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New York State Of Mind is a children’s book written by Billy Joel, as well as the song by the same title. Our state of mind determines where we live! If you identify with a state of mind, you live there. If you identify with depression you live in depression; if you identify with a diagnosis or label or illness, you live in that disease’s state of mind. If you identify with the darkness, chaos, crisis and current events like Isis and terror, you live in a dark, fearful state of mind. If you live in a twisted, perverted, sick, slave, victim, oppressed, ego or human state of mind, you are living on the old earth. Our state of mind determines where you live! If you are in Christ’s state of mind, you live in heaven on earth! If you are in the one mind of Christ, in one accord with God, you are living in the NHOEN!


Your state of mind determines where you live! In God’s state of mind the former troubles are forgotten and are hid from his eyes and you are blessed in the land (consciousness) and blessed by the God of Truth (Isaiah 65:16). “For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; and the former things shall not be remembered OR COME INTO MIND. But be glad and rejoice for ever in that which I create” Isaiah 65:17. The NHOEN was created before the foundation of the world and those who are in God’s state of mind are in the NHOEN state of mind! It is gladness and Joy; rejoicing and delight! Being in a NHOEN state of mind is to let Wisdom build your house, your new body temple, by the Power of the Holy Spirit and allow the Holy Spirit to inhabit your house or body temple (vs 21). The Spirit of God plants Christ’s Vineyard in you, plants the seeds of the tree of life that grows into the Vine of Christ and we eat the fruit of Love, Joy and Peace (vs 21)! Our life becomes “like the days of a tree and we enjoy life” (vs 22)!

Living in a NHOEN state of mind, is to live in Christ’s one Mind, in Abba Father’s Mind! Begin to identify with Christ and enter the glory cloud! Live, move and have your being in the glory, the Presence of God!!!!!!!!


Living in satan’s dual mind, of one accord with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, is to live in lies, deception, manipulation, delusion, fear, worry, stress, confusion, pain, anger, lust, resentment, bitterness, hatred,  calamity, chaos, skepticism and religious spirits. Those who live in a dual state of mind, knowing good and evil, eat but are hungry, drink but are thirsty, are put to shame, cry out in pain of their heart and wail for anguish of spirit (Isaiah 65:13). Satan’s mind has infiltrated the world, religion and the mind of man; come out of her!

But God’s people have a new nondual mind and are called by a different name, a new name, surnamed by God, sing a new song (new vibration) and live in a new city, the habitation of God in our body temples (Isa 65:15; Rev 3:12; Rev 14:1-5; Rev 21-22). Living in God’s state of Mind, the Higher Thoughts and Ways of God, results in blessings, favor, perfect love that casts out all fear, fullness of Joy, perfect peace as our mind is stayed in Thee, perfect health, perfect harmony, and life abundant! Repent (metanoia): change your mind, and enter a new state of Mind!!!!!!!!

brain blue light concept-of-idea-the-power-of-mind

The new heavens on a new earth is the new state of mind coming down from heaven out of God; a new bridal state of Mind! “The former things are not remembered or come to mind” (Isa 65:17). We come into God’s Mind and never let the old human mind, a separate self, sin consciousness, distorted or negative thoughts come to mind! “For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; and the former things shall not be remembered or come into mind” “Behold, I am doing a new thing” Isa 42, 43, 48. “It springs forth NOW do you not perceive it?” “Behold, I make all things new” Rev 21:5. Satan brings the former things to your mind; the enemy accuser brings memories of the past to your mind; let it be like teflon: it cannot stick! God has no remembrance of any former thing, have this Mind! Enter the one body and one Spirit of Jesus and put on the Mind of Christ! Be of one accord with God! Be in a NHOEN state of Mind!!!!!!!!

“They shall not hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain” Isa 65:25. Ascend to this heavenly place on earth in your mind with Christ! The NHOEN, the Mind of Christ, the state of Mind of God, is born in one day; is brought forth in one moment (Isa 66:8). Just change your mind!!!!!!!! In a moment you can live in a new state of mind! The Spirit and Bride say, “Come!”

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8 Responses to State of Mind

  1. 19maude56 says:

    This is soooooo Awesome Yvonne, I was just sharing this exact conversation with two friends today. We were so caught up in the spirit we almost regretted that we each had to be at appointed meetings later this evening. The good thing is the Holy Spirit abides in each of us, and we can stay always on the higher cloud even doing our earthy duties. Our God is soooo good. It’s so great to express and experience the oneness of others that are a part and awake in the Body of Christ, even when we’ve never met in the physical. That’s what I call the Family of God coming together as One!!! Bless you Yvonne for sharing what the spirit gives you. I sense the dead are coming Alive as was shown to Ezekiel with the Dry Bones in the Valley. Great and mighty works are being done, expressed, witnessed and acknowledged by so many as we continue to share the Truth of the Finished work accomplished at Calvary!!! Reading your blog strengthen and encourages me. I’m reminded that nothing we do for The Lord is in vain. We may not know each others in the physical, but we sure do in the spirit. That’s because we are born-again of the spirit of our Abba Father!!!

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  2. Yes we are in the same Family; it is soooo amazingly awesome! All the first-borns, the born from Above of God, the new covenant ones, are one body and one Spirit with Christ! We are in the order of Melchizedek who had no biological father and mother; Jesus is HIgh Priest forever in the order of Melchizedek, with a biological mother and Spirit as Father, which changed at the cross where he transferred his biological mother to John and John to his bio mother. We were born with biological parents, but when we were born again of God, we have been re-birthed into the Royal Family of God in the order of Melchizedek! We are carrying the Presence of God, what a glorious, mind-blowing honor and Gift! Our parents are God and our God has made us sons and brides! So awesome! What else is possible? Everything is possible in Christ in God and we are so blessed to be able to begin to realize and walk in this new Life in the midst of the world! We are sons of Light! We are brides of the Bridegroom who is Light without any darkness at all! We arise and shine; and let the Light and Glory rise upon us! What a Gift! We are seated in heavenly places with him in the midst of the world! Soooo Good! Continue to teach us Holy Spirit! I was shown the dead bones coming alive yesterday too, receiving new hearts and renewed spirits and Jesus’ glorified body, new body temples! I am living in eager expectation of what God is doing in us and through us! “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him” 1 Cor 2:9. We LOVE you Abba! Father! Jesus is Lord!!!!!!!! WE are alive with Him forever and ever and ever, from glory to Glory! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!

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    • gmichaud1017 says:

      Yes, Yes and Yes,
      What an awesome Gift the Lord has given to us. Words can not fully describe what we hold within us , But the Word can absolutely describe this to our Hearts. My life is being totally transformed and I am so grateful to You Jesus and His others. THanKYou Jesus, THanKYou, all of You, THanKYou, all of Us in One body. Yes, Yes and Yes. What a blessing.

      Praise to His Glory,
      Our Kairos Now…In His Love,

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  3. frank2marie says:

    I absolutely LOVE your posts.

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