A New Ride


As Jesus took a brand new colt that had never been ridden into Old Jerusalem which is represented by Hagar (bondage, slavery, harlot), we take the ascended Christ in our new body vehicle that has never been ridden before. Our body is the new ride for Jesus into the New Jerusalem, represented by Sarah, a bride! The New Jerusalem-Sarah-bride is inside the ascended one body and one Spirit that we share with Jesus in God! Divine glory fills our body temple as Christ in us!! We are married or yoked in Spiritual Marriage in Christ to God! When we are in Christ we are automatically in God!!

We get into relationSHIP with Jesus and we get to the other shore instantly! We enter the New Jerusalem, the NHOEN. We get into relationship with Jesus and we get to the other side, to his realm, his Kingdom, his spiritual dimension that is in the world but not of it! There is no time or space in his spiritual Kingdom; all is NOW! God is present in Now, not in the past or future where there is good and evil. In NOW there is only goodness!!!! God is in the NOW; his purpose is in the present moment. Jesus’ peace that surpasses understanding is NOW in the midst of chaos or disorder; Christ in you is his peace, joy, love and glory in you making you one with his Father!!!!

“If I can stay in the middle of turmoil, calm and unperplexed, that is the end of the purpose of God.” (Oswald Chambers) We can walk on the water, on the waves with no shore in sight, no goals, just absolute certainty that all is right. Because he is walking on the sea, we can also IN HIM! We put Christ Jesus on like a garment of Light and he and his Father come to live in us and manifest through us!! His glory covers our earth body like water covers the sea! As Jesus is the glory of the Father, he gives us his glory when he is in us! See and expand his glory and his Kingdom!!

We are in the boat, when Jesus gets in we are on the other shore immediately. We are the new colt that Jesus is riding on into the new Jerusalem, the NHOEN!! We walk on the waves as one body and one Spirit; we are beyond the world yet in it. We are yoked or married body, soul and spirit with Christ Jesus! We call God “My Husband” as a bride, as the New Jerusalem! Apart from God we can do nothing; with God in us all things are possible! Scoffers scoff; brides sing for Joy!! The Fathers fell asleep; the mothers awaken!! Christ in you, the hope of glory! Christ is all, and in all! All is now; all is well in NOW in the NHOEN! In the astral realm there is good and evil spirits; in the causal realm, the realm of our Father there is only Goodness!! In Jesus’ kingdom, the Kingdom of the Son, there is only God and Goodness!!

Holy Fire dissolves all unrighteousness in us; the Holy Spirit flows like a River, a Fountain of righteousness in the NHOEN in us!! We surrender all, empty and are filled with Christ! The Word of Life manifests when his Spirit manifests in us! God is Light with no darkness at all; with Christ in you, you are the light of the world! In the world there is light and darkness, good and evil; in the NHOEN there is only Light and only great Goodness in you! Christ in you is the hidden mystery, the hidden wisdom that is imparted by the Holy Spirit!! We are to walk in the Light as Jesus walked; he said he was the Light of the world AND we are Light! When Christ is in you, you walk IN the ascended Jesus’ one body and one Spirit!!!! His blood flow cleanses your body; his Spirit heals, transforms and regenerates our soul; marries our human spirit with His and we become ONE new creation!

First we turn to God and repent, then we confess our sin (unbelief). We are forgiven and cleansed of all unrighteousness! Only what is righteous can enter the NHOEN! We enter his one body and one Spirit; we KNOW him intimately! He becomes our Husband and we become the bride, the NHOEN! The old heavens (thoughts) are dissolved; the old earth (manifestation of old thoughts) melt in the fiery flame of his Love! We put on the Mind of Christ with the higher thoughts and ways of his Father!  We are the new colt that carries Jesus on the inside!!!!!!!!

We are Jesus’ new ride into the NHOEN! We are the new vehicle for Jesus! We are the new ship: the Relationship of Oneness with God!!!!!!!! Christ in you!!!!!!!! There is no more beast of burden needed when Christ is within us; his burden is Light; his yoke is easy! We are married to God when he is within us!! Joy!! Delight!! Rapture!! NHOEN!!

Photo by Christina Kramer

Photo by Christina Kramer

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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2 Responses to A New Ride

  1. shradha99 says:

    Thanks again for a lovely write up..its led me to a lot of thinking,,,specially on Hagar..as i believe we must know/understand the ”the old school of thought” to transcend non judgmentally to the new..
    here is some interesting facts about Hagar

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