It is Simply Heavenly!


Father, I thank you for the finished work of the cross. Thank you that what you started in Jesus you complete in us! Bring every molecule and cell in our body into your divine order and ease! Bring us into alignment and attunement with your greater Being so we may sing your Song of Songs! Bring us up into your frequency of Light! Draw us into your perfect vibration! Amen. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Yah!!

When we reread the entire bible from the finished work of Christ, we see that from the end, the beginning was in all things! The Spirit hovered before the beginning; and in the end, the new higher beginning, the Spirit is living, moving and having its Greater Being IN US!! Christ is all, and in all, filling all things! We just need the open, enlightened eyes of our heart; Christ’s spiritual perception open, initiated, activated and operational IN US!! We are one body and one Spirit with Christ when our soul (mind, heart, will) is purified, refined and made white as snow by the Spirit and Fire of God! We become one being with the Greater Being of all Existence: the Father of Light and his Lamb! We begin to abide in him and he in us!

In Christ we have gone through the fires and floods, all the good and evil of the tree of knowledge, and we not only survive, but we are destined to thrive! But we not only thrive, but we have the potential to flourish on Christ’s Vine, in the Tree of Life, flowing with the crystal clear River of the Water of Life in the new heavens in a new earth body temple! Christ in us is the hope of glory! Hope is actual substance; every one who thus hopes in him purifies himself as he is pure (1 John 3:3).

How do you get Christ in your body? You give Jesus everything, making space for the Father of Glory to move in! Jesus will give you his glory: the light, alive Presence of his Father and the pure Awareness of the Presence of his Abba, and you can become perfectly one with him! You are given unspeakable Joy for coming to the cross, dying to the past, dying to your inheritance of good and evil, dying to your human being/nature, so Jesus can resurrect your image and likeness of God!!!!

You die to every dastardly deed, every horrific event, every detestable, dreadful experience of humanity: the old covenant of separation from God that occurred from the moment your physical eyes were opened to the knowledge of good and evil. We die to the entire human history that is in our bones and DNA, even if you are not consciously aware of it. The entire stain of man’s inhumanity to man is wiped clean and you are resurrected into Christ’s image and likeness; only your free will can stop it! Empty and be filled with all the fullness of pure Presence!!

We conquer and overcome the world IN CHRIST! We receive his crown no matter what we did or did not do; our history is all wiped clean and we are resurrected into his perfect greater Being with bright hope and amazing future! This is a free Gift beyond our understanding! We take it on faith, which will become evidence and substance when we give it all to Christ and he gives us his Spirit and Fire! When you are overcome with his Spirit and Fire, you will KNOW you have overcome the world and live with Christ, in him as he lives in you! You are equally yoked with Christ in God when the Fire removes all that was not of Christ, and his Spirit re-forms Christ’s image and likeness in you!


As he is, so are you in the world! Astonishing! When he appears you will be like him! Awe! Wonder! Jesus promised in John 14 that he would not leave us desolate; he would come to us and manifest himself to us. He manifested himself to me after he sent his Fire and Spirit to me, lifting me up to his heavenly places, I was absorbed into his Love leaving no “me”. It is then a process of working out your own salvation (becoming complete and one with God) with fear and trembling; learning to walk in his Ways, Truth and Love! We learn to walk in his Light, seeing with his enlightened eyes! We celebrate his resurrection in us every day!

We have to learn how to be his Light in the world! He made us a city set on a hill; he made us his new heavens on earth; he made us this kingdom of Light and he made us sons, brides, and kings of Light to carry his authority and power in the world; he made us priests in the order of Melchizedek to carry his Presence on earth as it is in heaven! We are the ambassadors of heaven on earth when we carry his Light, Love, Fire, and Spirit! We wear his glory clothes! Unveil us in you and cover us with your light and glory!

“I will greatly rejoice in the LORD, my soul shall exult in my God; for he has clothed me with the garments of salvation, he has covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decks himself with garland, and as a bride adorns herself with jewels” Isaiah 61:10

In Christ our breastplate ephod, twelve precious gem stones, expand outward in ever-expanding circles of blazing color to fill our life with the twelve rays of glorious, beautiful, radiant, luminous, shining, glistening, shimmering Light!!!!


“For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; and the former things will not be remembered or come to mind” Isaiah 65:17

The former things WILL NOT COME TO MIND! If you still have good and evil in your mind, remembering duality, or are double-minded, you cannot enter the NHOEN. Nothing evil or accursed or false or unclean can enter the NHOEN. We use our free will to stay attached to the world of duality, good AND evil; OR we use our free will to surrender it all, give up our human beingness, our human nature, our right to ourself, our separate self. We give everything body, soul and spirit to the ascended Jesus and he gives us everything he is, his entire pure, ascended Being! His gives us his glory that the Father gave him! All we have to do is STAY AWAKE with him, in him, as he is eternally awake and living in us! He gives us his Light of pure Awareness! When his pure Presence is awake in us, we have it all! It feels heavenly!!!!


God’s Presence never leaves us, but our awareness comes and goes; waxes and wanes. Only in Christ, as Christ is in us, can our awareness be steadfast and stay awake, aware, and intimate with his Presence! When we know and experience being clothed continually in his glory, we are valiant and invincible! With Awareness of his Presence covering, filling and overflowing us, we are secure, safe, healed, made whole, complete, perfect and lack nothing! In Christ, Christ in us, we are complete and fulfilled; with everything under our feet! Heaven becomes our floor, and we build on this Rock! Victory is ours with Christ! With crystal clear Awareness of God’s Presence above, in and through us, ALL things are possible!!!!

