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Love Moon

The world is jaded about love, and being sexy does not lead to eternal bliss. If you ask many people what love is they will immediately think sex, or be unable to equate love with anything other than sex. Romantic love and physical sex becomes “refuse, garbage, rubbish or dung” (Phil 3:8) once you have tasted the ultimate spiritual Love, bliss, ecstasy and rapture of union with “my Husband” (Hosea 2:16). Oswald Chambers said the good is the enemy of the best! We don’t know what we don’t know, until we have a direct experience or personal encounter with the higher Love and Ways of God! The world’s idea of love is a far cry from the spiritual Love of our Father. Removing the Source of love and sex, from love and sex, has caused violence, disease, pain, heart-break, brokenness and suffering. The water of life is Love, not conditional or human love, but Love from the Source of Love, the Love our Abba Father has for his sons and the Love our spiritual Husband has for his brides!

Our souls are like wells: his Love is the only liquid that can fill us (Leif Hetland). The spiritual fruit is all based on Love: peace, joy, goodness, gentleness, kindness, patience, faithfulness and self-control. Love is the greatest of faith, hope and love! Love covers a multitude of sins. God is Love! We all have love deficits and unmet needs for love until our Father pours love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5)!

Until we recognize the truth that earthly, humanistic, secular love causes heart-break and soul wounds, we will keep perpetuating the myth of romantic love. A definition of romantic love I learned in grad school was the attraction that bring together two imperfect persons to bring up all their hidden issues. The honey draws them together and then the bee stings them! Without God’s Love there is no hope for romantic love, and sex will never be all it was created to be!

T122 - Power of Love - Jimi Hendrix Quote Unisex T-shirt

Our world is filled with love-starved people all looking to meet their needs in all the wrong places, in all the wrong ways. Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted! He was anointed, the Christ, to heal, deliver and set us free; to open our heart eyes and ears, to move us into spiritual perception, to be led by the Spirit of God into Truth and Life with God who is Love! Jesus came to reconcile everything on earth with heaven, everything separated from God back to perfect oneness, to give us new abundant Life as new creations made in the image and likeness of Christ! God is Love without an opposite; Jesus transforms human potential into Christ’s divine nature! When we are born again of God by receiving the fire, Spirit, water and blood, we are baptized into divine Love! We go from mistaken identity, or false identity as a human being in the lineage of Adam, to our true identity as son, bride, king, priest in the order of Melchizedek, carrying the Power and Presence of God as a being of pure Love! Love does no harm! Love heals, transforms and sets free!



Not only is our physical, mental, emotional, soul and spirit transformed by true Love, but we wake up to our real being as Love with a divine nature perfectly one with our Father who is Love! We receive everything our Father intended for his creation by letting his Son open and transform our heart. We only need to change our mind (repent), surrender, let go, give up trying to do and be in our own willpower, invite and welcome the Living One, Holy One, True One, the One with the KEYS and the open Door, the manifestation of Love, to come into our body, soul and spirit!!!!!!!! If we let him, Jesus will manifest Christ in every cell and empty space within us, filling us with his pure Love, then reconciling and reuniting Father, Son and Holy Spirit in our body, making us his temple of Love! You become a high-powered vehicle to carry the Presence of God in the world; you become a vessel of Love, a container of compassion, forgiveness, tender-hearted goodness and gentleness. Love changes the atmosphere, heals, transforms and sets free!

Love a Leapin'


The fruit of our Father’s Love is light without any darkness at all, perfect love that casts out fear, love beyond all knowledge, peace beyond all understanding, fullness of joy, perfect harmony, divine health, perfect oneness, and the Spirit of Truth and Life transmitting through us adding to the Light of the world! Let our Father and Husband, Love Itself, exchange our ashes for Beauty, our mourning for Joy, our broken heart for his radiating Love! Become a transmitter of his Love and Presence by opening to receive his awe-inspiring Love!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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13 Responses to Awe Inspiring Love!

  1. God’s higher Love is beyond knowledge, beyond gnosis, beyond knowing, beyond understanding, beyond experience, beyond ideas, concepts, constructs, thoughts, beyond feelings and images; beyond the beyond! We can only ask to be opened and poured into; ask to be expanded and filled more and more, titrated as our nervous system can be upgraded! We take a leap into the Arms of Divine Love, forget what we think we know, and just be, moment to moment, open and receptive to Love’s leading!

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  2. wdednh says:

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  3. Andrea says:

    Beautiful !! As always !! Thank You !!


  4. Christophe says:

    God’s love is our highway to Heaven!


  5. “As I rested, Jesus drew very near and began to reveal Himself to me in a way so new, so close, so clear, that my whole being was drawn to Him by a divine pull. “Draw me, and we will run after Thee,” cried the Bride! I was being drawn into Him, body, soul and spirit. He showed me no more of His outward beauty at this time, but began to reveal His Heart. Once He had shown me His pierced side and had said, “From My side sprang My Bride.” Now, He laid bare His heart to me. We bare our hearts only to those we deeply love. So it is with our Bridegroom. The revelation of His Heart and interior nature, His deeper affections and emotions, is so profound, so transcending, that human language cannot reveal this deep unveiling. He, Himself, will reveal His Heart unto each member of His Bride; and, as He does so, he will change each heart and bring it into full union with His own Heart.
    I was so melted, so humbled, so moved by the revelation of the sacred Heart of Jesus, that I cried for a heart like His. Then He ministered to my heart – first binding it up, for it had been previously been crushed; then He applied rare ointments, healing and strengthening it. He also enlarged and dilated it, and opened the inner chamber of my heart o the holy of holies which opens to none but our Heavenly Spouse. His glory flooded that inner chamber. His light so warmed and glowed within my heart that at times I seemed to be all heart. The rest of my body seemed deadened. Only those who have experienced this heart change and union can appreciate what I am trying to explain. Words are inadequate to describe it, and tend to blur rather than clarify the picture. For some time, He had been writing His New Covenant and laws on the fleshly tablet of my heart. It seemed that now it was to serve also as a tablet for the heavenly revelation of Jesus Christ, and that it was written there first, before it was given to my mind” ~Frances Metcalfe

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  6. secretangel says:

    Awesome post on Love. Too many mistake “lust” for “love”. We can not know true “LOVE” till we come to know the Love of our Heavenly Father. God bless you!


  7. so true…thank you for sharing the Spirit of truth


  8. Beautiful post. Blessings to you. 🙂

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