Source: Secret Garden

Source: Secret Garden

Relationships! Our minds immediately jump to the natural, to physical relationships, either waxing nostalgically about lost loves or first loves, painful breakups, the one that got away, the one we messed up, the ones we regret, the ones we dream about, the ones we wear the scars from. Physical relationships are inherently messy and fall on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But what if we get off the duality tree and graft on Christ’s tree of Life? What if we get on the spiritual relation SHIP on the ocean of God? What if we sail across the stormy seas of physical relationships to the smooth spiritual Water of Life?

If we identify with the physical, natural world, we identify with the duality tree, and we get stuck identifying with problems or the things we don’t want or like. If we begin to identify with the spiritual, super-natural kingdom and Christ, the anointed One, we enter the Ship on the Ocean of Love unfailing, Love unending, and Love undying! When we begin to relate with the Greater Ship in the spiritual realm, and bring it into our relating in the physical realm, we  enter the pot of gold at the end-beginning of the rainbow at the Throne of God!

Planet Science photo

Planet Science photo

We begin our journey to Christ’s kingdom of Light, pure crystal clear Awareness of God’s Presence, in darkness, unawareness, asleep to the Spirit, unconscious of our true identity or dead to our true being. We begin waking up, usually through a crisis, near death experience, deep suffering, a disease, a catastrophe, or a relationship in the natural that goes south! We crack up and open and we begin to awaken; become aware that there is more than meets the eye, and we begin to observe thoughts, feelings, patterns of belief. We become a witness of the mind and we come to know the thoughts of our fallen mind actually created the suffering. We observe our relationship with the world’s fallen mind and our separate self’s fallen thoughts. We witness, without turning away, the pain, symptoms, grief, anger, rage, sorrow, sadness, anxiety, regret, resentment, bitterness…

Then we notice that in the fire of the deeply felt, painful feelings, all we avoided, hid, buried, thought unbearable, thought would destroy, kill, or lose our being into nonbeing… when consciously embraced…re-felt in the moment they present themselves…briefly intensifies…sudden torrent of tears…crescendo…deep calls to deep… then just disappears into nothingness when the Sun/Son of conscious presence meets it, the full awareness, the full Presence dissolves it…poof…in a twinkling… the full, noon-day Sun melts it into the perfect silence of stillness. We become aware of peace, stillness, ease, grace, flow, aliveness…a deep sense of relationship of perfect oneness with all that is, was, and is to come! We move into His alive presence, union with his kingdom, the realm of spiritual marriage with our Beloved in the eternal Day, timeless, beyond physical space, yet includes all of it! Ahhh!!

There is palpable grace in the glory! In his Presence there is fullness of Life in the emptiness of still silence when the manifestations of the fallen mind dissolve into the nothingness they arose from…the manifestations of Christ’s Mind resurrect and ascend in us! We are lifted with Christ into the places he prepared for us before the foundation of the world! Ahhh! Heaven on earth!!

Rainbow purple water:sky

Our journey on the ocean of Life Eternal in our relationSHIP with Abba, relating as one, in the same Ship, one body and one Spirit, begins with waking up! The new dawn of conscious awareness breaks through the veil of the world, the shell of darkness, the veil of conditioning, the covering of the self, the ego, the persona, the mask of false identity and the inheritance of Adam. The Light of crystal clear awareness of the Presence of the Spirit of God begins to dawn on us! The Light of Christ is able to overcome all darkness in our body, where we stuffed all painful events, experiences and circumstances in the personal and collective unconscious. When we yield our body to Jesus and allow his perfect Light to fill every space, molecule, cell, organ and system, we board the relationSHIP of our Christ and eventually arrive at our destination: the powerful Presence of our Abba! The morning star rises in our heart! When we allow the relation of perfect oneness with the Ship of our Father, we allow it to permanently anchor in our body of water!

Our body becomes the holy temple for the Presence of God! Glory Divine returns to the temple! Our body, soul and spirit are reunited, reconciled, rejoined in holy spiritual matrimony with our Source, the Most High, the Creator of Heaven and earth! We become one body and one Spirit with the One who carried us before the foundation of the world! Reconnect with the Throne of Glory! Remarry the King of Glory! Be as One! Glory Divine!

What does Jesus say about relationships? Physical relationships are resurrected to spiritual relationships. When Jesus’ family came to see him he ignored them and declared that those who did the Will of his Father were his mother and brothers. He said there would be enmity between family members. Does this mean that if you are content with your egocentric physical family it is because you are still asleep or on duality’s tree or have not yet come to the one body and one Spirit of our Beloved which ascends you into the one Father of all families in heaven and earth? Are you still identifying with world-centric race, color, gender, sex, biology, religion or nationality?

Jesus said one from a family would be taken; one from a city. Does this mean it was predestined to find your spiritual family and identity in Christ, leaving the natural for the spiritual so you can begin to bring heaven to earth? The last thing Jesus did on earth was change relationships. At the cross he changed his mother to John’s mother. Those who venerate Mary as Jesus’ mother have missed the change of relationship at the cross. He did not say adore and lift my mother up; he said John behold your mother; Mary behold your son. Mary’s last words in the bible, “do whatever Jesus tells you to do” John 2:5. Jesus says, “Come to Me” I will bring you to my Father and you will be remarried in a new covenant as a new creation!!!!!!!!

Milky Way

The natural, physical relationships are the vehicle to bring you to your True relationSHIP with the Beloved as a son, a visible manifestation of the perfect Spiritual One! We are here to wake up, become aware of what is real, identify with our greater spiritual Being, return home to heaven on earth, and begin to live from our heart in perfect unity with God’s Heart! We are co-heirs with Jesus of the whole inheritance of God! When we come into relationSHIP with Abba through Jesus, we receive the entire divine inheritance as sons, brides and beloveds of our Beloved! We are anchored in Christ and we receive the whole ocean of Love! We put on the many-colored coat of Christ Jesus and the bright, pure, white-Light overcoat of our Father and we step out as a new being bringing light, hope, peace, joy and his perfect Love into the world of darkness…

Put on the white Light overcoat of our Beloved!

Put on the white Light overcoat of our Beloved!

Our relationship with our Beloved resurrected with Jesus! Take it, it is FREE! Be born again of God from Above!!!!!!!!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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  1. Everything has an end…except with Jesus, the end is the beginning of amazement that grows and grows and grows! I’m in LOVE with Jesus!

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    “When you make your partner your source of love rather than learning to turn to a spiritual source for your dependable source of love, you place a very unfair burden on your partner. When your intent in the relationship is to get love rather than to share love, then you will unfairly lean on your partner for attention, approval, time or sex. When you do not take responsibility for learning how to connect with a spiritual source of your own for sustenance, your neediness can create relationship problems.” Dr. Margaret Paul

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