Both Sides Now!

Sun above the clouds

Clouds are playing prominently in my being. I have seen both sides of clouds, from being under a dark one, to breaking through, to rising above the clouds into full sun! My mind used to contain many fear clouds, doubt clouds, and worry clouds. I was always in a sunny disposition to the public, but I was cloudy and stormy inside. It takes a lot of energy to submerge clouds under the surface of our being…

I was consumed by worry, anxiety, stress, tension, conflict and I took things into my own hands (the human condition). I acted okay on the outside and people loved me, but I could not receive love. I was of the walking wounded with hidden soul wounds; asleep to my true identity, unaware of the Truth of God. Remember “I’m okay, you’re okay?” Everyone just pretends to be okay in public, puts on a mask or persona, and tries to deal with their stuff in private leading to addictions: food, alcohol, drugs, smoking, sex, exercise, shopping, gambling, giving up and going dark, spiritual bypass, religious hypocrisy, serving to get praise, giving to get, …


Those waterless clouds of fear, worry, stress, and tension weigh us down. They steal our peace and we are robbed of sleep and rest. They descend on us, a heaviness, the nothingness, the darkness; the cares of the world are a heavy burden to bear. They are joy robbers, destroy our God-given fullness of Joy. People say, “you’re killing me” when they hear bad news, and they are right. People say, “I love ___ to death” and they are right. We are weighed down by our own thoughts about things; a heaviness that sometimes becomes too much to handle and we blow or break or crack open or shatter or go mute…

Instead of taking things into our own hands, we humble our ego and submit everything to God. Yield! Give up the human condition! Paradoxically, when we submit to God we are exalted by him! We use our free will to choose Life, choose Truth, decide to let Jesus take us to our Real Father: the Father of Light and Love; the Spirit of Truth and Holiness! When we give everything, both good and bad, to Jesus, he gives us everything he is and more! We die to the human condition, resurrect into the new creation; new being with a new divine nature (Christ in us)! He gives us his perfect, pure Being; his one body and one Spirit yoked with God! We step from free will to our predestination: the image and likeness of Christ! Whoa! Yes! I’ll have what he is having! Rapture! Caught up into God’s Presence! NHOEN!

When we take things into our own hands, we are consumed with worry, stress, fear, doubt, tension and conflict; when we put it in the huge hands of Jesus, he takes the burden and heaviness, and when we are ripe, he sends his consuming Fire to consume it all! It is all melted so that it cannot reform into what it was; instead we let the Holy Spirit form the melted elements into a new being, into the new earth body! We are born anew! Then we let God bring his cloud of glory to surround and encompass us; to clothe us with his white garment: the wedding attire!


When we are weighed down with clouds, weighed down with negative or distorted thoughts, we redirect them to a higher thought, or we bring the bright cloud of God’s Higher Thoughts and Ways into it; bring the Light of Truth that dissolves the dark clouds. Or we do what Jesus said, “take NO thought” seek his kingdom of Light and his righteousness and all good endowments and all perfect gifts are given to us (Matthew 6:25-34; James 1:17). Take EVERY thought captive! (2 Cor 10:5). We destroy every argument and every proud obstacle to the knowledge of God (Fire of God consumes; Holy Spirit teaches, reveals and reforms)…we begin to look and SEE what is right before our eyes…confident of Christ in all things! Christ fills all in all! “Christ is all, and in all” Colossians 3:11. If we can get this bright, Light-filled Cloud into our awareness, we can live in the full Presence: the glory!

Get into the Son shine!!!!!!!!


Become aware of his Presence, above you, in you and through you! It fills you with Light! It fills you with alive Peace beyond all understanding! It fills you with perfect Love that casts out all fear! It fills you with fullness of Joy and Life Abundant!!!! You move into the Kingdom and you become the new heavens on earth and the bride! Your life becomes one big fat juicy Presence-filled Wedding Feast; a new bride on an eternal honeymoon with our Bridegroom, our First Love, our Father of Light: the Source of Love Itself!

Get into the Presence of Love!!!!!!!!

