Speak Life!!!!


It is very important to speak Life and Blessings over everything! Our words are powerful and contain the breath of spirits speaking death and curses through our negative words or speak Life and Blessings through uplifting, encouraging words through Holy Spirit carried on our breath! The Holy Spirit is breath, wind, life and Power!!!! We ask Jesus to transform our heart, give us his compassionate wisdom heart of understanding, and renew a right spirit within us! Our words come out of our heart, so we want to ask that our hearts be purified, refined and made white as snow in the Blood! We ask that we receive a transfusion of ascended Jesus’ perfect blood carrying the DNA of God! We ask to be filled crown to soles with his holy Spirit and become a fountain of Love, Peace and Joy, that overflows like a river to our life and the world!!!!!!!!

We speak Life and Blessings through right relationship with God, his Christ in us, his Spirit flowing never-ending above, in and through us!!!!!!!! We become a River of Water of Life in the desert and wilderness places of the world. We become Jesus living in skin (no longer living in sin); a holy temple God inhabits, his glory is welcome to fill, his Spirit can flow continuously! When Holy Spirit is unceasingly flowing in us, it is 24/7 intercession for us, unceasing prayer (connection, communion, communication), everlasting Joy, continual guidance and counsel, pruning when we need pruning, convicting our conscience when we stray left or right, nourishing, replenishing, rejuvenating and regenerating! The Spirit is the fountain of Life and Life Abundant flowing within! When we let this holy Spirit embody and empower us, we are given words to speak and these words carry Wisdom and Power!!!!!!!!

Now is the time to come out of religion and enter right relationship with our Father and his Christ through their Spirit! Our Father pours Love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit! An experience or encounter with the substance of this Love will allow you to fall in Love with God; returning to your First Love!! Substance and evidence of the unseen, leads to more evidence and substance of the unseen!! We begin to move in the Spirit from faith to faith, grace to grace and then glory to glory!! God is Glorious!!!!!!!! All Glory to God!!!!!!!! The more glory you receive, the more Glory is given to our Father!!!!!!!! Religion is NOT the answer; Relationship with Christ Jesus is the answer to every problem; the solution to everything because Christ is the holy Spirit that fills all in all and we can activate it by our awareness!!!!!!!!

How do we enter into this relationship with our Father and his Lamb? We ask Jesus to enter our heart and life! We ask and we receive! He is a living being, not an image or statue or crucifix or made of wood, stone or metal. Get rid of all religious idols of Jesus and go direct to Jesus!! He is alive forever more in his ascended, glorified state and when he comes to live in you, your “me” dies and your “we” “the two becomes one” is resurrected and ascended with Christ!! The Fire and Holy Spirit will fall upon you when the Father knows you are ripe to yield! Only the Father knows the time and hour!! We empty of “me”; we surrender our old life; we let the fire consume all that is false! We open and receive all the fullness of God through the Holy Spirit pouring all the Love, Peace, Joy, Wisdom, Power, Light, Compassion, Tenderness and Loving-kindness we can stand! It usually has to be titrated as we can bear it!!

Our Father and his Lamb will fill you with their Spirit unceasingly, all we have to do is accept and receive! Unless we separate or reject God, the Love never stops, the peace is never as far as a readjustment on your part to drop from your busy, distracted mind to the tranquil secret heart where our Father has placed eternity in you! You leave the regrets of the past and the fear or worry about the future and enter the present moment, the Now of our Father and his Christ, the Lamb who overcame everything in the world for all so we can live in his Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven!! You reap what you did not sow! You root and ground in Christ, in Love. You grow and learn in this Love. You mature in this Love until you are the “full stature of Christ” or put another way you are conformed to the image and likeness of Christ through the Holy Spirit!! Holy Transformation!!

With conscious awake awareness, you put on the Lord Christ Jesus and his Light as an armor or a garment! You awake and Christ gives you his Light that will heal, transform, transfigure and nourish you! “This is the message Jesus brought: God is Light and in him there is no darkness at all” 1 John 1:5!! The Light protects and provides for your physical body as his Spirit embodies and empowers you!! When you know that Jesus is in his Father and you are in Jesus and his Christ is in you, then you can receive Jesus’ glory and become perfectly one with his Father, OUR Father!! This is Joy unspeakable!! When you are consciously aware that every breath is inspiration of the Holy Spirit, it is too Wonder-full for words!! When you realize that God dwells in you and you are his holy temple and his Spirit is an overflowing fountain of Life and Blessing in you, it is beyond Awe Inspiring!!!! It is this pure conscious awareness of intimate relationship with the Creator of heaven and earth that changes our life and allows our soul to rest in him, blossom and flourish!

Religion was based on the assumption that we are separate from God, so Jesus came to bring the Truth that will bring you Life: Christ in you, the hope of glory! Jesus came to show us that his God is our Father who Loves us and in relationship with the Son we can become perfectly one with our Father!! Jesus’ Spirit, the Christ, heals, transforms, regenerates, makes us whole, complete, perfect, righteous, holy, blameless, irreproachable, and perfectly one with his Father and God in us! Joy!! Glory!! Rapture!! Delight!!

Our suddenly can happen in a twinkle or blink-el!! Or it can be a slow painful process if we resist the Spirit or turn away from God, or have unbelief, reject faith (evidence and substance of unseen), or listen or agree with religious teaching devoid of the Spirit. When we seek a relationship with Jesus, not religion, we can go direct to God our Father and his fire and Spirit can pour into our flesh transfiguring our body, transform our soul (heart, mind, will) and marry our spirit to God’s Spirit! Rapture! Bliss! Ecstasy!! Divine marriage, Spiritual Marriage, your soul equally yoked to Christ Jesus, makes you the spotless bride, the new city of God! Only with Christ in you can you be perfectly one with his Father!! When Christ is in you, his glory is in you; wake up and receive his Light!!!!!!!!

Let Christ fill you with his Spirit and hang a no vacancy sign on the closed door to your heart that no one can open! Begin to speak Life and Blessings!! He is the Door to the higher dimensions, the spiritual Kingdom of the Son; the supernatural realm of God on earth as it is in heaven that no one can shut!!!!!!!! Holy angels can then ascend and descend in you, bringing all the spiritual heavenly blessings to earth through you!!!!!!!!

If you continue to identify with religion, the world, as an Adam-type human being, as a body, as an intellect, as a being separate from God and his Christ, you will continue to suffer trials and tribulations until you can surrender all…empty more and more to be filled with God. Let his Holy Spirit mentor and guide you, counsel and help you, encourage and uplift you, teach and intercede for you, prune and fertilize you, water and feed you more and more Christ until Christ is formed IN YOU!!!!!!!! Your heart filled with the world has no room for Christ and leads you into trouble. The heart full of Christ is the rest for your soul, the safest, most secure, delightful, peaceful, joyful, loving, tender, kind, gentle, compassionate, wise, righteous, upright, satisfied, fulfilled and powerful force to transform the world through his Holy Spirit!!!!!!!! Awe! Wonder! Miracles! Healing! Deliverance! Be set Free!!!!!!!!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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