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Break through the ceiling of clouds to the place where the Son ALWAYS shines!!!!!!!! The world has the appearance of break down and increasing darkness or “evil,” which I heard on Son-day is more accurately translated “pain.” The airways seem to be saturated with fear and uneasiness over the events of September 2015, but the “prince of the air” of the old heavens and old earth is already defeated and disarmed in Christ. The beast was, IS NOT, and is to come! Come out of her!! Come out of false religions and counterfeit spirituality and enter Christ’s perfect body of Love which is IN God! “Come to me and I will give you rest for your soul” Our soul is fearful and restless until it rests in Christ in God who IS now and always!!!!!!!!

God says, “Come up higher” “Come and See the place of awareness I have prepared for you!” The ONLY place of absolute safety, protection and provision is in Christ in God NOW and every now for eternity! NOW IS!! Jesus IS, was and is to come!!!!!!!! Enter his IS, the I Am that was before the foundation of the world, before Moses, after Revelation, before Genesis, NOW and forever and ever! Enter in to Christ’s higher spiritual realm NOW and manifest the new earth!!!!!!!! The mystery hidden for ages and generations, the hidden wisdom imparted to those who mature in Christ is Christ IN YOU!!!!!!!! The place Jesus went to prepare for us is IN HIM as he is IN GOD! “In that day you will KNOW that I am in my Father and you are IN ME, and I am IN YOU” John 14:20

Our awareness grows and matures until we can bear the truth (John 16:12): Christ is in our Father and we are in Christ and Christ is in us! The FIRE comes down out of heaven from God and consumes the harlot in us (all that is false) and then the holy city, the holy, righteous state of awareness can come down out of heaven to make us one with it, Christ’s bride, the new heavenly consciousness which manifests a new earth! You must be present to win! You must wake up and become aware to receive everything of the kingdom of the Son that has no end! In the never born, never ending kingdom of Christ, our soul is married to Christ’s Spirit and Christ is in God, therefore we become perfectly one with God! The new heavens on a new earth come into our awareness and we become the new bride, the wife of the Lamb! O Rapture! O Glory Divine!!

Sun above the clouds

We breakthrough the weight of the world, cast off the cares of this world, overcome and conquer the world’s mind, Adam’s mind, and are raised with Christ to heavenly consciousness, Christ’s state of Mind, the higher thoughts and ways of our Father!!!!!!!! The Fire consumes, before the Spirit can transform our soul and transfigure our body to BE the living temple for God and his Spirit on earth! When we can BEAR the truth and break out of the human mold on the old earth, Jesus, the Christ of God, the Lamb of God, the ONLY human being EVER found worthy to break the seal keeping us in captivity, CAN SET YOU FREE!!!!!!!! God sends his fire (happened to me on my couch reading the bible) and his Spirit (happened in my bathtub after the fire went through me) and takes us out of normal conscious awareness to the heavenly realms (I don’t know if I was in my body or not)! I was absorbed into God’s indescribable Love, ineffable Joy and alive Peace! There was NO ME! It was ALL unspeakable rapture!!!!!!!!

True worship is IN SPIRIT and Truth; we are absorbed into his glory realm, his spiritual realm, his truth and being where there is only ONE and it is GLORIOUS!!!!!!!! Me no longer exists; there is only Glory!! When I came back to normal waking conscious awareness I KNEW God was real and my journey began! I knew the mountain was not external and there were no longer many paths to wind around the mountain or circle around in the wilderness trying to find the oasis because I had FOUND the one my soul loves!!!!!!!! We do not have to conquer anything but our own mind that wants to bring us back to the reality of the world and her people who have not tasted and seen! The mountain is within and only each person can conquer it with the Word and the Spirit and it does move and melt and the NHOEN is true Reality when we have eyes to see and ears to hear!!!!!!!!