Instead of a train derailing or blowing up or carrying armed gunmen (old dreams of the ego), I am now dreaming of high-powered vehicles that I get into and enjoy amazing things (dreams of Christ in us). I told you about the dream I had where I got into a new blue and silver high-powered new vehicle, jumped off-road to a narrow, unused path, went  up a small hill and the nose of my new futuristic vehicle went into a rock gate, fit perfectly, and I got out, picked up the vehicle (cross of finished work) and went back down the path, ending up submerged in deep, deep snow (white as snow) way over my head that morphed into a wonderful fluffy bright cloud surrounding me completely. I became aware or realized in the cloud that I could breathe. I woke up in a new place and began to enjoy the cloud clothing. I was completely hidden in this cloud! It was no longer I who live, no longer ego who lives, but Christ in me, the glory filling and surrounding me!

Get into God’s pure Presence! His glory train fills our body temple!!!!!!!!

This weekend I had another dream with a vehicle playing a prominent role. I was in a restaurant and the owner/manager was feeding me (for free), then offered to take me home. He pulled up in a yellow and white truck (bigger vehicle! holds more!) with clouds on the back, a two-story cloud! The bed of the truck was clouds and there were clouds on top of clouds, or higher levels of clouds that carried and were carried and fueled the vehicle! The driver was olive-skinned, not handsome, but the most gentle, caring, loving man I have ever met! He drove me to my destination…

Let Jesus take the wheel! Get in his ascension vehicle! Get in his glory cloud and be transformed and transfigured; be caught up in the clouds! Give the controls to Jesus and he takes you to the Father of Light; the Source of Love; and the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Holiness! The glory cloud contains the Presence of Spirit and Fire: Water of Life and Consuming Fire, to purify, refine and put the white wedding garment on you (clothed in white)! The cloud vehicle will take you to the Wedding, where you are already married to the Lamb before the foundation of the world, already yoked with Jesus, already white as snow, already more than a conqueror, victorious in Christ! The crystal clear Awareness that Christ, the full Presence of God, the fullness, is already in you, is the glory!

Get into the glory cloud!!!!!!!! You will be able to see both sides; a new perspective: the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven!


The Glory is the Presence of God; the glory in you is fullness of Joy, gladness, delight, pleasures forever more and RAPTURE! The glory reveals the apocalypse, the revealing of Presence in us!!!! The glory reveals, unveils, uncovers the Truth and Life that we receive it ALL when we let Jesus the Christ take us to his Father, the Father of Glory! Jesus gives us the glory that his Father gave him and we become perfectly one with the Father of the heavens and earth!

Get into Christ’s Vehicle: Christ in you is the hope of glory!!!!!!!!

Get in the new vehicle! Get in the Christ, the King of Glory, the Light of Awareness of Presence! Let him drive! It is guaranteed that you will receive all the promises of God in Christ! All it takes is suspending your disbelief; get rid of unbelief, that is unawareness, unconsciousness, being asleep or dead to the Truth! Awake, O sleeper, arise from the dead and Christ will give you Light! Christ will give you his pure Awareness of God! He will bring you to crystal clear awareness of God’s Presence IN YOU! Waking up into God’s Presence in your every molecule, cell, organ, system, entire body, soul, spirit and very being is to rapture into the kingdom of heaven on earth! You are delivered from the dominion of darkness to the bright cloud of glory, to the kingdom of the Beloved Son! You are translated, transferred into glory where you live, move and have your being in Presence, in Fullness. In the Silence there is Presence: Fullness in quiet, still repose. In the movement of flow (Spirit) of Presence there is energy, light, vibrancy, vitality, regeneration and Life Abundant!

I’ve looked at clouds, love and life from both sides now and the glory cloud tops them all! Get your epikaizo on!!!!!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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2 Responses to Both Sides Now!

  1. Its life’s illusions we recall; we really don’t know Life at all! Get to know Life! Jesus is the Way, Truth and LIFE!


  2. gmichaud1017 says:

    Good morning Yvonne,
    May the Lord awaken us to our Kairos as He has already begun to do.
    May we bless the Lord as He is always blessing us.
    ThaNK You Jesus
    THanK You Father
    THanK You all of You

    you friend, gary



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