Buds of Promise!


Spring is a time of renewal! Spring is in the air and in our step! We spring forth into new growth, new sprouts, a fresh greening…

and then the bud appears and you know it is going to blossom into fragrant Beauty!

The bud holds the promise of open fullness!

Our soul (mind, heart, intention) is like that! We remain tightly closed for a season or two or a lifetime….but when we start to stir…..become dissatisfied……experience a longing or yearning…….a deepening into darkness……a time of not knowing…

we crack open…..our egoic shell cracks as our soul bursts forth and shakes off the too-small container…our deep roots spread beyond the pot… the earthen vessel disintegrates…

the Potter beyond our physical sight is reworking the clay…fashioning his image and likeness…working night and day behind the scenes….underground….brilliant unmanifest Light cloaked in thick darkness…

and then a sprout emerges from the darkness into the Light of Awareness…we stretch a bit….flex…relax a bit…then the hidden Life Force propels us upward…straining…building, constructing…. expanding into the bud of promise!


Promise dawns…day breaks…the seventh day of the Potter’s Rest unites with the third day of the Son’s resurrection………and we enter the First Eternal Day!!!!

We wake up encased in Christ Jesus; surrounded….enclosed within Love! Encompassed by Light! Wearing the bright Cloud of witnesses in the Testimony of Jesus! We are birthed into the fulfillment of all prophesy, law, and promises in Christ! We crown and emerge inside of Christ who is inside of God! We wake up INSIDE God!

From right standing, positioned within Christ, who is within Abba, we are already living in the Kingdom, in Presence, in Fullness, in heaven on earth…

the train of his Presence fills the temple…our body temple is too small to contain all of God…on the other hand, ALL of us, all 7 + billion of us take up only a tiny portion within God!!!!

Jesus said, “Come to Me” and when we physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually come into Him, we receive not only a bud of promise…we receive the entire Blossom!!!!

And the Spirit and Bride say, “Come!”



Love is calling you into the fulfillment of eternal Promise right here, right now… into its Loving Arms right where you are; one touch from God, one taste of his Glory and you will fall in the deepest, mysterious depths of Love that propels you to the highest heights! Christ is ever-green, ever-new, ever-fresh, new every morning….kiss the kisses of his mouth under the light of billions of stars….enter Loves’s beating Heart through the open Door of the Son’s Heart in your innermost heart….right where you are!!!!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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