Not Religious AND Not Spiritual!



Not “religious”……not “spiritual”………not “spiritual but not religious”…….not “religious but not spiritual”

No labels…

No boxes…

Consuming Fire of God, let your fire consume all that is false or man-made or on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil…

Religion is static….written in stone…… old covenant……theology of separation…external, literal, habitual, geographical, biological, cultural, life-style, social, political…

We don’t want spirituality….we want to be reconciled, back in perfect harmony in Relationship with our Source…. Spiritually Married to the Lover of our souls…one with True Love…perfectly one with Perfect Love….our soul yearns to be married to the Spirit of God…our body, soul, spirit wants to be reconnected with our First Love….one with the Creator of heaven and earth….our soul longs to be remarried to our spiritual Husband, our Maker!

ocean depths

Our soul wants to find its Beloved! Our Beloved is wooing our soul! Heaven is conspiring to put lover and Beloved back together! Christ, our Beloved is knocking at the door of your heart…

Christ is the ultimate relationship in the one body, one Spirit, with our soul….Christ is our secret spiritual heart treasure that was hidden in the darkness…. Christ is powerful, pure energy, the force of Life Itself…the breath of Life…the fire of Life….the water of Life…living, active, flowing, always new, fresh, novel, exciting, new uncovering, new unveiling….Light…Awareness…Presence…Awareness of Presence…always increasing….ever abounding….forever multiplying…surprising…everlasting…ever green….flexible…fluid…fiery…passionate…theology of heaven on earth…Glory invading earth NOW and is to come!

Heaven invades earth from glory to glory now and forever and ever!

Christ transforms our heart and mind…we become a new creation….we move into a new reality, a new dimension….we move into the kingdom of God….we are in a new city…we are the new heavens on a new earth….we are given a new identity….we are given a new nature…we are transformed lovers, body, soul and spirit, living in the NHOEN in Christ, in God, in glory, now and is to come!!!! NOW IS….NOW IS HERE….HERE, NOW….HERE, NOW, and is to come!!!!!!!!

Our relationship with Christ is closer than our very breath! Christ is who we merge, join, marry in our heart of hearts, the holy highway to heavenly places and union with our First Love! Christ transfigures us in our innermost heart….then begins to flow out in streams of living water to fill our entire body….until we become one with Christ’s River of Life! Christ fills all in all! Christ is all, and in all! Yes! Yes! Amen. Hallelujah!!!!!!!! Yah!!!!!!!!

Ocean of Love

Ocean of Love


About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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14 Responses to Not Religious AND Not Spiritual!

  1. We are ice bergs….lots to thaw out….lots under the surface…..but when the Fire and Spirit of God melts our heart…gives us a heart transplant….fills us with his blood and Life force…. then we can receive his Love and begin to flow with it…

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  2. gmichaud1017 says:

    What a Blessing to have you with us Yvonne. You worth so much to so many. That is what the Lord says.
    I replied to your email today. What an awesome God we have.
    Amazed at His Grace.

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  3. OMG! I just found out that when I was in my leaving dead churchianity, seeking phase through counterfeit spirituality and false man-made religion, the “mantra” the guru gave me was pure evil “say yes” and chant “ra” I just found out the Hebrew words for evil and the first root word explains what happened to my life after I did this practice: I unwittingly said yes to “spoil, ruin, good for nothing, break into pieces and be marred” OMG Come out of her! Come out of religion and spirituality and come to the Way, Truth and Life of God: the true Light of Presence of God. Thank God for the REAL Jesus!
    In the Old Testament the word “evil” is translated from the following Hebrew root words:
    1. ra’ a’ – to spoil, to ruin, to be good for nothing, to break in pieces, marred
    2. bliya ‘al – worthless, destructive,
    3. ‘aven – nothingness, idol, trouble, vanity


    • I am so thankful for the Way: the direct, open Door to our all perfect Loving Father; the Truth: in the Spirit of Truth, Christ in us! and the Life: the abundant pure, flowing Life of God in us through our Father and his Lamb pouring their pure, holy Spirit and pure Fire into our body temple, purifying, refining and making us white as snow! Unveiling us to cover us with their Glory, radiant, streaming, billowing pure glory clothes of righteousness and Light, forever and ever Amen. Hallelujah!


  4. Bank.Light says:

    Reblogged this on Yoga With Bank and commented:
    She speaks for me. Divine outside the label box:’)

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    • Thank you so much! Thank you for spreading the Truth! All Glory to the Father of Glory, the pure Presence! Thank you for spreading the Light! All Glory to the King of Glory, the pure Awareness of the fullness of Presence!


  5. Thank God for the finished work of the cross! Thank God for the Real Jesus! Thank God for the Way to our pure Loving Father, our First Love! Thank God for Abba and his Lamb’s holy Spirit and holy Fire to transform us and bring us the unfiltered Truth! Thank God we are so loved, beyond what we can understand! Open and receive our Father’s Love; let it pour into your heart through the Holy Spirit! Encounter his liquid Love; taste and see! Experience the substance of our Father’s Love for us! For God SO LOVES us!!!!!!!!


  6. gmichaud1017 says:

    We are lights within the Light of our father. How great is this.
    can you see me now?

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