Come Back!

If you are having a thought, you have left the present…….


What do you think about the picture? Oops! Thinking takes you out of the present moment!

Come back!

How are you experiencing the visual stimulation? What is present to your senses? What do you notice in your body? What is present to your spiritual perception? What is present in the stillness and silence….

Welcome to the present and Presence! aahhh!!!!

Contemplation or pondering of the heart in the awareness of the Presence of God is priceless! Drop your mind into your spiritual heart and reconnect to eternity; where time and timelessness intersect! God is now and is to come in greater and greater Presence!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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9 Responses to Come Back!

  1. Very deep…what u share is just what I need!!! TY. Namaste.

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    • What we focus on increases; when we focus on the expansive, glorious Presence of fullness of God in our being, it grows, increases, expands; lifts us into alive Peace where we bask in newness of Life; glory in pure Presence; revel in awe and wonder; notice, appreciate, rise like yeast in Christ’s ascended Life and Spirit and Love and Joy and Being!
      Jesus said God is Spirit; Light without any darkness at all; perfect Love that casts out all fear! This all Loving, all Light, all pure holy Spirit is the glory Presence that fills us immanently with the fullness of resurrected, ascended pure Life and Beingness; satisfies our soul so that it relaxes and rests on the bosom of our Beloved! All our needs are satisfied when we are aware we live in his Presence and dwell in his Kingdom and are yoked or joined or married to his Spirit, making us heaven on earth filled with Presence: the free Gift of his fullness of Being in our body temple!
      Aware of Presence; aware of his Fullness in our body: feeling, sensing, perceiving with our heart and every cell in intimate union with pure Love is being caressed by warm liquid Love, breathed by sensual purity, ignited with effervescent bubbles of rising Joy into Fullness of awake, aware Presence that we are one, even becoming perfectly one with Abba! our Father! our Source! our First Love! our Beloved in whom our soul is pampered, fed, nourished, nurtured, satiated, rests, expresses creativity, ignites with novel solutions, filled with all the fullness of resurrected Life in Christ in God! Aahh!!!!

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  2. From Exploring the Depth of Living just now:

    “Thinking does not change consciousness.
    Experience does.
    Thinking about an experience
    is not the same as living it.”

    Jesus came to earth to give us Life and Life more abundantly (zoe perissos) The kingdom of God is within! The Presence of God is within! Awareness of the Presence of God within us is heaven on earth! Live it! Experience it! Become it! Be it! Live, move and have your being in Presence!


  3. “You water us and satisfy us with fruit of the Spirit…your bring forth food, wine to gladden our hearts, oil to make our face shine, and bread of life to strengthen our heart. The trees of the Lord (us!) are watered abundantly!” Psalm 104:13-16
    In the new heavens on earth in our body temple in the field of God, beyond duality, you pour your River of Water of Life, crystal clear Awareness, in and through us, awakening us into newness of resurrected Life each present moment, here, now! The fruit of the tree of life is pure Love, alive Peace, fullness of Joy and all the juicy fruits of the Spirit of God! You transform our soul in your Presence and fill our transformed wine-skin heart with new wine, your ascended fullness of Life and Joy! You transform our water to wine and all our cells begin to sing of Joy! You arise and shine above, in, through, and all around us, within and without, surrounding us with your glory Presence! You anoint us with your oil and we arise and shine and become aglow in your Spirit! We awaken and fill with your Spirit, Wisdom, Understanding, Revelation, Power, Higher Knowledge beyond good and evil, and Fountain of ascended Life! You feed us the bread of Life, nurture and nourish us with your Being, with your Presence and we are strengthened! We live, move and have our Being in your tree of life, in the NHOEN, in your Kingdom of heaven on earth, in the Awareness of your Presence! Glory Divine! Fullness of Joy! Life Abundant! aahhhhh!!


  4. gmichaud1017 says:

    Good morning Yvonne,
    I always look forward to reading about His love for us through you.
    I sent you another email today.
    Blessed is He who hears the Word of God and follows Him to His eternal Kingdom.
    Have a blessed day..In His Love…His Love In you…Amen
    Our Kairos Now
    your friend, gary

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  5. gmichaud1017 says:

    started a blog today for His Lambs, named it OurKairosNow.
    Will begin writing soon.

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  6. Christophe says:

    “Baaaaby come back (back), won’t you pleaeaeaease come back? Stay tonight, hold me tight, foreeeeever… Eeever!”


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