Your Glory Lord!

    Ephesians 2:10 Is where it is best said By Him
    THaNK You Jesus,
    Our Kairos Now

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