I read Revelation again this morning and I KNOW that in Christ in God it is ALL already done! The key: IN Christ!!!!!!!! Genesis to Revelation describes the progression of conscious awareness, culminating in new heavens on a new earth; singing a new Song, a new vibration of the true Word of God, a new frequency of Light, higher and higher levels of awareness!!!! Behold, I make ALL things new!! There is a huge deception being perpetrated to keep human souls enslaved by the dark world of Adam-type human beings, the old heavens and old earth, which is not of Christ. Do NOT fall for it!! Christ-plus-you is the one new man; our feminine soul married to Christ Spirit of Power is the new creation! Christ in you is the hope of glory for this earth!!!! Christ in you is the feminine Wisdom and masculine Power to overcome and BE the light of the world as Jesus said you were! Do not be who the world says you are; BE who God says you are: the image and likeness of God!!!!!!!!

The old heavens on earth is the domain of darkness and in Christ we are translated OUT OF the dominion of darkness into the Kingdom of the Son!!!!!!!! The world is in darkness and the people covered with thick darkness, but in Christ, Christ in you, your Light has come and his Glory has risen upon you! Arise, shine!! The old heavens and old earth do not have to be overcome or changed or fixed because Jesus ALREADY overcame the world. It will exist for those who cannot bear the truth and for those who rebel and turn away from God and there will be great tribulation and hour of intense trouble. Jesus already overcame the world and IN HIM there is PEACE now and forever! It is finished! It is already done in Christ in God! Enter in!! We wake up and receive the Light of the world, the awareness of Christ; allow the fire to fall, consuming all that is antichrist in us, and the Spirit to fall, to form Christ in us!!!!!!!! Glory Hallelujah!!!!!!!!

HolySpirit rays of light in clouds

When Christ is formed in us we enter God as the bride and we begin to live in the new heavens on earth that comes down out of heaven from God, just as the fire came down out of heaven from God to prepare the way!! (Rev 20:9; Rev 21:2). Jesus said, “follow me”: die to “me” and heed the upward call to rise with the resurrected Christ, to ascend in awareness with him, to be seated in heavenly places with him in consciousness, to receive all the spiritual heavenly blessings in our body temple (Eph 1 – 2). We are to receive ALL the fullness of God as we personally KNOW (taste and see; experience and encounter) the Love of Christ in our being (Eph 3). We are to be ONE body and ONE Spirit with Christ (Eph 4) so that we become perfectly one with our Father who is above all and through all and IN ALL (Eph 4:4-7)!!!!!!!!

Let the revelation be revealed in you! Christ in you!! Let the Spirit of God unveil you as a bride! Let the fire fall and consume all that is false and counterfeit in you (harlot, beast and antichrist; all of Adam and his lineage in you)! Let the Holy Spirit form Christ in YOU!! The two become one new being: Christ in you, the new creation!! Be hid with Christ in God!! “It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me” Galatians 2:20. “There is neither Jew nor Greek (Jew, Muslim, Christian), there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female, for YOU ARE ALL ONE IN CHRIST JESUS” Gal 3:28. We are one body and one Spirit with Christ, and Christ is IN GOD, therefore, you are in God if you can BEAR the Truth! “In that day you will KNOW that I am in my Father and you are in me and I am in you” John 14:20. KNOW the Truth and the Truth will set you free!!!!!!!! Breakthrough!!!!!!!!!!!!


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3 Responses to Breakthrough!!!!!!!!

  1. Like is not strong enough, I LOVE this message! The Spirit said, “arise and go! proclaim the message that I give you” Christ in you is all we ever need! I do not want to end up in the belly of a whale in darkness and bile or have the blood of those who were not warned on my head (Ezekiel 33) so here goes: TURN to God and repent (metanoia, change your MIND) fast from thoughts of the world and come into the Mind of Christ! (Jonah 3)
    Let the secret wisdom, the hidden mystery be revealed in you, unveiled as a bride: Christ IN YOU!
    The Lord God takes us from following the flock and says, “Go prophesy” Amos 7:15
    The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy. Jesus said you can do everything he did and even greater things! Jesus said all power and authority in heaven and on earth was given to him and he gives us everything he has! The glory he received from his Father he gives to you so you can become perfectly one with our Father as Christ is IN YOU!!!!!!!! Believe and Receive!!!!!!!!


  2. Justin says:



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