Super-natural union with his ascended Being and his perfect Spirit of Truth and Life Abundant is something to celebrate every day!!!! Every day is a Joy to live in the King of Glory’s Kingdom of Light and pure higher Love! In his crystal clear Awareness that transcends all things, we are aware of his Presence in us, a deep, deep well of Presence immanent in us, that can never be limited or emptied! His Presence is an ever-flowing fountain of Life in us!!!!

Free-will allows you to experience everything of hell and heavenly consciousness in the world. Free will also allows you to give it all to Jesus and move into his nondual Kingdom, his higher realm, his greater frequency of Light, his higher vibration of Love! We bear the consequences of our free will choices, the consequences of our affiliations. We reap what we sow in the world through thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. When we yoke with Jesus, we reap what he sowed and we can live abundantly in him as he lives, moves and has his greater Being IN US! This is amazing Grace!! This is unfailing, undying, never-ending Love!!!!

Free-will allows us to yoke with Christ Jesus, which yokes us in perfect oneness with the Maker of heaven and earth, our Father, the Father of Light without any darkness at all! The Father of Glory becomes our Father and we receive every spiritual blessing of heavenly places! We are given every good endowment, and every perfect Gift from Above from the Father of Light! We only have to receive it! Open and receive!!

Yoking with Jesus, marrying the Christ within, joining with the anointed one, the Holy One, the Living One, equally yokes us with all Goodness, all Love, all Light, all Peace, and all Joy that is beyond words! We begin to live as one, yoked, married, united, joined in perfect oneness in the NHOEN, on the Vine, in the Tree of Life, with the crystal clear River flowing from the Throne in and through us, in the green pasture by the still waters, resting with our Abba Father on Christ’s green couch, nestled in his all-encompassing embrace of pure Love without an opposite!!!! Ahhh!!!! This is heaven on earth!!!!


About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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5 Responses to It is Simply Heavenly!

  1. 19maude56 says:

    Yes! It is truly heaven on earth! Learning to give up everything to gain it ALL!!! The best that ever happened to me is receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire. So much joy as the Fire burns, purifies, and signs and wonders are seen from the blazing trail. Yes, we give thanks to our Father for the finished work of Calvary. We lift our voices in praise and honor to Him. We worship Him in Spirit and Truth and tell of His goodness all the days of our lives…….for All Eternity!!! You Are Worthy of All the Praise, Glory, and Honor!!! We love you for loving us so much!!!

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    • Hi Maude!!!! Thank you so much for your comment! Yes, we love because He loved us first! We receive and then give out of fullness; not the world’s way where you give out of your own resources expecting to get something back, that ends up so conditional and nit picky. God’s Way is so awesome! We receive and give and we are given even more, and we can never out give God; he just lavishes more upon us! We start realizing the height, depth, length and depth of Christ’s Love and we are filled with all the fullness of God! What a Gift! It really is beyond words! All the fullness! I don’t think we have even begun to realize what we have and what we can do with it to transform our world! Bless you my loving sister! 🙂

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      • 19maude56 says:

        Hi Yvonne!!! You are sooooooo right, our mind can’t grasp the immeasurable depth, height, length, and width of this wonderful love that flows like a river continuously. The more we grasp the more we realize how deep and wonderful this blessed and free gift is. Words can’t describe it, all we can do is just “Be It!”. Such a blessed assurance rises up and flows out of our inward being. Sometimes I just bask in this great wonderment and just smile, when I’m lost for words. Even the inward visions of heavenly places journeyed to cannot be express in its entirety. It’s truly a place of just knowing and words cannot explain. As the song writer puts it: So overwhelming , as I delight myself in You!!! Love and blessings to you my dear sister!!!❤🙏

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  2. gmichaud1017 says:

    THanK You Jesus for your Love
    Thank you Jesus in Yvonne for Your love in her pouring out to a dry landscape.
    Sooo refreshing to hear Jesus in another, Building block by block a living temple in me.
    Am I in the same place? I notice differences Something has happened, A cross over from place to place, Wonderful, beautiful, I am just awakening to Destiny and am in awe. I can not rely on my own understanding but this is O.K. He’s got this covered.
    A New day in a new place. not the same. Our God is an awesome God. Amen

    Praise to the Glory of our God, our Savior, our Brother our friend, amen
    Amazed at his Grace,
    Your Forever Friend In Jesus, gary
    THanK You, Jesus

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    • We are living gem stones stacked on top of the Rock of Ages, building his brilliant multi-colored luminous temple in us in the NHOEN in Christ in God in their glory! We have tasted and seen him! We have come to him, to the Living Stone, rejected by human beings, but in God’s sight chosen and precious; and like living gem stones, we are built into Christ’s spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer our body as a living sacrifice, with Christ as our root, cornerstone and capstone: our Head, our victor’s crown! We are a chosen people, the new created beings born of God anew, a royal priesthood carrying his Presence, a holy NHOEN, God’s own people that we may declare the wonderful deeds of him who called us out of darkness into his MARVELOUS LIGHT. Once we were human beings lost in the world of men, but NOW we are God’s beloveds…we were aliens and exiles in the world…but on the day of visitation we become citizens of heaven on earth and live in Freedom as Free, new beings of Light…following in his ascended footsteps…by his wounds we are healed…by his body on the tree we are made whole, one with Abba, complete, perfect and lack nothing…trees of life on Christ’s Vine…watered by his cloud…doing the works he did and even greater things because he gave us his glory!!!!!!!! 1 Peter 2:1-25. Glory to God in the Highest! To the Most High who also dwells in our secret heart throne! To God be the Glory!!!!!!!!

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