Renew the New!!!!


The new spiritual covenant is amazingly awesome! It is beyond this world, yet is found in us in the midst of the world! It is the hidden manna, hidden mystery, hidden secret, hidden splendor found only within our innermost heart of hearts! When you go in your prayer closet and shut the door to the physical five senses, there is a Door, who is both a Son of man and the Son of God!!!!!!!! The narrow Door, few find, is hidden within! If you go looking in the world you will NEVER find it; if you go looking in religion, you probably will never find it within; if you listen to the religious who are looking externally for a second coming rapture, you are listening to men instead of the words of Jesus who said his coming kingdom would not be “Lo, there” or “Lo, here” and you could be deceived by a false messiah, a false christ, an alien imposter or false signs and wonders in the sky.

The old covenant was external laws that could NEVER perfect! Religion’s purpose was to bring together what is separate; it was based on humans being separated or divorced from God; the Adam mindset; but Jesus was the last Adam. The religious in Jesus’ day and now, were corrupted by either governments that sought to use religion for political purposes; personal Jezebel corruption, or corporeally by wrong spirits of lust, greed, power trips, wealth, and domination; or lost their faith and preach what they do not believe; or are devoid of the Holy Spirit, unable to transmit the Life, Power or Wisdom of the true gospel, no signs/wonders, miracles or true supernatural works that lead people to God and the secret longing of their heart. The priests and shepherds were corrupted, and souls were enslaved. Religion enslaves souls to an external entity; Christ is found WITHIN! There is no true Joy in following an external religion or set of externally imposed rules that become an external yoke. Moses NEVER got to enter the promised land, great as he was…

Jesus brought true relationship with God to earth! He removed the middle man! He removed the external yoke (we are not animals, beasts of burden or oxen) and yoked/joined or married us to Himself who is perfectly one with his Father and God! We are remade in the image and likeness of God!! Jesus conquered the world of Adam’s lineage of fallen mindsets and their manifestations (old heavens and earth). Jesus died, resurrected and ascended and sent his Spirit to fill us with ALL the fullness of God, lifting us up into a new dimension! This the new that renews our image and likeness of God!! The ascended mindset of Christ in us, manifests in our body (new heavens on earth): the new creation! We are rejoined to our Creator as one image and likeness through our marriage with Jesus’ Spirit, the Christ! We become one body and one Spirit with the ascended Jesus, who is perfectly one with his Father, which automatically makes us perfectly one with our Father too!! Renew the New!!

We are the new creation, renewed in the NEW of Christ in us! We are the breath-ren of the ascended Jesus, we share the holy Breath of the Holy Spirit; we are breathed by God! We are the firstborns of God; Jesus was the FIRST and LAST! We are hid in Christ in God: ONE body and ONE Spirit with God!!!!!!!!

The new covenant is internal, timeless, spaceless, spiritual, a matter of the heart; the laws written on our mind and in our heart! The kingdom is within!! Christ is within us therefore we are IN GOD in Christ in us!!!!!!!! The true Jew is one who has found the oracles of the secret heart, found the true rabbi as the Door within that leads you directly to God, the holy highway to the Most High, Jacob’s ladder within where the angels ascend and descend, the Christ in you, the anointed one, the true messiah, the living one, alive forevermore IN YOU! Every moment you remember the Truth, you are renewed in the new now here!!!!!!!!

It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me! It is no longer I who live, but I Am lives in me!! It is no longer Adam who lives in me, but Christ in me!! Christ in you, the hope of glory! Hope is substance! It is no longer I who live, but Christ’s substance, the glory manifested in me!!!!!!!! Renew in the New!!!!!!!! This is rapture!!!!!!!! Father, I thank you for Christ in you and me!!!!!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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3 Responses to Renew the New!!!!

  1. Advanced Research Technology says:

    I’d like to think that there was actually no Old or New Covenant. There has only ever been one Covenant. The problem arises by misunderstanding what covenant really is. In all ancient civilizations it was implicitly understood that those who entered into covenant were taking the place of those they covenanted with. One was as if the other, or said another way, they were as One.

    The only thing that Christ did that made Covenant different from the times before HIs first coming to the times since was to show us how it is done. It is by His Spirit inside that we actually become as Christ and Christ as us. There is no difference if we understand the concept and the mechanism. The Old and New Covenants are One. The exact same concept with only one difference. The New Covenant illustrates how to pull it off.

    Great post! Thanks for the insight.


    • I agree that Christ in us is beyond any word or concept that limits, including the word covenant which I personally do not like because it has “coven” at the start and “ant” at the end! 🙂 I love words but I know God is beyond words, infinite, unlimited, omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent! So yes, KNOWING God, direct knowing, perfect oneness as Jesus prayed for us in John 17, is beyond covenant, beyond words, pure awareness of Christ in us! Glory!!

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